The angels who came at night

Last night I did the wild camping by the lake and mountain, a tour guide at that town said I could camp in the garden of a hotel if I can’t afford the room, and camping is only for 50 drn, 
I said I would rather camp by the lake, besides the scenery is pretty good,he said aren’t you afraid of camping alone? I said that’show i spent my life in this 7 months.

I had a nice jogging in the dark, breeze and quiet night.

Around 21:30, I sat in front of my tent practicing French, all of a sudden,a sand storm came out of nowhere and I got sand all over immediately, I backed to my tent,shut the “door “, even a lot of sands already sneaked in . 

The wind was so strong to harshly push my tent, I had to use my four limbs as a triangle to hold my tent. It lasts for almost half a hour. 

I went to sleep when the wind dies down. Around 1:30 , I got waken up by two guy’s talking, who would come to the lake at midnight? 

I think that they were trying to approach my tent according to their footsteps ,my heart was beating so hard, what should I do if they try to intrude into my tent? 

Should I go out and fight with them if I want to steal my bike? 

Why didn’t I bring a weapon even just a small knife? 

But should I stab on them if I have something sharp? 

I have to admit that I was scared and I didn’t know what should I do. I prayed and prayed but i was still in panic. 

All of a sudden,a voice came into my ear “You of little faith, why are you afraid? I’m the God,I’m with you!”

Just at that time, the dogs started barking, first one dog,then two,then the dogs of the whole village and even the dogs at the other side of the lake were all barking together, it sounded so malicious like they were going to tear the devil into pieces! And one dog sat next to my tent and barked for 20 minuets until the “devil “disappear, until the night backed to silent again.

The next morning, those angels came to my tent,waved goodbye and disappeared in the mountain.

Psalm 118: 6

“There is the Lord who will help me, and I will not be afraid, how can man do me?”

Psalm 46: 1

“God is our refuge, our strength, and our help in trouble.”

 I got saved not because I’m lucky,but because I’m the child of Jesus. 




凌晨1:30,被两个男人的谈话声惊醒,这么晚谁会来到这荒无一人的湖边?而且他们的脚步声也正在向帐篷靠拢,我整个人开始紧张起来,万一他们强行攻入帐篷我该怎么办?万一他们只是想偷走帐篷外的单车我该出去抵抗吗? 我后悔此时竟没有带任何武器在身边,哪怕只是一把刀也好。可是即使带了刀我刚捅下去吗? 






“神是我们的避难所,是我们的力量, 是 我们 在患难中随时的帮助。”


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