Nigeria Full Marathon

[Nigeria full marathon]

Marathon started at 6:30 in the morning, had rainstorms in 6:00.
The first time in Africa, I saw the rainstorms in the dry season.
Before the start, I met two experienced runners from Finland,one of them have ran 150 marathons and another one ran more than 180 times over 120 countries, during 20 years.

Because the registration was not restricted, so thousands of people signed up, when the water sprayed into the air, Marathon started ! Slippery floor, dark road, crowed people made a chaotic, panic start. I couldn’t even see the road, only to be pushed walking in the darkness, someone has been shouting ‘don’t push!’

It was the first time to run with African,I should feel pressure .But I remember what a running friend have told me when the first time I run a marathon three years ago. ‘Remember, you just run at your own speed. Don’t chase anyone, or you’ll run out of energy in the endurance race. ‘

The African’s momentum is always easy to be ignited. The first two kilometers, the crowded streets have been gradually opened up. Some people shout ‘Nigeria Let’s go!’ in the crowd. Those lazy steps immediately filled with strength.
I found out that ‘Let’s go’ is a more irresistible call than ‘come on’.

3 kilometers,people who passed me all said ‘Chinese! You are the first Chinese running Marathon here!

5 kilometers, people who passed me patted my shoulder as a silent encouragement.
8 kilometers, I suddenly broke out a ‘China, Let’s go!’ in the crowd, just like a group of Chinese people behind me. I started to get excited. The Nigeria also shouted ‘China!’ China! ‘

10 kilometers, When I was passing anyone who has stopped running, I would pat their shoulders and say ‘Let’s go, you can do it’! I found it has gradually formed a magical force, like magic buttons, people who were pat instantly activated, and immediately joined running together.

After 20 kilometers, the people who were still running together seemed to be more serious.
There are always someone would run a few kilometers with me, handing a bottle of water, when I needed or say a few words to have me encouraged, In our life runway, we are never alone. Love makes our steps became temperature.

Around 30 kilometers, I heard constantly whistle,the ambulance car, the bus. The big bus took a group of people who gave up halfway. They waved to us cheerfully. They felt relieved about giving up,but they wont figure out whats the meaning of ‘Marathon’.

My legs got sore,painful and stiff like they were artificial legs being fitted not appropriately . The Marathon should have very rich supplies, but this time there was no supply except for water.

Hardened from the leg to the waist, I knew my body was exhausted, only my own will was supporting me. Three years ago, the runner also said, ‘don’t stop on the way, running is better than jogging, jogging is better than walking’ I know that once I stopped, it would be hard to lift the ‘rock legs’ up again.

The crowd has split into two parts , one is far beyond my sight, another part I was passing has stopped running already,but walking and chatting.

So I never dared to stop in the middle. Even I was slow, I insisted ‘running’, I know I would not give up,not my body, but my strong belief.

A tall Nigerian ran by me asking me questions. I was exhausted and tried to save my energy so I replied.

‘I don’t want to talk now!’ ‘

He was not annoyed, but began to guide me.
‘Breathe with your nose’
‘Put your hands in the front of your chest .’
‘Don’t drink too much water.’
He was like a coach who just occurred in time .
Beside him, there was a 10 years old little boy . He said we three ran at the same pace, get to the finish line together.
But they were actually cooperating with my speed, even his stride could be faster than my running pace, but they were still by my side.

Less than 5 kms to the finish line, in addition to the three of us, most people were just walking.
The crowd was cheering ‘Chinese, good! China, NO.1 ‘, this gives me more power, and I shouted back’ Nigeria!Lets go ‘ ‘

It took me 5 hours eventually , comparing to the one in America last year , although this time was only 15 minutes slower, but the exhaustion and pain increased greatly. The marathon is a long battle, and it makes you more clear about your body,the physical index.

A friend who loves running says he runs very often and always feels easy when he runs to 20 kilometers, so he feels uninteresting and didn’t go on.
20 kilometers and 25 kilometers, 30 kilometers and 40 kilometers are completely different .
Sometimes, pain does not always give you pleasure, but if you can overcome and transcend , persist it , another giant in your body will be released. The name is ‘potential’.

Don’t ever stop moving when you are feeling easy. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Cycling for ” Free LUNCH for Children”





算是真正意义上第一次和非洲的长腿们跑,心里倒并没有任何的压力,始终记得三年前第一次跑马拉松时一位跑友对我说的话 “记住你只和自己跑!千万别和任何人比速度,不然在耐力赛中你会让自己精力耗尽!”

黑人的气势总是很容易燃起来,在跑了不到两公里,拥挤的街道已经逐渐拉开层次,有人在人群中呼喊着”尼日利亚,Let’s go !”,那些懒散的步伐立即注满了力量。
突然觉得” Let’s go”比” come on”更充满了让人无法抗拒的号召。

8公里,我突然在人群中爆发了一句” China, Let’s go !”就好像我的身后有一群中国人一样,我开始兴奋起来,黑人们也跟着一起呼喊道”中国!中国!”
10公里,我从每一个停下来走路的人身边跑过时,会拍拍他们的肩,说” Let’s go,你可以的” !随着拍的人越来越多,我发现这渐渐形成了一个神奇的力量,像是魔法按钮般,被拍的人转头看到我,瞬间激活,立即跟着一起跑起来。


30公里,身边只有不断的汽笛声,救护车🚑, 警车,大巴。大巴拉走了一批又一批中途放弃的人,他们向我们兴高采烈的挥着手,”打酱油”的人是终究不会领域马拉松的意义的。

我的双腿这时已经开始疲惫,像是注了铅一样,整条腿完全硬到发痛。 以前跑马都是有非常丰富的补给,而这次除了矿泉水,没有任何的补给。我遗憾,没有自己提前准备。


他像是一个不知道从哪里飞来的教练,耐心且及时。他的身边,还有一个10多岁的小男孩。他说,我们三人步伐一致,一起跑到终点🏁 。





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