Crossing Western Sahara

That was the longest time for not having electricity,no internet,no civilization, except for the passing cars,i could hardly feel the civilization.

In the desert,wind and sand are perhaps not the most serious tests, but your physical strength and endurance, cause you don’t know how far is the next stop, sometimes you just have to keep going and going until sunset, it would be a great blessing if you could find a shade for lunch.

“I got the headwind all day today,you cant focus on speed but the time you spent,the sand was curled up like a flying snake when the truck passing by,you had to remember closing eyes and mouth,cause the”snake”will get all over on you at the next second.

The good thing is i found a nice spot for camping tonight,with the sunset burning across the desert,and the sky shining like copper ,I didn’t hurry to cook,but just sitting there,watching the radiance of the sunset die away.It was so nice at that moment, as i know that was the last light of the day,oh, maybe a turn for new begging.

Just have some noodles tonight .I boiled some water and was going to take some shower,but no more running water, i picked the sand out from my ears and wiped my body, alright,shower is done.

My tent is gone! The sandstorms come !After chasing back my tent, it couldn’t stand again, I had to just use my panniers holding on it, and the noodle soup already became sand soup.
This is not over ,the sandstorm cried for 2 hours,everything of mine, the tent,sleeping bag, mattress,my face ,neck ,clothes, none of them have no sand.i have to hold my tent with my four limbs against the sand.
That was the diary i wrote for the first day in desert.

The second day
‘I camped next to the police at night, the villagers invited me to stay inside of their house, but i already got used to stay the cool outside so i just put my tent out there, the kids all surrounded me but dared not to get too close, i handed them some balloons and candies,so they smelled the air of’ nice and friendly’ and all came to touch my hair and

my hand. They seemed so curious about my structure and want to check if i made from the same material as them.
About 10pm, the villagers asked if i am going to camp outside, i said yes,they said there might be snakes appear at night, so they carried a big metal bed to have me put my tent on it……’

I once rode in the dark in the desert, cause i couldn’t find any place to camp before the sunset,it was quite strange of that feeling ,the desert seemed have no skyline, the surroundings was so quite, during the day,

the wind makes everything shouting, even the still sands got alive, but at night, there was only vast sand plants, i felt like being back to the dream, when i was little, i had been playing in the desert alone, i knew i had a desire for that space since then.

I know you may want to know more details and useful informations, lets do some Q&A.

How did you solve the water ,food problems?

I carry at least 7 liters of water per day, and ask the water from villagers ,police if i camp with them at night ,or the passing by trucks. I don’t have a filter so i just always drink the

water with local people.

During the day, i usually just have some bread with milk , some dates and apples as supplies (which i bought before the desert, better to prepare for a one week food since there is only a few shops in the desert). At night, i cook the noodles with canned meat. A small tip, if you cant get the oil away from the pot, you can just use the sand ,they are the best cleanser.

Where did you sleep? How was the security ?

There are gendarmerie almost every 60 or 80 kms in the desert, because of their protection control , i seldom found myself sleeping in the wild more than 10 meters length away from them.

What was the warmest and coldest temperature?

Before getting into the desert, i thought i have to bring blanket and thick mattress for resisting the cold at night,but actually it was just a little bit chill but not cold, like 20 degrees or so. The night of the desert is my favorite, sleeping under the stars with the breeze, is the beauty of desert .

Yes, during the day, it could be pretty hot , like 40 degrees or more, i never dare to stop ,just have to keep riding and hope to find a piece of shade somewhere .

Did you encounter any hassles with men ?

I’d say i got a lot of marriage proposals , haha, now i understand why western people take asking about marriage status as a privacy , because the following question is always ‘ oh, you are single, lets get married .’

What was the biggest challenge in the desert?

Probably the headwinds. The biggest test is your patience, when you could only ride 10mph under the heat, you can not focus on the speed, but the endurance you’ve got.

What was your route? How did you find the way? Have you ever get lost ?

I started from Western Sahara to Mauritania, there was a main road from north to south, you only need to go all the way straight .

What gets you through on the tough days?

The positive thoughts.The great feeling of overcoming yourself. The love from people, an ice apple from the truck driver or a dinner invitation from local people.

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