The story happens in Komboa school,Tanzania.

Her name is Respect, yes, that’s her official name, she is about 3 years old, unlike her peers, she seldom smiles, don’t play and always have a stinky smell on her, so the teacher -Penny had a home visiting .

She always picked up by her sister,a 6 years old girl , Penny thought they might live close to the school, but it turns out its 5 kms away, the 6 years old girl has to walk 5 kms with the 3 years old sister to the school every day.

The whole family were Happy about their teacher-Penny’s coming. They have already took the chairs out waiting .
Respect’s mother- Respecter’s monthly salary is only 45 dollars. She has to wisely use the money to support the whole family-the two daughters, her mom and herself.

“Where is her dad ?” Penny asked .
He is about to die. “Respecter signed.
“He lies in our previous house, we had our own house before, but our relatives sold it out along with all the furniture ever since my husband got sick and we were kicked out of the house.” the skinny woman buried her head in her hands and sobbed.

Maybe we will meet in another world very soon“,after a while, Respecter stopped sniffling and said.
“What do you mean ?”
“I had menstruation four months ago, and it hasn’t stopped yet. I can feel I’m dying.”I

Four months period, nonstop bleeding !

Penny looked at her pale face, she suddenly realized something.
“You can tell me your real difficulty, I will try my best to help you.”Penny said.
Respecter hesitated for a while and then said
Yes, we all got AIDS, me,my husband and my elder daughter, only Respect, she didn’t get infected. PLEASE don’t tell anyone, Respect is our only hope, I don’t want her to be derided and treated cruelty.”

In Komboa school , there are many poor kids just like Respect, they grew up in the slum, living up by eating trashes or prostituting, many of them died at a very young age, like 8 or 15.

The school is at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, 1 year ago, Penny was there as a volunteer , she went back to China when she finished the 1 year volunteer program, but she missed the kids so much so she decided to go back and stay for 2-4 years , but the school was shut down ! No teacher resources, no financial support, the headmaster decided to shut it down. The kids would suffer a more severe problems without being educated.

“I cant leave the kids alone, If no one does it ,then I’m doing it.”Penny determined to open a new school. Looking for the new property, decorating the house, buying the desks , dealing with the exhausting official round of duties, the first Komboa-China charity school for orphan and extreme poverty opened up in Moshi, Northern Tanzania.They take care of the daily life of 26 preschoolers and teach the life skills like English, sewing, drawing to 15 other teenagers.

As you concerned above, they have raised money for Respect’s family for medical cure.

But there are still a lot of children in desperate need of help.

It’s a big problem, indeed, there is a large amount of population in the world,but we can’t deny the fact that the people who can help is more than the people who need help, just by that, we should have the confidence to save the children if all of us contribute our efforts.

There is 200 million children suffering from hunger in China.

6 years ago, a journalist -Dengfei witnessed the malnutrition and hunger problems among children from mountainous area in Guizhou province in Southwestern China, the suffering of these children shocked him and prompted him to start the Free Lunch for Children program.
The program was started from scratch and was doubted by many, the financial and logisticical stress to provide everyday free lunch for millions of children in need is a real problem. Nevertheless, he wasn’t intimidated.

Over 6 years, they have received over 2.8hundred million from the donor and benefited more than 190,000 children.

Don’t hesitate to do a right thing, the problem will not be solved if you do. nothing, but Sometimes it will bring remarkable change if we take even one small step.

Now the ‘Free lunch for children’ campaign start fundraising in the US and Europe to support its overseas projects, after a 1-million-RMB project kicked off in Kenya in March.

Meanwhile, the campaign has spread to Africa, where it currently serves 1,103 children at five Chinese-supported primary schools in the Mathare slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The slum is home to some 700,000 people, half of whom are children living on one meal per day.

The campaign will cover to other countries soon as well: Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uganda… I know , pretty soon, the ” Saving Storms ” will come ;I know, we will see how powerful human is by uniting together.

$6 will allow a kid have free school lunches for one month.

If you donate $25, it will cover one kid for one semester.

Let the fairytale ” free lunch” comes into reality.

Changing the world, saving the children, I’M IN, ARE YOU ?

Click here to help the children.

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