The Marathon I call it Real.

This is my third time of Marathon,but I call it real this time, and I’m the only racer,or maybe two! 
My brother Ahamed come to visit me from Casablanca, and I told him last night”I’m going to run Marathon tomorrow ”

” Where?”


“What time?”

“Depends on me!”

” Really? How could it be so flexible?”

” Because its my SOLO Marathon!”

” Solo?! Hahaha ~”

He laughed for 5 minutes.

” I’m not kidding! I’m seriously going to run Marathon tomorrow!”

He thought for a while and said 

“Now,its not solo, you got one partner!”

The next morning he texted me pretty early 

” Where are you?” 

I’m going to run Marathon now!”

“Wait for me, I’m going with you !”

“Seriously? ”

This time its my turn to doubt! 

I biked with Ahamed for 4 days and he is the only one I know who walk his bike on every single uphill ! Even though,he still had to take a lot of rest ,he looks like an athlete but he smoked too much so that damaged his health. 

So I’m really doubting if he can do it.

I texted him the same messages for three times 

” Are you seriously going to run Marathon with me? Its 42.19 kms, its not kidding!! You know that you don’t have to do it, but once you are in, then YOU CANT QUILT!”

For him, there is no strong reason to keep it, but for me, once I decide to do something then the most basic principle is”No Give Up!”

He ran to me with a nice sport outfit 

“Just 42 kms! Look at my muscles ! No problem!”

He seemed determined as well.

” Ok,let’s go then!”

It was pretty easy for us for the first few kilos,we cheered for every kilos and he decided to quilt smoking the next day, he said he is actually in shape but smoking damaged his body, I’m so happy thathe could make such a big decision ! When you are doing something real good for your body,you would love that feelingand would just want to make it better and better and away from those unhealthyhabits, that’s the charming of exercising 
But 5 kms later,the accident happened, I fell on the gravel road and cracked one of my knee and torn the skin off another legs, my phone screen got totally cracked as well, this is the most serious tumbling I could remember! 

He immediately said ” Stop the running,lets go to the hospital!!” 

But a thought crossed my mind

” Would I quilt it if its the real race?”

The answer is an absolutely ” No “!

The military takes every practice as real combat, so why not I take the training as the real competition?!

I stood up and started stagger running , I was feeling like that my skin was spilting as the every single step of running, my knee kept bleeding when I was stepping forward. Ahamed just stood there hoping that I would turn back if he is not coming, but I chosed ignoring him and kept wobbling forward, a few minutes later, he realized that I’m not going back and caught up with me. 
We dont have any supplies during this running, the only one is the water from the road or the village, we ran from city to village,from road to desert, when we finally reached 21 kms we jumped and laughed, yes,half way done ✅ , its not that hard! 

But he got slower and slower after that,when finally 25 kms,he gave up! His knee got hurt before and now it’s hurting again! I helped him to do some strethched ,patted his shoulder and kept going!

Now,this time,it became my real solo Marathon,facing the next 17 kms alone with 37 degrees sun baking and sore knees, I thought about stopping and just walking with my friend for the rest,it really shakes your resolve when your only “opponent ” quilt the race. But what if he is not here? What if he never be a part of this race, Would I stop now if I’m just alone from beginning to the end ? Once again,the answer is absolutely ” No !”

I got much faster for the first 7 kms after separated with him, but the hard feeling overwhelmed me at the last 8 kms, it was nearly 2pm and the sun was completely heating me, give it up, nobody would know it! No,Richard is waiting for me at the finish line! 

Richard is my spirit friend andinstructor who  motivated me for this race , I always think that I need to wait until I sign up for the real race, I love running and the feeling of challenging myself, but I haven’t run for 6 months since last Marathon in United States, I tried to find the Marathon race in every cities I have been but there was no race going in summer tim, so I just waited and waited , until he tells me, if you want to change,why not start from tomorrow? 

Yes, why not start from tomorrow?Why not  start from now? Asking yourself,if you really love it or doing it just for competition?

He said when you are running, imagine I’m waiting for you at the finish line,

Isah — “When I am your God, you will soar high on wings like an eagle. You will run and not grow weary. You will walk and not be faint, for I am the Lord your God.” When I am doing long distance events, I sing the song, “The cross before me, the World behind me – no turning back, no turning back.”  

Yes, thank you,Richard, thanks the love of Jesus! I didn’t turn back! I made it!! Alone and not alone !

Compare to the real race, the one without judgment without audiences without supplies without applauses but only by your own willpower is much harder! 

But by this way ,you will get clear what you really want ,we get used to grow up under applauses,but the real growth,is called APPLAUSE FOR YOURSELF! 



















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