My Moroccan Brothers

إلى أعزائي الإخوةAzizi,Ahamed,Toufik

We never had a normal language communication,but we know each other than anyone else

  • That morning I hugged everyone, smile ‘goodbye’,but when finally facing them ,only tears down ,couldn’t say goodbye. I can’t believe I followed them in that kind of way and now have to leave them in this way.

One week ago,when I was leaving Chefchaouen in the morning, three cyclists passed by me and stopped

“Bonjour! Ça va ?”

“Ça va bien ! où allez-vous?”


” Me too!Lets go!”
So we laughed, screamed and got on the road together.

5 minutes later,

Wait, this is not the direction to Casablanca but the opposite direction! 

So I stopped and asked their route again.

Until then ,I found out that they actually don’t speak French but only Arabic, and I couldn’t get what they were trying to say, they just insisted that they will go to Casablanca, so I decided to follow them for a while and see.

When we were taking the break, they took the Morocco hat and veil and dressed up for me, we just laughed and laughed, friendship just comes easily when you are open-minded.


Going somewhere I don’t know with someone who doesn’t speak the same language? Its like the unknown of unknown!

But, life is an adventure, who cares about destination? The unexpected things and people are always the things you need to appreciate.

We stopped at a nice camping site with waterfalls, I was surprised that we only biked 20 kms that day and they decided to stay one more day there as well, hmm, I hesitated again, shall I really follow them?

But later on, I just totally got lighten up by their sweet hostability, they showed me everywhere in their language and introduced me to everyone there, yes , I don’t understand their language at all butI could understand them from their sweet smile.

We went for hiking together , they shouted my name again and again on the mountain

“HEY,Cici! Cici! Cici !”

“Qui ”

“Ça va?”

“Ça va bien!”


Can you imagine that’s basically our daily conversation?Everyday we just repeated over and over again ( Thats our only common language,lol)But we simply just felt happy !! The laughter comes more than anytime!

That night,they took a bag of rice 🍚 and typed the words on translation app

“Can you cook?”

Haha, come on,this is our Chinese thing, how can’t I? Even I haven’t cook for 2 years but I still got it.

After I put the rice on the stove, I asked them,

Do you have vegetables or something ?I can make some Chinese food!!

But they said,

Can you cook with milk? 

That’s the only ingredients we have.

What? Rice 🍚+milk? Hmm 😒, never heard of this combination!

So, they took it over.

2 hours later, milk rice, done ! Our dinner solved! ✅

And during the dinner, we just danced in the kithen, sometimes happy comes really easy!

The next morning,we started pretty early (like 8 😆) without having breakfast, after biked for 2 hours, they stopped at a Cactus 🌵 tree and picked the fruit from the cactus, they peeled it with knife and passed it to me,

“Cactus? Is it edible? ”

“Go ahead, it’s very good! ”

They showed me how to eat it and It turns out to be very very delicious! ! So breakfast solved! ✅ 
We waited for Hamed for 20 minutes at a village but still didn’t see him coming, we thought he got some accidents at the downhills,when we were worrying about him, he came with a proud smile, he carefully opened his jacket with a handful of figs inside! 

So our lunch solved! ✅ 

It was nearly 38 degrees when we biked to the beach, we stopped at a caffe bar and had a big bread 🍞 with some oil! Lunch officially solved! ✅ 

I didn’t take any warm Showers since I have been on the road,it is kinda hard me who never take shower with cold water ,the so called bathroom is just a tap . Yesterday I forgot to take a shower in the afternoon and the water got pretty cold at night, they borrowed a basin of hot water from a villager, that was the first time I use the water so cautiously without letting one drops being wasted! Who knows when will be the next time to have hot water?

Happiness consists in contentment.We are just living out of the simplest truth of life! 

The next day, after climbed through the mountains with 2500 meters elevation up , we felt tired, but still had to pitch the tent ⛺️, set up the fire 🔥 and cook.

The shower was still cold water but we got a fancy shower head not just a tap. But the so called bathroom was just a shower head behind a wall without any doors, I had to rush it and pray that nobody come in when I was taking the shower.

When the fire set up, I got so excited and just couldn’t help dancing around the fireplace, the good smell of Morocco tea, potatoes was filling in the air, we just had a simple dinner out of onions,tomatoes and potatoes, but I would never forget that amazing taste, after only had some wild fruits and bread the whole day, I felt so grateful for the food we were having!! I simply just danced,worshipped and laughed by our food!  

God is awesome, no matter what kind of situation it is, he always makes us so joyful 

When I was looking at the stars ✨,they typed a sentence to me with Google translation app

God gave you three brothers, He knows we are with you “

  • We never had a complete Lauguage communication , but we understood each other than anyone else;❤️
  • We just met on the road and I didn’t even know where we are going but we felt like having known each other already 💃
  • We are having the tough climbing everyday but we we never stopped laughing and enjoying every moments;
  • We never had any fancy food or sleeping place but we feel grateful for everything;💫
  • We may separate very soon but the amazing memories God created will never fade away! 🌈


We biked together for 4 days and reached their destination , i felt sad when i was thinking about leaving them, I never gad any brothers but now I know what does it feel like.

Toufik is the most athelete one in the team, he always the fastest one that way ahead of us, but he always waits for me and just take videos for all of us;

Aziz is the father of two kids,he is just like the big brother who takes care of all of us, after day of biking, he is always the one who in charges of cooking and the one always saves the most foodfor me, he will stop eating if i do ;he will guard our tents the whole night if we camp at an unknown place;

Ahamed is the funniest one, he has to walk his bike on uphills at every single time so he is pretty slow but he never in a hurry,;he will say Hi to everyone passes by;he will give anything he can whenever he sees the kids;he always gives the way to any animal who comes to his direction; he always helps anyone who is in need, no matter the car driver whose car needs to be fixed or the boy shepherd who needs a hand; he always try to teach me everything in Arabic no matter I understand or not; he always calls my name and take pictures whenever he sees animals, no matter it it chicken or duck,horse or donkey, dog or sheep.

We never felt that we had any problemsof understanding each other, I backed to their home with them, I got introduced to all of their friends and family or just even the villagers on the road, sometimes I couldn’t understand what their friends trying to say but I got it immediately through their “translation “,We have never said a real word,but our minds seem to have reached a tacit understanding.

After I left,they still called me every day to make sure if I am safe , even we still speak the language that we both couldn’t understand, but we feel happy as we just hear the voice and laughter.

Someone never travel because of worrying about the language , but the key to the world is not the language,is your heart !

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