African journal-Ghana, the first day.

I haven’t update my blog for a while, there are three reasons for that.

One is that i haven’t update it for too long, yes,so each time when i think of it, there are just too much going on in my mind as to i get frustrated to start with.

Secondly, I worked hard on my Chinese blog ,but u know it takes much more time for a non English speaker to write in English.

Thirdly, I always get used to write too much , once i start working on it, then i couldn’t stop,that’s an another problem tho, cause you get too much pressure before you start it.

Today Yamma(an American cyclist i met in Guinea)told me that she knows a guy who ranks the difficulty of his cycling every single day so people could have a reference. refera

I did a lot of searching before i come to Africa, i checked people’s blog, i searched the website, i had no idea what Africa looks like ,I was so in need of all kinds of infos about Africa,especially for a single woman, you know, i have been told for so many times,”don’t go there, Africa is dangerous.”serc

But since i got here, Africa is not that mysterical anymore, its like anywhere else, riding is nice, people is good, food is tasty .This is my tenth country riding in Africa , i am not as curious as i was,but i forgot the fact that there are still so many people out there are as curious as i was,and they may desperately in need of the infos as i was, there might be little girl sitting at home wondering as i wondered ” Is it possible for a single woman to ride across Africa?Has any female ever done that ?”

when people were convincing me not to take this African trip alone, i asked them the same question ” Has anyone ever done it?.If there is another woman who has done it, then could i”. 9 out of 10 said no, but there was one said yes, she is an England Warm shower host who lives in Spain, the day before i cross Africa from Europe, i asked her the same question ,she said she has hosted a Swiss girl who cycled Africa alone, and she survived.

Now i am doing it and i will make it. Thanks for the great in formations i got from the host and the other cyclist, but i realized that i should do something, as a single woman, as a cyclist,

I have the responsibility to share what i experienced, it could be intersting for someone who never been here, it could be informative for someone who wants to cycle here, it could be inspiring for someone who dares not to pursue their dream.

So i am going to start my African journal, updating once a day if the internet is allowed. It might be short, but just remind me to keep sharing, and also, when the landscape is not that spectacular, i can have myself focus more on the subtle things, like a just newborn sheep, a chicken who can climb the ladders , or just a special bug crawl on the ground.

OK, lets start today. Today is officially the first day riding in Ghana, we arrived last night, the first big town called Elubo, its just right at the border, they got all kinds of facilities, supermarket, hotels, gas station.

We camped by the gas station, took a shower at a public shower place, it was pretty loud at night because there was a coffee bar just in front of our tent, but we managed to sleep anyway, people is pretty nice ,you can really feel safe here.

We got my Ghana visa in Cote d’lvoire, it cost 50000 CF, you also need the hotel reservation and 4 photos , it usually takes 3 days to get it, but my Chinese friend bribed them so we got it the next day.
My favorite food in Cote d’lvoire is Fufu,it is a dough of boiled yam,cassava or plantain,pounded into a sticky past.I was afraid that i couldn’t find it in Ghana so i had 2 at a time at the day i leave Cote d’lvoire, but i surprisedly found that they Have it in Ghana !!! Hooray!

You can look for chop bar or any street food booth. They usually serve rice, fish sauce and fufu, some of them made of yam and plantain, or cassava with plantain, or corns. They just boil it first and then pound it for minutes until it gets sticky. I am gonna try it someday.
I changed our money at the border, Yamma usually screenshot the exchange rate so we could have an idea of it. It took us almost 3 hours to get the SIM card and internet . It always does, in French speaking countries,the best one is Orange, in Ghana, the best one is MTN, but you have to have the local ID, so we got another one, airtel . It costs 8 cd, like 2 dollars with 400 MB data, but it does work very well, i haven’t get the coverage since I left the border.

Compare to Cote d’lvoire , we got pretty easy hills here , very few traffic, nice shoulders and pretty trees. We passed two big towns, you can easily find food and water, but not that much fruits as in Cote d’lvoire.

We camped at the gas station again, it is just a very small one with only one family who lives here, they are pretty nice., When I asked the water for taking the shower ,the woman took me to the well, i often see people doing this and thought it should be easy, but it requires skills to fill the bucket from the well, i failed it the first time, then the lady showed me that you have to put the rope close to the well, have the bucket upside down and just throw it hard to the well so the water could get in, when the bucket is half filled, then you can let it sink until its full.

It still took us 3 times to fill the bucket while it only takes them one time, ” its the ” bucket lesson”, Yamma said. Nothing is really easy, but the pleasure is the process of trying.

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