After not long cycling for almost 3weeks(because of staying in Cape Town), it did take me time to get back it.
The traffic in Mozambique is like most Wester Africa countries, NO ORDER IS THE ORDER. The driver always play music loud inside sometimes i could even feel the shaking from the ground when I was riding next to them.
You don’t need to go to supermarket for buying things, anything you want could be got just on the street.

When I was thinking about the sleeping place for the night, to be honest, I just wanted a room with hot shower. Even for the past year I camped most times on my trip and i totally enjoyed it, but somehow I felt worried this time, it’s just like the very first time when I start my cycling from Florida trying to camp but was nervous and uneasy about it.

So I asked for the price of the room, it was quite a big town so it has 3 guest house in town. The cheapest one was 1200 mzn , which is like 20 dollars The bread is 10 mzn each , the orange is 30mzn per kilo, so 1200 mzn for one night could survive me through a lot of days with bread and oranges.

Even i badly wanted a room but I talked to myself, it was not just about the price, it was about MAKE THE GUTS TO DO THE FIRST NIGHT CAMPING. I know I was resisting in my heart to ask people ,to face the unsure situation, i wanted to pick the easy way, to just pay and rest, away from the crowd, avoid the failure of being rejected.

Then I said to myself, the same words as I said 1 year ago when I was literally starting my trip, camping outside alone.You HAVE TO make the FIRST step, just get it started and you will be fine, really be fine.

Then I made the guts to the train station ,they have a lot of spaces outside and safety guard 24 hours. The staff was nice, and talkative, they said they have to ask the chef, but the chef was not there at the moment.
So we just talked and learnt Chinese& Portuguese from each other, 1 hour passed the chef still didn’t come back, i decided to go to the local market buying vegetables for breakfast.

It got dark when I back there, the chef finally back after I waited for another 20 minutes, he was smiley and seemed understanding, but after I told him I wanted to camp there he hesitated and said NO. I asked him why, he didn’t know but just said this was never happen before. I said I just wanted a spot to pitch my tent and I will leave early the next morning, besides I waited you until dark and I couldn’t ride to anywhere now.

He said he has to ask for the big boss . Then he just Kept talking and talking with a group of staff, their topic wasn’t about me. I waited for 20 minutes without any response, my patience was run out completely, the dark made me anxious ,I interrupted and said,Hello, please, can i camp ? They won’t understand how IMPORTANT for a tired cyclist to rest and tent before dark . They still just responded ” Please wait to moment”.

I was really furious, no matter i could find the place for camping or not, no matter if it’s safe to ride in the dark, I’M NOT WAITING ANYOMORE ! I left without saying anything, there was a big stairs up, i couldn’t have lift my 50 kgs stuff and bike up if I were in normal situation, but I managed it with my angry energy !
There were a lot of people hanging out at night and they were shouting and whistling when I was passing by. I directly headed to the gas station and asked the same thing. I didn’t know that the same thing happened again, “I have to ask the chef”
” It takes 30 minutes “.
Oh ,come on ! Why is it so hard to just let a poor little girl have a little spot on your space ? !
I left again, no time to wait at all . But I determined to camp anyway, I Don’t care how risky it is to ride at night, i don’t care how many times to be rejected ,I AM JUST NOT GIVING UP ! Without you people, i would still manage my way !
I biked to another small gas station , but the lady didn’t understand what I was talking, at first she asked if was looking for bathroom, then I said I am looking for the police station, she seemed understood and back to shop took a big roll of TOILET PAPER. Oh, Jesus, I was not in that ” Emergency”.
Fortunately the police Station was just next to the gas station. This time I finally didn’t have to wait for chef, because the chef was there ! They took me to the empty room inside , FINALLY, CAMPING succeed !

One comment

  1. Good job on not giving up on finding the camping spot! At some nights it’s so easy to camp and others nights I just don’t feel up to it too.
    Cici, one year ago you were in Hamburg and asked for a place to sleep. But I was cycling in China in that time. I went back home for work. But now, I am back in China for 5 months. I am soooo impressed with you cycling all the time, never giving up and living your dream. You are awesome!


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