Today I am 26— When life slapped on your face

The fifth month on the road

The 10800kms cycling alone

The 15th coutries

The first 26 birthday

  • When threatened by  gun

  • The closest time to death

  • After lost my wallet

  • The Blind Cycle Tour for 4000kms

  • Today I am 26,what I’ve got from life.

When threatend by gun

I seemed never had any luck in Germany, the first time when I was only 20 kms away from Germany, I got caught by the Polish police on the highway, I thought they were nicely trying to help me like the police in other countries,but they just wanted to give me fine for 250 polish money( which is like 78 dollars), I got shocked and didnt expect that fine at all .

’’Sorry, I don’t have money ‘. I didn’t intend to pay the fine, and the truth is ,I really don’t have money .


That polish police didn’t speak good English, just repeated these two words time to time and pointed the ATM asking me to exchange polish money.

I was insisted, so was he.It was so hard to keep 3 euros a day already, how could you take this unreasonable money from me?  That didn’t just make me sad,but also felt wronged, like an old potatoe-selling man got rubbed of all of his hard-earned money.

After deadlocked for half an hour, I gave in , didn’t want to waste any more time on this cold-blooded person,my tears couldn’t help streaming down when I was walking towards ATM, I didn’t want to be seen by anyone, only myself knew how aggrieved I felt.

But there isn’t that much money in my card,I took 150 polish money to him and told him that was all the money I have,he thought I was lying and asking me to pay the rest 100 immediately, I said that was all the money I have.  He walked out of his car arrogantly , showed me his gun and made the gesture of handcuff. He was trying to say that if I don’t pay the rest then he will send me to jail.

‘Ok, if you don’t believe it, take my card,you go and check how much money I have left’

Threaten my life for 100? Was he really enforcing the law or just defending his own power and dignity?

He followed me to the ATM and did believe that there was no money on my account, he backed to the car and started calling.

I started to pray at that time,  I was too tired to fight againt such a foreign police forces, but I knew God’s grace has been accompanying by, God always says to me ‘ Don’t give up,this is not the end, my grace be with you ‘!

Miracle appeared after prayers. He came down from the car with a huge smile on his face, and gave  my passport and money back,I didn’t know what happened, but I didn’t feel thankfu for him ,it was God not him. He patted on my shoulder and smiled to me as if he was not hte gun who pointed me with his gun a few minutes ago.The small road to the Germany border was blocked by barbed wire,he asked people to open the door and directed me the way.

Riding on the path alone,I let all the tears go ,Jesus, I have seen the love of the world, but also the cruelty of humanilty, in the end, only your love never abandoned me.

The closest time to death.

After entering into Germany, everything should be  wiped off and restart.There are a lot of biking path in Germany so I could finally GPS the cycling route to Berlin, the cycling route was always tricky in other countries, it either took me to the forest or the fields, when i had no way to go ,I had to just use the offline map since i dont have a SIM card, but the offline map usually just take me to the highway.

I was too innocent, after biked for 8 kms,the GPS went  away from main street and started entering into forest, this scene was so familiar ,that is usually the sign of’ getting lost’,but i didn’t think that would happen in Germant, BUT, i was wrong ,the end of the road was only a train trail, the only way was to cross the trail except for going back, after biked on the muddy and unpaved road in the forest ,I dind’t want to go back .Maybe there was a bright road after the trail, lets give it a shot, I always thought in that way.

The trail was surrounded by a pile of loose stones,like a heap of slope,in oder to cross the trail, I had to carry my whole bike with heavy panniers to climbe over the stones.It was hard enough to just walk through,not mention to carry my bike over.But I had to, there was 1000 strong guys in my body!However,the expected bright road didn’t show up after crossed the trail, there was just a super narrow path right next to the trail, when the train pass by ,I almost blowed away by the wind ,what’s worse, there was no raod after walked on the small path for a few meters, I really had to go back this time.

This time, I had to carry the bike over the stone slope again, ah, that’s life ! Right after I got in the middle of the trail,a train came! It just came a few minutes ago, I didn’t expect that another one would come so soon. I was still struggling with the heavy bike,the train approached much faster than I thought, only a few seconds,it got so close to me ! I had to ignore the stones and just jumped off the trail with my bike, there was only 0.01 seconds before the train hit me ! My arms got hit and my bike racks got broken, I still had to walk out of the muddy forest with my scratched up body,the rainstorms was dramaticly pouring down,the director must feel pitty that he didn’t select me as the of heroine of  Netherworld if he had seen this.

After the rack got broken, i took the bus to Berlin, it was just like a rewad to me, the only relaxing moment of this long day.

I got Berlin at 22, I contacted all of the hosts in the city but I didn’t get any luck,after standing in the wind for 2 hours, the dramatic rain poured down at 00, it was like a film and I must be the most reality actor.After prayed, I decided to spend overnight under the bridge, but just at that time, a couchsufing host accepted my request ‘! God always let me experience first but save me in the end.

When I was heading to the place,I saw this cyclist sleeping under the bridge.

There is always someone who can feel satisfied no matther where he sleeps ,what he eats. We would be happier if i have the same mentality as them,no more anxiety for what to eat and where to sleep, for some people, its just a normal part of their life, but we are struggling for eating better, wear better, live better, we are not unhappy ,we just don’t know what is happy !


Lost my wallet

The second time entering into Germany, I had been rained for 3 days in Danmark,tent 2 nights ,either woke up by cold or rain.After rained half day in Germany, the sun finally willing to show up. After bought some bread at Lidl,I decided to head to Hamburg- the city has  no hamburger.After rode for 10 kms, a thought shocked me

“Where did I put my wallet?”

I just put my wallet on my rear panniers after bought the bread, thought about putting them back after i finish eating, but i completely forgot it after eating !!I had gone for 10 kms, how possible that I could find it ?It was just like the time when I lost my tent, crazily heading back hopefully that I could find it even I knew it was impossible!

After rode for 10000kms,what should be broken is broken, racks, camera, phone, computer,what should be gone is gone, wallet,money. I am glad that my passport is still here, in case that i am gone someday,someone could pick me up and remember to send me back to China.

I had to move on and decided to tour around the beautiful harbor city ,I met a group people who is from South Africa but lived in Germany for more than 10 years, they surrounded me and excitedly asking me where do I come from,how far did I bike and where do I go next.  After we separated for a few minutes, we met again at the cross, they said there was a beer festival going on and invited me to have a beer together. I couldn’t think of any reason to say ‘no’ so I went with them.

We didn’t just share a lot of intersting things, but they also showed me the city on bike, one of the guy called Hans asked me if i have any place to stay for the night, I said no, he said if you don’t mind,you could stay with us. He live with another guy and he spaced his daughter’s room for me.

He works at a bike shop so he replaced a new bike rack for me , his major was economy but he is more happy to work in the bike shop, doing the things you like is the most happiness thing.

He took me to the playground, we had some chocalate fruits,  took the ferry wheel and roller coaster,it was just back to  my childhood, he said sometimes we should be just like kids,simply get happy from candy,leave the bad things to the sky.

Is there really something in our life we can’t let it go?

Broken rack could be replaced, broken phone could be repaired, the wallet is lost but we are not. Sometimes we are in some moments we think its really big but actually nothing serious, every little things could easily defent us, we overestimated the pain and underestimated the endurance of life,step forward or step back is will take us to a new stage.

Blind Tour Cyclist

I contacted a host through WarmShowers in Bremen when I was in Hamburg,on his profile he wrote

‘My first cycling tour was from Turkey to Iran,4000 kms, I am blind, but to be blind is not a reason for not to ride a bike’

‘I have to meet you ! ‘ I sent the request to him

Luckily he accepted my request. I called him when I was in front of his apartment,he said waiting me there. He groped his  way along the corridor,I saw him stagger his steps and was going to open the door, I steped forward and held his hands, I felt I saw I grandfather at that moment.

He is more positive and humorous than I thought,he showed me every rooms and prepared dinner for me ,I asked if I could help with anything,he smiled’ this is my place, don’t worry ,just relax and take a warm shower if you want’.

He made a wonderful dinner and even homemade ice cream, he and his husband live in this apartment, he said this is not big but not small, they are not rich but not poor,they have some money but not too much, they are happy what they have.

Refering that 4000kms cycling tour, he did with his husband on a tandem bike.

That was my first cycling, and also my first time camping outside. I had a lot of good experiences and got a lot of hospitality from people. But we got arrested for 3 times in Iran, we accidentaly got on their nuclear sites and they thought we are international spy, they kept us in the jail for 1 day until they believe we are just travelers.’he said.

‘What made you decide to make this trip?’


The next day he showed me around the city with his husband on tandem bike,actually they have hosted a lot of cyclists, each time they will show them the city, sometimes his husband has to work so he will take his service dog to show them, the city he can’t be more familiar with ,but he introduces to his guests like its the first time,he knows every statue,restaurant very well, his eyes could see through anything.

He has been traveled more than 50 countries, he even learnt 7 languages himself and trying very hard learning writing and typing everyday.Only one day, he has remembered a lot of Chinsese words I taught them.

‘Why do you have a big passion for language?’I asked.

‘It is a respecting to local people’ he said,’ and aslo a better way to involve in them, their culture and their life.


He has no difference from normal people, the only difference is that he has more passion for life. THE WORLD DIDN’T GIVE HIM LIGHT, BUT HE BRING THE LIGHT TO THE WORLD.

We always create so many obstacles to stop our dream. I can’t go travelling because of no money; I can’t learn a foreign language because of no time; I can’t travel too far because I never travel before; I can’t do a long trip cycling because I am not in shape*****You can’t do not because you can’t ,just because you are lazy.

You are lazy to learn so you always take ‘not good at English’ as an excuse; you are lazy to change so you always take your bad temper as your personality; you are lazy to believe to love  to  trust so you always think the world is full of terrorists.



I am 26, what I’ve got from life.

Most people try to figure out what life is everyday,but nobody get the answer.Actually the moment you think about life most is usually when you are not feeling very well.

Like when you are stressful from work, you ask’ what is life?why it is so hard?

When you get dumped by your girlfriend,you ask’what is life? why it is so misereable?”

When you have no money, you ask,’what is life? why there are so many people lives better than me?’

What is life? It is a good question, but I have no answer either.

So, I decided to start this cycling tour, because I am so tired of thinking about what life is,I just wanna go ,without thinking about anything,

Before I start this cycling tour ,I had no idea what is like ,how to make the route, how to find camp place, what shall I eat??? Just no outline in my mind at all, but there was only one thought, just go ,just do it , you will figure it out.It won’t be harder than finding the answer of what life is .

When I was camping at the first night, I was so nervous, even the bugs crawling sounded like footsteps for me ,my heart was beating fast the whole night, I couldn’t sleep well ,but now i could literally sleep everywhere, the parking lot, the forest,the holiday village, the cinema,the bridge,the stranger’s yard,life teaches me, if you are afraid of something, do it more until you don’t.

When i lost my tent, i cried, because my lost my only shelter, now i lost my wallet, I joked myself ,life teaches me if you  lose something that really matters to you,either get a new one or just forget about it, the same to anything we value.

When I biked 130 kms per day the first time,I was like” wow! I did a good job!’ When I biked 180 kms per day the first time, I was like ‘ wow, I didn’t know I could do this far!’ When I biked 1000kms ,I was like ‘wow, I really did it !’ When I biked 10000kms ,I was like ‘wow, I didn’t know I could make this far !’ Life teaches me never set the limit for yourself,if you don’t ,then there will be not!’

I don’t seek for the answer of life, but the answer came to me. The fact I am making this trip this far teaches me life is to choose, choose what you want but not what you fear; The hard moments I had on the road teaches me life is to have courage, not having the courage to get through, but having the courage to meet new yourself ;The 3 euros a day trip teaches me life is cherish, cherish what you have, happy what you choose;

When I told people that I am going to cycle  across America, people tell me’ Please don’t do,its too dangerous! Everyone has guns  there, and so many rubbers and rapist!’ But it turns out that American is the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

Then I told people that I am going to cycle acround  Europe,people tell me‘Please dont do, its too dangerous! A lot of refugees and muslins, bombs everywhere’ But it turns out that Europe is the most safe and biking friendly place.

Then I told people that I am going to cycle around Africa, people tell me ‘ Please dont do, Africa is really dangerous! You would never know how dangerous it is !”

I’m not gonna say  the world is  safe, I mean,nowhere is relatively safe,but we live in the world, we gotta experience, we have to feel it with our eyes,our heart, not just by our ears. The world needs trust, life is love, life is trust.

Don’t think about what life is anymore, forget about it , but,to bravely feel it .










“Go,exchange !”他只会简单的英文,不管我怎么解释,他只是重复着这两个字,指着前面的ATM兑换机,让我拿卡去兑换250元的波兰币。


在这样僵持了半个小时后,我终究耗不住,不想再浪费多余的时间在这冷血无情的人身上,走向ATM 的那一刻眼泪却是止不住的流下来,不想让任何人看见,可是那一刻的委屈只有自己才懂。




他跟着我到了ATM 机,在确认里面确实没钱后,他回到了车里,开始打电话。












第二次进入德国,在丹麦已经连续淋了三天的雨,搭了两晚的帐篷,不是被冻醒就是被淋醒,脚已经被泡的发白,在德国再次淋了一上午的雨后,天空终于舍得放晴,心情也终于被晒干,在超市买完补给后,准备前往德国第二大城市-汉堡。 然而在驶行了10公里后,一个念头在我脑海里闪过,浑身突然一阵冷汗,我把钱包放哪了?



















“就想看看这个世界” 他说。
晚餐过后他带着导盲犬Lassé 去散步,他挽着我的胳膊说,

“现在Lassé 没有在工作,所以他只是像一只普通的狗一样。”






问他为什么对语言这么热衷? 他说这是对当地人的一种尊重!他希望有更好的方式去融入他们,融入他们的文化和生活。





























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