Cycling Around Africa-Ghana,The guy who walks around Africa

We left Cape Coast this morning, found a place for breakfast. Usually i just ask two questions to decide if I want to do breakfast at the place,
“Do you have rice?”(for Yamma)
“Do you have Fufu?”(for me)

If they have both that would be perfect, if they only have rice, that would be fine as well. But we sometimes surprisingly find that they have wide beans or spicy sauce, which is a bonus.

Yamma tasted a spoon of spicy sauce and screamed “oh bebe, that’s really hot!” then she added,” give me more, I love spicy! …You have water , right?”

So we both asked for wide beans and spicy sauce, a white guy walked in with a big backpack.
” Hey, are you…walking around the country?”
That was my first institution. Encounter a white guy at such a small town, he is either an unusual traveler or does work here, but the latter one has less possibility.

” Yes, I am, from Denmark”
We looked outside, saw his carriage with full loaded stuff in.
” Seriously? Walking…Around Africa?”
It’s the same reaction when people heard us biking around Africa.
“Yes, I started from Denmark 2 years and 8 months ago and I am finishing it in Tanzania. Are you guys biking around Africa?”
” Yeah, we are just biking around, me , started in Senegal, finish in Accra,she, Cici, cycling around the world.” Yamma said.
“We are nothing compare to you” we blurt out.

Later on, we got to know that this amazing guy , Charlie ,is walking for water, for a large solar powered water supply system for a remote area in Tanzania,where thousands of people have to spend most of the day walking to bring home clean water or perish from using contaminated water sources.The organization called NGO W4W which rooted in Denmark.

” How much do you walk per day?”we asked.
“30-35 kms”
” Wow, thats quite a lot”
“Do you camp in the village?”
“No, I don’t have a tent, I sleep in the bushes, I have a hammock”
“How long do you think is gonna take you to Tanzania?”
” Maybe another 2 years.”

I didn’t ask him why he chose to walk but not biking, the seemed easier and faster way, just because I have been asked so many times why I didn’t choose the car, the fun of the way we choose is somewhat unexplainable, but you are clear of your choice and you proud of that.

I never asked myself if it’s wrong to quilt my job and everything to do this, something that is far from society standard and success definition,

I just knew that if I could talk to the11 months ago myself,I would scream in her face and say “this is the best decisions you made ever! Don’t second guess it .

You will be an old woman one day and regret NOT doing. this more than you ever would doing it.”

Compare to travel by car and flight, this has a profound impact on our life. There is something about life that has always felt too fast to us…like it is passing by and we can’t keep up.

But now we feel like we are grabbing life by the balls and saying”you are not going anywhere without me.”

I see myself through this man like I never see myself so clearly. He walks almost every day no matter it rains or sunny,no matter its in the desert or jungle; he saves every pennies for the trip, caught malaria 6 times just because the precaution medicine is too expensive; he is away from family and friends , sometimes he doesn’t have anyone to talk with for a few days but he never feel lonely at all;he hasn’t take shower for a few days but he still talks confidently.

There is Chinese saying called”You should be something by 30.”It is like a standard line, you have to get married by that age otherwise you will be like left over food;you have to have a career by that age otherwise you are less likely to be successful.

But this “something ” shouldn’t be defined by the people, the society, the world, but YOU, do you know what you are pursuing for? Are you content with what you are having? Will your regret your choice if you have second chance to live ?

The man who owns” something” himself is free , independent and confident. He knows what he should choose or avoid,;he can live by himself easily; he will not feel self-based no matter who is he facing. He is determined, strong and undefeatable .

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