Cycling Around Africa-Ghana, what is your dream?

We are camping at Cape Coast tonight, it was nice riding along the coast even just for a few miles. The last time I rode along the coast was in Spain, beautiful place, no matter the mountain view or the coast line.

It’s usually hard to find place to camp in the city, so we always save some distances before getting into the city.A friendly looking guy and some women were sitting on the porch. That’s the place”I thought, then I put a huge smile on my face and rode towards them.

“Hi, we are just tourists cycling around your country but it’s getting dark t so we wonder if we can camp somewhere in the village tonight?” I showed the camping picture at the same time just in case they don’t understand, its usually a need in French Speaking country, no matter how hard I work on my French,but a picture can always win over thousands of my words.

The man obviously understood my English, but he passed my picture to the other women, then they started asking our opinion,” do you want to camp here or there?” He pointed the front and the back,”We like to be quiet, it would be better to camp back there without facing the main road”

So he took us to that big plantain tree with the sandy ground, ” Is it okay to camp here?”he hesitated, actually most African people can’t understand why we sleep outside, cause they themselves don’t do that even.

” Yes, its perfect!” We couldn’t be more happy about it.

He helped us setting up the tent, the kids came watching us, not 100 this time, maybe no more than10. I packed my shower stuff and asked for the water. Another man took me to his house, he swept the spider web on the wall and showed me the bathroom.

I thought i had to fetch the water from the pump and took a bucket of water. like we usually do, but this time, no, guess what? We got the shower! OMG, you can’t imagine how happy a cyclist could be when she gets the shower after a sweaty cycling day, the bucket water is fine, but the pleasure of shower is unreplaceable, it can wash off all the tiredness .

After the shower , i showed my thumb to the family, thanked with an excited voice “.the shower is amazing, perfect!! Thank you soo much” they all laughed, they probably never get the excitement of taking shower as I do.

I was going to tell Yamma this great news, she was standing by the tent talking with kids, ” There she is”, the kids pointed at me, Yamma turned back and relieved

” Oh great, Cici, you can teach them the song, you always do that, i couldn’t come up with any”

We always take turns to take the shower, but every time when she is gone, I always sing with the kids, she knew what I did, because she can always hear us even she is 100 meters away in the bushes..

“Yi shan yi shan liang jing jing…” They started singing the song, a Chinese song!

” You can speak Chinese?” I was so surprised.
“Ni hao ma? lao shi hao” Another girl said.
” Wow, That’s amazing of you guys can say that. Where …where did you learn Chinese?”I obviously got excited. I actually have heard more than 4 people greeted me in Chinese on the road, but I never expect that the small kids could do that.

“We are learning Chinese in the school, a Chinese teacher is teaching us”.

I’m so happy to hear that , they have their second language lesson in the school, but not all of the school teach Chinese, it’s happened that their primary school is in an university so they have the chance to choose Chinese as a second language.

” Tell me more about it, what else did you learn in Chinese? “I said excitedly.
The little boy thought for a while and shook his head.

” How about the song? Let’s do it again”
“Yi shan yi shan liang jing jing…” Its the translation version of ” Twinkle twinkle little star”,they finished the whole song, even only the first sentence was correct , but I bet that was the cutest version I ever heard.

” Great job”i gave them high five,” Do you want to learn more?”
I was a teacher who teach the young kids in kindergarten and primary school.
” Yes,sure” they exclaimed.

So I taught them the famous song ” two little tigers”, we sang and danced over and over again,. they are absolutely the easiest students ever.

I heard you guys singing” Yamma back from the shower.
“Oh, did you? How come? You are so far away”
This time we didn’t take shower in the bushes,but in a concrete house, with outer walls built up.
” I can even hear your singing from America”.she laughed.

The guy who offered us the shower came and suggested us to put our bike inside of his house,” It’s not pretty safe to leave your stuff outside, ” he said, we thanked him but still think it should be fine, since we have already rinsed our clothes and hang it in the bike, plus Yamma is a light sleeper,any tiny sound could wake her up even when she is snoring.
Later on, another. guy came and said the same thing, he also. asked
” Are you afraid?” he said.
“I am an African , I know the place but I would be afraid to be like you”
” What are you afraid of”I asked.
“The people, the bad people, they could rob you at night”
“God is watching”.I said.
“Yes, God is watching.”He repeated.” Amen”

A 10 years old girl sat by my side and leaned her head on my shoulder.
” Do you go to school?”I asked.
” Yes”
” What subject do you have at school?”
” English, French, math, history, geography” she said, and she also told me that she has two brothers and two sisters.
“Do they all go to school?” i said.
” Yes”
” Wow, your parents must work very hard”. As I know, most African family couldn’t support their kids going to school, not to mention five of them.
“My mother sells food and my father does fishery” That’s the most common way for Ghanaian making money, they have the advantage of the sea.AFr

” What is your dream?”I asked, i never ask kids this question before, but somehow I got interested.
“What is dream?” she asked.
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”i asked in another way.
She tilts her head and silent for a while, obviously she never think about this.
“A teacher”.she said after a long thinking.
“A teacher like you”she added.
” Why?” i was surprised.
“So I can travel around” she smiled.
” Which country do you want to go most”I said
” Acra”.

I am silent this time, Acra is their capital city

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