See you, Yamma.

See you ,Yamma.

She finished her fourth cycling trip in Africa.

She works at the Alaska fisheries processing company, two months vacation per year, she took the chance to cycle.
She volunteers in the hospital. She never dared to turn the phone off . As long as the phone rang, no matter what time ,she would join the rescuing immediately in the ice and snow weather.

In the two months of West Africa riding, from Senegal to Ghana,she rode 3440 kilometers, 8 countries, ate 50 pineapples and read 18 books.

She never gets old.
Although she feels hip hurts when she is sleeping; Although she has to take breaks time to time when cycling;
Although she is a light sleeper who snores sometimes;
She is the lovely girl who never stops making her dream happen !

Her most exciting thing is to spread out the map and see the next unknown destination.
Sometimes she would blame me for riding too fast, but at night, she would be excited about the extra 10 kilometers, 20 kilometers we made.

She allergic to goat ,do not eat seafood, mushrooms and fish, sometimes I think she is too picky, but she can sit anywhere and happy about just have a bowl of Steamed Rice + soy sauce, satisfied about instant noodles with cold water every night.

We crossed the jungle, crossed the river, climbed the mountain, went through the dirt road,ate rat meat,had diarrhea
We shared pineapple, gnawed watermelons, watched the stars counting the moon, talked about the ideal, the life,the future.

One month memory,worthing the whole life to recall.

She said,i never expect to meet someone like you,
I said, there is a reason for someone showing up in our life

When i saw she off in the airport,
I was thinking, i have to finish the big pineapple just by myself now.








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