Slovakia-Escape out of the room


The border that connects the Slovakia with Hungry is only a bridge,after checked so many times at different times, i really don’t get used to just cross the border like this, I was like, are you sure this is Slovakia? I even asked people where I were, I think they were thinking,well,you can go back to Hungry in just 1 second if you not sure.

Slovakia Wine

A very nice couple hosted me in a very small village, you wont imagine such a small  place like that even have a Sports Pub! Slovakian like football , watching the race with beer couldn’t be more perfect. They offered me local coke(tastes really sweet!)and aslo wine! After entered into Europe, I am often offered like this

   ‘Beer or Wine ?’

I always like, I don’t drink alcohol. They usually like, no ,they are not alcohol. You Europeans are really kidding me,the  alcohol percentage of wine is 52% ! And its not alcohol? Only after tasted a little bit ,i felt so drunk’

                   ‘ Who am i? where am i ?’

They finished the rest with only one bite ,oh well, I know it only taste like coke for you ,its not that we Chinese people cant drink, just the police said I can’t drunk driving!!yes, I have to drive my bike tomorrow (Good excuse!)

The amazing sunset

After the drink ,they said there was only 20 minutes left before the sunset! so we biked very quick to get there,it was the sunflower fields with a chapel, they had their wedding there one month ago! Surrounded by the sunflowers watching the sunset glow intergrate into the fields made me really lovesick( its a new word I created,not sure if they have this in dictionary),yes, lovesick, the sweet couple was standing behind me hugging each other, I was just thinking,

 where the hell my significant other is ? Dont hide in the sunflowers, come out !!

The longest bridge in Europe

Can you imagine how were I reacting when Thomas(the host)told me that this is the longest bridge in Europe? ok, I can believe you when you say beer is not alcohol, i can still believe you 52degrees wine is not alcohol, but this is the longest bridge ?haha,

  You are drunk!

so thats what he corrected, this is the longest wooden bridge in Europe! oh ,wooden ! what a big difference !!

The local Slovakia food

Thomas asked me if i want to try some Chinese food here, I was like ,I dont think they would happy to see a real Chinese eating the Chinese food,because they only sell FAKE CHINESE FOOD!( can you feel my shouting ?) No, never try to find real Chinese food abroad, they are not Made in China!!!

So its always  better to try the local food,like I told everybody, I eat everything!

The tomato soup with cheese

The potato dumpling with ham

He said that’s the only local food he could think ,because Slovakia is really a very mix culture country.

Escape out of the room!!!

I didn’t find any host in the capital -Bratislava,  so I booked a very cheap room in a hostel(its only cost 5 dollars), it was a single bed in Dormitory Room( 12 adults), It didn’t say if it was female room or male room, so i assumed it was mix gender room. It was 6pm when i was checking in, there were 1 girl and 2 guys in the room, and only 2 empty bed left, I felt a little bit weird to see the guys in the room, I wasn’t sure how many guys will be in the room but I don’t think they will be all guys only 2 girls.

9 pm I backed from touring around the city,everyone was out! There was a bar in the hostel so i guess everybody was in the bar since the hostel provided the coupon for free dinks and also it was also a nice chance to meet other young travelers all over the world. I’m kind of introverted when i’m in a new place with unfamiliar people, besides i dont drink,so I just went to bed around 10, it was nice that no one was in the room.

I kind of woke up by some huge snores, I immdiately realized that I was in a mix gender room, it was not that horrible to hear the snores, I WISH I NEVER OPENED MY EYES!  There was like 10 other naked upperbody guys sleeping in that room!!

              OH, MY, JESUS!!!


There was only one thought in my mind

       RUN !!!!!!!

I know the ‘wolves’ wont eat me, but the sheep is totally scared or shocked!  At this point, Europeans is really more open than Americans! oh no, at  lots of points they are.

I quickly wrapped everything with the sheet, didn’t even put my shoes on or tie my hair,just put all of my stuff, phone,clothes, luggages in the big sheet like a huge burrito and then escaped from the room!

            AM I SAFE NOW? 


I still need to change and brush up so i ran to the kitchen, I didn’t expect that I would see a group of people sitting there, they looked at me as if I were a poor girl got kicked out by some bad boys,yes,I was! You could imagine this, I was carrying a messy weird sheet with bunch of clothes and shoes in it, ruffled hair with pajamas plus a frightened look, just like some sleeping people escaped out of the house in the midnight because of earthquake ! But I was in this peaceful room, this group people was peacafully enjoying their breakfast until they met me, I don’t know who is more awkward at that moment? But anyway, I ESCAPED!! BYE,WOLVES!

Capital city of Slovakia-BRATISLAVA!


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