5 Dollars Trip

You may have a desire for cycling or traveling, when are you reading the traveler’s posts, you always wish you could be one of them ,cycling around the world, ha ,what a cool thing !   But you never thought you could do it, Im not strong enough, i dont have time, i dont have money ,i  cant bike that far, im not an athlete, i dont have a good bike ““`


Nothing is harder than not trying

Nothing has to be fancy to support your dream .

If you need confidence to start, you can get it from here.

About me

I’M NOT AN ATHLETE  When i had my  first cycling trip in China, i just bought the bike one month before i start, it was the most challenging route in China, 13 mountains to climb, for most people who has been cycling more than 5 years may still dare not to do it , but once you start, nothing could really stop you , at the beginning,you would feel glad that you are on the road but not dreaming at home, then you will be amazed by the great power you had but never find it out before, in the end, you made it , yes, its not that  hard, you were not strong, but you activated your magic power by actual doing ,you are a new man now ! What’s next adventure?


I didnt prepare too much before i start my world cycling trip, just one day i decided to go, then i did. Yes, i didnt think aboout too much what should i do without money ,but i will find a way for sure, just like i didnt camp at all before my trip,i didnt know how to fix the bike, but now i learnt everything on the way, because i have to. when you have too much ,you wont be really strong. When you are in need, you always have friends around; when you are hungry, you can find a good restaurant; when you are tired, just book a hotel. THAT’S NOT THE REAL ADVENTURE, YOU ARE JUST TRAVELING,NOT EXPERENCING!  When you are on a budget of 5 dollars a day, 50 cents bread with carrots could be satisfy your hunger,oatmeal or ramen could be a fancy meal ; camping in a safe place with restroom nearby would be a great spot. You are getting less worried about what you eat, where you sleep , you will find out The LESS YOU WANT, THE HAPPIER YOU ARE.


I only have an old bike given by my friend Jerry ,which was produced in 1990,the most traditional one. I used to  think that i should at least get a fancy or professional bike cause its a long trip, and i douted if the bike good enough to support my trip, i may have to get a new one after cycled across America, BUT I DONT HAVE MONEY, AND THIS BIKE STILL WORKS WELL. It may feel less comfortable compare to some real good quality bike,but its still working, thats what i need! Like I said, nothing has to be fancy, sometimes we are just creating the needs we dont need. When you have little, everything gets simple, water,air ,food. Thats what we need.


2 Ortlieb Uni Classic Front Roller Bicycle Pannier. Simple,strong and water proof.\

Front Rack and rear rack, panniers, bought from China. Cost no more than 50 dollars, works well still.

Pump,bungee cords, tool kit,(comprising..chain oil, puncture repair, plastic zip ties,screwer,spanner for pedal removal.

2 inner tubes

1 pair brake pads

1 bike computer : cateye velo7 bike computer silver

bike lock :coil combination lock


Tent : MSR 1 person tent

Sleeping mat <simple picnic mat>

Sleeping bag<Cumulus Quantum 200> Rated to below 13 Celsius

Jetboil stove: Can boil water in 1 minute