Double Rainbow!!

Before writing this post I was going to say that Poland is the only country I didn’t get lost and didn’t get on the highway, because the road is really easy that you could ould just follow one way from one city to another city , all the way straight, no need to turn at all! I was going to proudly tell you ” hey, finally I didn’t get on the highway!” 

But, wait, I hate “but “, but unfortunately you won’t be able to hear that! Because, I GOT ON THE HIGHWAY AGAIN!!

Yes , the road is very simple! After I crossed the border, i just followed DK8 all the way to Wroclaw, and after Wroclaw you could just follow DK5 all the way to Poznan, no need to turn at all! But the fact is, after i followed DK5 for 60 kms, it became highway! 

I mean the first 60kms was just the normal main road, but afterthat, it turned into highway, the same road, the same name, but why??? Poland,YOU OWN ME AN EXPLANATION!! 

So yes, you can never trust a girl who get on the highway at least once a day, and never take any road suggestions from me, I probably the cyclist who has the worst sense of direction in the world! 

What’s worse was after I got on the highway the weather started changing! It was totally sunny and nice on the normal road,31 degrees, hot but okay, i felt like that i went to another world after the highway, strong headwinds, dark clouds, thundering and lightning, seemed like the rainstorm was coming soon, it was getting sooo dark and the wind ,the super speedy cars made it so scary! 
I saw the dark clouds and tried to bike as fast as I can even fighting against the headwinds at the same time, I just thought if I escaped from the dark clouds,it will be clear and sunny ahead ( even there was no sign for that at all, but you know, I’m just a positive person)

After 10 kms on the highway, it finally started to rain, first it was just drizzle,then a little bit harder, and harder, and thenguess what, THE RAINSTORM!!!

By the same time I found the exit  offthe highway, but it was just a small village, no shelter at all,besides,the rainstorm was too heavy to see anything, The sky was covered in a blanket of smog,I couldn’t even walk at all and had to take a part of my raincoat to cover my non-waterproof rear panniers, I didn’t take pics but I was kind of like this, just stood there let the rain beating me up!! 

Pretty soon I got totally soaked, the rainstorm was from all directions, and the bad thundering was trying to scare me more even

It was the first time that I was just standing in the rain for 40 minutes ! Because if I moved then all of my luggages would get wet since I had to cover them with just the raincoat I was wearing, moreover, the rain was really too hard to see anything! 

But I was really in a good mood, I was worshiping and singing songs all the time,imaging how romantic it was to be with God in that situation! 

Wonderful tolerance of grace

Though sometimes

I will fall weak

You have been
Inclusive do not give up on me

Hold me with your love

I praise you

Precious wonderful love

Only you deserve it

All the praise

All noble and glorious

Lord’s cross is priceless

You are my noble Lord Jesus

At that time I really felt him,no matter how strong the wind ,the rain was;no matter how scary the lightning,the thundering was;no matter how wet my clothes,my shoes was,as long as he was there then there was nothing needs to be afraid of! 

I even enjoyed that moment to get through the horrible weather with him! 
40 minutes later the rainstorm died down, the water in my shoes could feed a shark even! I started to bike, but, guess what I saw! 

Only 1 meter away, there was a bus stop with roof! 

I was like,

Are you kidding me? 

If I had seen that earlier, I wouldn’t have suffered in the rain for 40minutes! That was really one bad thing about being nearsighted! Ok, more than one!
After the rain stopped,everything got cleared again, blue sky,sunshine, it was like nothing happened except for the broken branches and my soaked shoes!

After biked 35 kms I finally got here- Leszno! A polish couple from WarmShowers accepted my request this morning, without them I might be suffering the rain right now, because the rainstorm came again!! But before the rainstorm, I SAW THE RAINBOW!! THE DOUBLE RAINBOW 🌈!! â€‹

​The last time and also the first time I saw the double rainbow was on my way toTibet, I really felt excited about it! 

It doesn’t just look good but also a sign that tells you everything is just like the rainbow,

no matter how hard or how dark before,the sun will eventually come out and everything will be much better ! So hang in there, get through it, rainbow is on the way!!

This polish couple is as wonderful as the rainbow,or even more! They greeted me with huge smile and big hugs 🤗! 

They prepared literally everything I need just like I back home;

They don’t speak excellent English so they even invited their friends to translate for us;

They offered me the most local Polish food at the restaurant and homemade watermelon wine &cake as dessert;

They gave me the whole city sightseeing and introduced me everything of this city ,like playground,cinema,church,city center, shopping mall,primary school,high school⋯Literally everything about this city!! As if I am going to move here but not a visitor passing by;

They had me pointed out the place I have been and carefully listened everything about my trip and shared the wonderful trips of them;

They gave me a tour around the house (even includes how to cook, what they have in their fridge, how can I make coffee, use seasonings,etc) and left the key 🔑 telling me that I could stay as long as I want, everything here is for me!( Their first guest was going to stay only one day but ended up staying 5 days here , that guy has been cycling 2 years now)

I couldn’t thank more and expect more, their daughter even called from vacation saying that she felt sorry that she is not at home but just make myself at home! 

I’m not feeling being a guest here but a part of this family, if you ever pass by Leszno, check on Warmshowers, they are Przemyslaw&Malgozata Wozni ! The best family ever, I’m so glad to have them here! 


The hometown of dwarves, there are more than 300 dwarves in the city, hunting for them is quite fun!

Poles believe that in the depths of the forests in Europe there lived the elves, who were not afraid of evil,upright and  brave, United and loving. So in1981, when the students were resisting the junta’s evil, they dressed as”elf” dwarfs image in various forms to satire the military government, the dwarf image cannot appear in public, until the drastic changes in Eastern Europe.
All of the bridges in the world are locked by the lovers 

The street singers are everywhere, enjoy it!

I love cheap Poland,such an enjoyable lunch only cost 0.5 dollars 

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