Cycling Around Africa -Ghana, the accident

Ghana is pretty developed in many ways.

Firstly,the power system basically covers the whole country (at least the places i have been so far), so they got the access to the electronic products like phone, TV and radio. The social media opened the outer world to people, so we seldom found us be surround by a bunch of people like before.

Secondly, Ghana is a big oil producing country, so gas stations can be seen everywhere. Although I don’t care much about that, but camping next to gas stations is more quiet than the villages and most times we get the shower, not the bucket of water.

You can also find nice buildings, some well built mansions even, since it has long coast line,so the resort place, hotel is pretty common to be seen.

The road gets much narrower from Agona to Takoradi, too much traffic, especially big trucks, since we have entered the industrial area.

I was riding on the small shoulder but still got nervous by the trucks flying by, all of a sudden, a motorcycle came from nowhere riding towards me, he was so fast that i didn’t even realize that he was going to hit me, just one second, he got on the shoulder and hit me with a pretty fast speed, i bounced off from the bike and fell on the ground.

I didn’t have time to think but just heard a loud screaming

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD,YOU HIT MY FRIEND, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?.”The sound was 50 meters away,but i got really shocked. Then i saw that big angry, worried face, she was still yelling but pedalling anxiously towards me, MY TEARS DOWN.

I knew I was fine, i fell on the grass so I didn’t get hurt, but this lady-Yamma, obviously, she cares much more about me than i do.

We have been cycling for more than one month but I never saw her get angry like that, even when we were extorted by the border officer, I always got pissed off and she can just make everyone smile and solve it peacefully in that occasion.

But now, she is definitely like a lion, like she is gonna to kill that guy. Actually that guy was going to run away, but he got terrified by Yamma’s reaction and just kept apologizing.

I hugged her and said ” Thank you”, if she were not there, i probably just got on my bike , keep riding like nothing happened. I just felt so touched by her careness at that moment,she is around, its totally different than when you are alone.

She made sure if I was really OK and then started checking my bike, the rear wheels got the problem, the brakes keep stopping the wheel, we put the bike upside down but couldn’t find a better solution at that time so I loosed my brakes, but the front brakes still work.

We camped at the gas station again, they have empty unfinished decorating room for us, and the lady swept the floor, so we just slept on the mat. ” He should face up, ” Yamma said, she works as a safety manager, “The worst thing is not you make a mistake, but you don’t have the ball to face it.”

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