Preparation for Cycling to desert

I feel like that i made the fullest preparation ever for the desert.

1. Bike. Hundreds of kms gravel road on the way to desert, I’ve heard that it was common for the car got flat tire or accident even. So i had my tube changed, put the slimes inside, applied the puncture rim at the bike shop of Windhoek , and the bikeboy said that I would never get the flat tire again .

2. Warm stuff.
They said the temperature is below zero along the way to desert at night, so I got a winter hat, a blanket, a thick leggings and a winter pants besides the Jesus’s sweater and my old jacket, don’t think that’s too much, i actually had to put them all on me at night plus double socks.( Don’t ask me why the hat is so ugly, because they are cheap😀)

3. Cool Stuff.
Yes, i know, the temperature is dramatic, it could be high above 40degrees during the day. So i bought a white shirt (The dark color clothes indeed absorb more heat than the light one )
And also, i got a cool spray from online, it’s supposed to cool your body immediately after you sprayed it on your shirt(But it doesnt last very long)

4. Food.
a. Main food. Instant Oatmeal ,fast noodles, ramen, maize porridge.
b.Salty food. Pickle, peanuts, salted almonds.
c.Sugary food. Candy, cookie, energy bar.
d. fruit. 1 kg of apple.
e.Meat .Canned tuna and fish, jerky.
f.Drink . Coffee, tea, protein powder.
g.Snack . Dates.
I never carried so many food at once before and they are really HEAVY , i feel like I can really Safari through the desert and survive for a month on my own.

5. Hot Shower.
It would be nice for taking a hot shower after a tiring sweaty day and before the cold night.
I found a solar power shower bad, the black side absorbs the heat, so if you can put the water inside(5 gallon at most)and let it under the sun for 1-3 hours then the temperature could be up to 80-110 degrees. But the problem is that it’s always close to the sunset when I call it the day and start putting water, so there is never enough time for the sun since i don’t want to carry that much water on my bike .

when the plan A failed,my plan B is to set up the fire, actually it’s more for keeping my body warm and make it romantic ( who says the boyfriend is a must at wintertime, the firewood is warm enough😁), but i wish i had bought the marshmallow , fire the marshmallow is the best dessert in the wild.

6. Water.
I carry 5L Water per day when it’s possible . Besides a filter i had already carried, i bought a water purification tablet in the pharmacy, it takes 10 minutes only to purify the Water.( Actually the bottled water is quite expensive i n Namibia,so i use the tablet most of the time)

It’s a beautiful way to the Soussivlei desert ,but my butt hurts so much because of the gravel ,bumpy road

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