The first thing I do after arriving in the city is always trying to get as much visa done as possible, the duration of my stay is totally depends on the time i get the visa. Sometimes 3 days, sometimes a week. The next country is Nigeria but I already get the document in Accra,Ghana ( It is not a visa but a government document,since Nigeria visa asks for the invitation and its not easy to get for usual people so i had to pay for the agency, i still need to get a visa-on-arrival ),so I asked for Cameroon visa.

They don’t have a Cameroon embassy here but only consultant, it is an very unprepossessing, small office behind a shop , you have to go around the shop and enter from the back door , they guy who was sitting inside surprisedly said “how do you find here ?”like I was an intruder. I was introduced by a friend who applied for the visa before,otherwise there is no way I can find there.

I actually prepared French sentence since Benin is a French speaking country, but it turns out he speaks good English, I felt relieved.
He is a guy who has good smile, he said i can come back getting my visa on Monday( It was Thursday), but I didn’t want to wait that long so i asked for the possibility of getting it quicker, then he said they have to fly the passport to Nigeria since they can’t issue the visa here , if I pay 10000 CFA more, I can get my visa on Saturday. I looked straight into his eyes ” Are you sure? Are you sure can get my visa on Saturday? “He nodded his head, then

I added” Is it guaranteed ? Are you 100% sure that I can get my passport back on Saturday ?

“He said “Yes, I am 100% sure”.

Then I paid my money ,I confirmed again before I leave

” You promised that I can get my passport back on Saturday , right? ” He answered with an emphatic ” Yes”.

Don’t think I am bringing owls to Athens, facts proved that they can’t be trusted. I packed up all of my stuff and called him on

Saturday afternoon.

“Oh sorry , the plane is still in Cameroon , I promise you that you can get it tomorrow, I will call you back “y

On Sunday morning.
” Oh sorry, the plane is not landed yet Its not my fault, I can’t decide when the plane be landed … I will call you tomorrow morning .”

On Monday morning.
” Oh, yes, you can get your passport today.”
” I’M on the way to your place, see you in 5 minutes”
” Oh, no, not now, I mean this afternoon.… but I don’t know what time yet, I will call you then.”

I got so pissed off ,my friend comforted me ” they are just like this,we have been dealing with them for so many times. Usually it takes a week”

” It’s not about the time, its about PROMISE !If he had told me that I have to wait fora week or a month, no problem. But he promised .”
So now I am still in Benin waiting for my Cameroon visa.
Maybe its a pre-lesson ,since I know the real challenging is coming up.


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