Hungary-You need to come here at least once in your life

The border checking was very strict, except for passport checking, they even carefully checked every corner in the car to make sure if they hide any weapons or people, so ,American, remember,you can’t carry guns to Hungary! haha!!

The biking path started from the border, this is also on the Eurovelo 6 route. I finally got some hills here, after rode on only flat road in Romania and Serbia, I missed the hills so much!! Sometimes our life is like riding on the flat road, it seems that you are working so hard without stopping,but it hardly see any results, nothing breakthrough; it takes more energies to climb, but you would get the unforgettable process and enjoyable results. So which way do you prefer?

                Flat or Hilly?


The first night in Hungry

The host who accepted my request was not at home that night so he had his parents hosted me, his parents don’t speak English at all but what they did for me is much more than any words. They stopped their work in the yard immediately when they saw me at the fence,they were so excited just like i were the child who finally back home.

When i saw the papa was cutting the pepper on the chopboard, I thought he was just preparing dinner, I realized that was dinner when I saw him wrap the fresh pepper from chopboard with ham ,it was so funny !! I was going to wash the dishes after dinner, the grandma heard the sound from living room so she ran to the kitchen and stopped me immediately,

                 ‘Just Relax’,dont need do anything!’ 

Then she made some drinks and dessert ,I was really like a spoiled child at that moment, I always think that I’m tough and don’t need to be taken care of , but I DO !! Sometimes I miss the time of being just a little girl,not a rough lady !

The next morning the host came back just for me, he bought the most local hungarian breakfast for me, we had a pleasant talking and he suggested me to try the local drinks when we were talking about that, he said he has that at home, I asked him what was that ,he said it should be brandy if translated to English, I said I DONT DRINK WINE. He said its not wine. No, brandy is wine. He insisted that is not wine and by the meantime, his father alreay took it out , alright, I’m going to try some if its not wine. But only after a sip, I was like

               ‘I’m ON FIRE ‘!!!

                IT IS WINE !!!

well ,never trust an European about no wine no alcohol saying !!For your life !

It was Sunday at that day, considering that I didn’t exchange and the office was closed on Sunday so they just gave me 1000 hungarian money!Even it was only like 3 euros, but the way they thought for me was really touching , what’s more, they checked my bike and wrapped me 3 hamburgers as well as some fruits for lunch ! Yes, my richest meal on the road!

After I left I was thinking about the question that I ever asked my friend Jerry, the guy who gave me this bike even we only met for a few times, I asked why is he  so nice to me,he said he got a lot help when he was cycling in China, so he will do his best for every Chinese people!

I had the same feeling at that moment,no matter when and where or which way do I meet people from these countries again, I will return the favor as much as I can !!Sometimes we travelers are like the chain, connecting the bridge between countries,the power is small but could be wide and warm enough!


To be bald?

I knew this cyclist right before my trip through Facebook, he gave me a lot of infos about visa,when i was  riding  from Romania to Budapest he happend to text me that he was going to ride from Budapest to Romania,so we decided to meet on the halfway.

He prepared a lot ,the 5 huge luggages was so much heavier than everything I have ( maybe includes me ),this kind of recumbent bike is like a first-class cabin when you are on the flat road and downhills, but it will be more strenuous when you are going uphills since you could only work with your legs.

He had a long hair all the way to the waist but he shaved it all for this trip (The fact is he has alopecia so he has to,haha, I never lie so dont beat me) After admired the good feeling to touch the bald,

he said ,’you could have that feeling on your head as well’

No, I dont want to be bald.’

‘You dont have to be bald, I could help you to shave only the bottom of your hair.’

He grabed a handful of my hair and showed me.

‘That’s a lot of hair !’

‘It would be cool in summer time, and when you put your hair down nobody would even see that!’

‘well, It sounds good, but ,are you sure you won’t make me as bald as you?’

‘Come on, I don’t want to die!’

‘Have you done this to anyone before?’

‘No !’


‘You don’t have to if you don’t want to !’

‘Don’t push me , OK, I’M READY ! DO IT !’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, I am sure !’

‘I’m really gonna do it ,are you sure you wont regret?’

‘SHUT UP AND JUST DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

So that’s how the most fashionable (silly)haircut of 2017 was born !

In order to thank him, i gave my cutted hair to him, whenever you miss your hair, you cant just put mine on your head as if you still have them !


After stopped by the police 

He told me the direction to Budapest that I could just follow route 31 all the way to get there, that’s what I did ! I really don’t know why I got on the highway again! OH, believe me, I’m innocent! But no drivers were horning at me when I was on the highway so i thought it might be legal in Hungary so i felt comfortable riding on it .

20 minutes later ,the police car stopped me.

The coming is always coming.

‘You are not allowed to bike on this road, it is highway!’

‘I know ,but my GPS guided me here ,I am scared but I couldn’t find the exit’(That was probably the most innocent look I’ve ever had ,haha )

The two policeman talked for a while.

Eh, what they can do to me? I”m just a weak and poor girl that has nothing.

‘I will call a truck and then send you to the nearest village!’

‘Wow, really ?You guys are so nice! Can the truck send me to Budapest?’


haha, I probably the first person who got caught but still negotiate with the police.

‘We will see!’

A few minutes later,

‘There are some problems with the truck ,so we will help you exit the highway, just follow us !’

They stopped the cars coming from behind and escorted me 5 kms to the small road.

Thats probably the warmest policemen I’ve ever met! Thank you !

The told me the direction to Budapest, but ,

          I GOT LOST AGAIN!!

Everyday I am struggling the same problems,

             Where am I ? Where should I go?


Looking for Budapest in Budapest

I opened my GPS again and it only shows the way to highway, after struggled for half an hour I decided to ask someone. (How could I still trust my GPS?)

‘Which way is to Budapest?’

This is Budapest, only 5kms away!’

What ?No way, my GPS says its still 32 kms.

I biked back and found the sign says’ Budapest’

Its no way that Budapest is a small town like this, this town must name the same name as Budapest, oh come on, why are you doing that?!

I had to ask another guy

‘Which way is to Budapest?’

‘This is the Budapest!’

‘No ,not this one, the capital city Budapest!’

‘This is the Budapest!’

I thought that he didn’t understand the meaning of ‘Capital’,so i asked again

‘Not this small one, THE BIG, THE HUGE BUDAPEST!!’

I circled my hands as big as a watermelon.

This is the Budapest!’

Oh, come on,not this small one !!!

I had no choice but just biked to the center of this Budapest and opened GPS at the same time, right after I changed my direction the distance on GPS changed from 32 kms to 20 kms and no highway !!!OH MY GOODNESS!

                      THAT WAS BUDAPEST !!!

I was in Budapest, just 20kms away to the center, since i used offline maps so the GPS only shows the highway route. Oh, how silly I WAS ! Or how silly my GPS is !!! I was like a silly person who was riding on a donkey but still looking for donkey and blame the person who owns the donkey doesn’t know what does real donkey look like !

Budapest, you shouldn’t be so big!


I finally here–Budapest 

Budapest as one of the most beautiful city in Europe, I had a big expectation on that. There are two parts of Budapest, one is buda, another is pest. I walked around the city but didn’t see the whole of it , part of the reason was that I didn’t successfully find what I want, or ok, I don’t want to admit it but yes, i got lost!! It was hot and tiring, so I think I may just look at the pics online instead.

I contacted a host and he was waiting for me at pest around 8, I had to bike there anyway so I just biked around the area. When I got to the Fisherman’s Bastion, I was like ,

CICI, you bastard, how could you just look at the picture online? how dare you miss such an amazing architecture?!!!Without a doubt one of the best places in the city.

It has stunning views over to the Pest side of Budapest,I loved it soooooo much !!!

The Mathias Church which next to it is lovely as well !!

After I met the host after 8, It became my real highlight, we biked arond the city and got the best night view!!

The chain bridge almost made me cry!

The parliament at night is really IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!

If you were there, you would have met the most craziest girl that night! I felt like I saw the whole world!!

I LOVE BUDAPEST, scenery,sights,food,people-all fabulous! Compared to France or Germany, it seems to be a poorer country economically but it is rich in every way that counts. I love the healthy lifestyle that people has here, everyone bike, run, hike; it’s the city that doesn’t like a city, not strange looks and rushing vistors, you feel like being in a small town, people are truly charming!

The first night in Budapest, i waited a host until midnight,i felt so tired and sleepy and just fell asleep on the stairs in front of a apartment,  so many passed by and stopped asking if I’m okay , a homeless person was just sleeping 5 meters next to me, she even asked if I need a blanket!! You could really feel the caring from everywhere in Hungary !!

It is not just a beautiful country,but also a warm country!


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