How to travel in the cheapest way in Denmark?

  • What is the secret of making Danish people the happiest person in the world?
  • How to eat well but cost less in expensive Denmark?
  • Why it becomes my favorite country so far?    

In this post ,lets find them out .

As we all know that the price in North Europe is very expensive, Norway,Finland are the highest, Denmark may rank the top 3 especially in Copenhagen.But, there are always some people survived there such as the poor traveler like me who could only afford 3 euros a day, the first trick I did is the same I did in Switzerland, ie, buy some food in the previous country, so I bought a bag of apple and a loaf of bread which was exactly 3 euros and could feed me at least 3 days , but there are some other tricks of traveling in Denmark in the cheapest and better way.


If you just order one dish in the restaurant, the normal price is about 200krn ,which is like 27 euros ,a family pizza is about 35 euros . That was just an example of the price in Copenhagen,there are three ways I found so far to eat well and cheap here.

The decent way.

If you are a little bit richer than me (which means not on a budget of 3 euros a day)and have a big appetize,then you won’t want to miss the buffet here. There are a lot of buffet places in Copenhagen, you can eat all you can, and the normal price for lunch is 79 krn which is like 10.6 euro, for dinner is 16 euros.  The cheapest one only cost 7 euros for lunch and 10 euros for dinner, the shop of the name is Samos, its located in the walking street of city center . ( I just saw the commercial of that when i was walking in the street,but Just let you know that they didn’t give me any endorsement fees 😆)

The no cost way 

This may not a decent way to you, but you can get food FOR FREE!!!

Have you ever heard of dumpster? As we know , most supermarkets can not sell out all of the fresh food like bread, fruits, vegetables and cakes ,those food get spoiled or expired quickly but has to be fresh, so the supermarket just throw them away if they can’t sell them out at the day, but most of them are still edible , so you can go dumpster-diving after the supermarket closed.

These were the booty of my first dumpster-diving. 3 bags of oranges ( only four of them were spoiled), 2 bunches of banana, brocolis, carrots,spinach, cakes, breads and countless potatoes 🥔. I went dumpster-diving with the local host, they live in a house with 10 other people so sometimes they have dumpster racing to see who could get the most food 😂

There are some tips about dumpster-diving 

1.Be prepared. Bring the gloves and bags, also be prepared that you may find nothing after searched for all of the trash cans, if you can’t find any in one supermarket then find two, haha, the host told me that she found nothing among 8 supermarkets one night but she didn’t give up and finally she found a mountain of food at the last one, its actually like the treasure hunting, most trash cans are smelly but the fresh food is the best rewards.

2.Take the spoiled food out. There are always some spoiled ones in a bag of fruits or some expired food, it’s better to check first otherwise you would just carry the real trash home.

3.Clean after yourself.

If you make a mess or throw the trash everywhere on the floor, they might lock the trash can next time, so its better to be a dumpster with professional ethics.

4.Positive Attitude. You are not looking for the trash, you are saving the earth!!Think about it, they throw the still edible food away,what would happen if you don’t find them? Yes,they will just become the real trash and be wasted, you would feel how wasting it is when you see the food, there are so many people in the world who are still suffering hunger and have nothing to eat, how could we just let the good food be wasted? We are not dumpster, we are reusing,we are saving the environment,we are saving the precious resources,we are the angel!!😇 😄

The cozy way 

If you neither want pay that much for buffet nor go dumpste-diving,then you could download the app called  “too good to go “, you could find the restaurant who has the most discount. Usually one or two hours before the restaurant or bakery closed, they will put the discount online and the discount is really surprising, like if you normally have to pay 30 euros for a dish,then you will only need to pay less than 5 euros to get the same thing,and also you could get a bag of mix bread for like 2 euros.Thats a smart way to reduce wasting, cause the food will be wasted if they can’t sell it food out , so they usually have huge discount before its closed.

Living in Denmark is as expensive as hell, except for two common ways to find the place, (Couchsurfing and Warmshowers ) You can also find a lot of free shelters. They have an app just called ” shelter “, they will tell you how’s the shelter like on the app, most of them is cabin, you need to bring your own sleeping bag of course, they usually provide drink water,toilet and electricity ,but you need to contact them first , there are a lot of shelters in Denmark.


Denmark is the most biking friendly country I’ve seen so far.There is a way,there is a bike path!! The bike lane throughout the whole country. Bike path is as important as the main road,you will be surprised by how complete the bike route system is! Sometimes its parallel to the main road,sometimes it pass through the trees,villages, but all of the bike path is paved road not grass,sand and mud. It has signs for most of the bike route even, you would really feel being respected here as a cyclist.


Denmark is divided by the sea, so you will need to take the ferry at least once or twice, I took the ferry when I was entering Denmark from Redstock, it charged 20 euros. After Copenhagen I took the ferry from sjaellands odde to Aarhus,  Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, vey nice city along the coast, I didnt know how much would they charge before I get there, I was really shocked when they told me the ticket was 349 krns (=47 euros),That was totally unacceptable to me!! But I didint know what could I do if I dont pay for that, its gonna take a very long detour to go to another port,but the time wasting is not worth and I still have to pay 20 euros at another port. I prayed and prayed, 1 hour later, I decided to pay for that even its my budget for a month,

I complained to the staff ” The price is totally insane! It is outrageous!!”

That cute guy smiled to me ” Yes, but if you book it one day before, it would be 200krns cheaper”

“Oh really? so can i just buy the ticket for tomorrow”

“Yes, of course ,it will be 149 krns( 20 euros)”

“If i book it many days before , would it be even cheaper?”

“No, thats the cheapest price!”

” Thats great! Thanks so much! You saved my life !!’

Yes,indeed, he saved 30 euros for me which really saved my life!!

So yes, if you want to take the ferry to Aarhus, be sure to book it one day before departure, I dont know the website , but you could ask local if you travel there.


If you are not cycling there ,you could use the app called ” Gomore”,some drivers will post the time and the destination there, if you happen to go to the same place,you could find much more cheaper price than taxi or train.

Note: You may need to change your app store to Europe if you need to download all of these apps  I recommended, otherwise you may not even find it on your app store.


1.Work hours  They only work 35hours a week and have 6 months vacations per year

2.Free school +hospital   All of the schools are free even includes university, if you are the student who is over 18, you could even get the stipend of 810 euros per month from the government, but if you are living with your parents you could only get 135 euros per month  since renting the house is very expensive. The hospital is free no matter what kind of disease you have or how long you need to stay at hospital, its totally free !!

Where does these benefits from? You need to pay tax of course, normally you need to pay 35% tax from your salary, some people they pay more like 45% but they could the money back if they more than they should, it sounds a little bit high but you could enjoy the benefits and right as a taxpayer.

The benefits may attract you and you may even feel like moving there, yes ,thats what a lot of people thinking about and thats what government against about,immigrate there is not easy ,no matter you are going to study or work there, you have to learn the language-Danish first,but once your request get approved then you could go to the language school for free !!Be aware that if you don’t behave good in the school or fail the exams, they could cancel your student visa easily.


Danish people is the most smiley person I’ve ever seen !People is extremely nice and helpful,no matter i was in the city or the village or just on the road, the people just smiled and greeted at me as friends.

I did three campings in Denmark, the first one was at the sea, right before I took the ferry

the second one was at Lego land Holiday Village ,I searched for the camping place until 22:30 but didn’t get any luck, I decided to set up my tent when I saw that open space ,the huge grassland, I knew wild camping is not allowed in Denmark and I may get fine for that, but i just super tired and couldn’ t think too much . I woke up at 3:00 am by the cold,it was really freezing at night ,I got up and put my “pillow”on, my tent got so wet due to the heavy dew.

I was lucky that no one bothered me, the next day I got the rainstorm on the way ,I stopped at a town called bakkle, I was just sitting outside at the bench, an old man came and opened the door of the information center, he said they only open in the afternoon, but he saw me and decided to open that for me. I got tea, wifi ,warm room and even shower! A few hours later, another woman came and bought sweet cakes and cookies, made a pot of coffee for me, at that time I was really sleepy and almost fell asleep there, i drank up the whole pot of coffee over the talks, at 14:00 pm i headed out, i was thinking that 110kms was too much for the rest of the day ,but i got super highed from the coffee and just crazily biked 20kms per hour for the rest of 110 kms even got rainstorms several times on the road.

Before I cross the Germany border, I decided to camp in a village in Denmark, one reason is that I really dont feel like leaving Denmark ,another reason is that it would be harder to find spot to camp in the city than in the village.

It was almost 22:00 at night, almost everyone in the village fell asleep,i looked and looked, finally I made the courage to knock at someone’s door, an old man opened the door with the surprising look, he doesn’t speak English so i just pointed my tent and his yard,he understood me and said no problem.

After such a long day I finally found a peaceful place to camp without worrying about getting caught by the police, BUT, i didn’t expect that the rainstorms would come at night!! It rained so hard and so loud that i could’t sleep well, and also I was so worried about my tent, I never test the water resistence before, I may get drowned in my tent, who knows ? But, lets sleep first, leave the ‘swim ‘thing for tomorrow!

I woke up at 6 next morning ,luckily ,I didn’ t have to ‘swim’ in my tent,but my shoes , my bags and clothes all got soaked, I waited until the rain dies down to sneak out of the tent, wasn’t sure what should i do with such a mess 

I got so surprised that the old couple was standing at the door just waiting for me ,they were worrying about my safety in the rainstorm but didn’t want to wake me up so they just waited there and immediately invited me home ! I had a nice shower at their house, after being riding in the rain for 2 days ,my feet got swelled, smelly and weird-white. They made coffee and breakfast, we didn’t talk too much because of the language problem, but I felt really thankful for them and really couldn’t imagine what could I do without them,  biking in the rain with soaked clothed and shoes and empty stomach?When I was leaving, the old man sneaked 20 euros in my hand and said ‘Be safe’.  Those unexpected person and unconditional kindness on the road are my biggest motivation .Thank you people.




Billund-Lego Land

My cycling Route

Denmark is the country that makes me feel completely safe, I got lightened by their carefree spirit as well, happiness is not upon how much you earn and how much you spend ,but how much you choose and how much you satisfy. Why we pursue so many things but nothing about happy ? Take away 10 things you valued and only keep one thing you need, you will know how much is your real need.




  1. Love your blog! ❤ Just one small correction: We work 37+ hours a week and have 6 weeks vacation (I would looove the 6 months though!!) 😀


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