What are you rushing for?

My first camping night in Poland Just behind a cinema 

But got the nice view facing the mountain and nobody bothered 

I really enjoy riding in Poland 

Very nice hills and weather 

18 degrees at night, 25 degrees at daytime 

For the first 2months of cycling in Europe,

I always in a hurry 

Always feel so eager to see other countries 

When I was in France 🇫🇷 ,

I was planning the route for Switzerland 🇨🇭 ,

When I was in Switzerland,

I was contacting the host in Italy 🇮🇹,

I seemed having fun at every moment,

But not really engaged in the moment,

Most times i bike a lot per day,

120kms on average, 140kms, 150kms, even 180kms,

Just in order to get to the “destination ” as soon as possible!
But where is the destination?

The big city is not the destination,

The other country is not the destination,

The border is not the destination,

I always thought that if there is nothing on the road, then why not hurrying getting to the city?

I couldn’t understand those people who only bike 50 kms or less than 100 kms per day 

Why are they wasting time on the small village ? How boring would it be when you are biking so slow ?

I enjoyed the feeling of being exhausted,

I didn’t allow myself to rest too much,

I thought I’m disciplined,

I thought I saw a lot more things than other people since I biked so hard.
Until yesterday morning , I made a long pray before starting the day 

My lord, I want to follow you ,

Follow your plan,

Follow the route you made for me,

I don’t want to do it with my own idea,

My Lord,please in charge of my life,

Every day, every moment,

I want to walk on your path,

Dear Lord, let me turn to you,

Let me trust your plan and your will,

And whatever the circumstances,

Lord, let me always give the thanks and the Glory to You

My plan was to bike 180 kms yesterday,so I could head to the ” big city ” in Poland,

And i knew I could do it if I want,

After prayed, I disregarded my plan ,

Who cares the plan? Lord, I only care about you!
I started pretty late like 11 in the morning,

14:00 pm, after some hills,there was still 130 kms to go,

If it was like before,

I must have just grabbed some bread on the way and kept pedaling, but I decided to order a noodle for lunch and have a video chat with my mom,

It was so relaxing and enjoying to have a slow meal and show my mom what was around,

I really forgot when was my last time having a decent meal on the road , 

Always just quick bread with apples 🍎 .

18:00 pm, I passed by a city with Pretty nice facilities and shopping center ,

It would be nice to stop there so I could get some food to eat and also the Wifi so I could talk with my friends.

But it was still too early for me, 

I should bike until sunset,

I should bike at least 3 more hours so I could get closer to the big city

I’m not feeling exhausted yet,
But wait, if you truly trust God, why are you still sticking to your own plan?

The voice came 

  • ” What are you rushing for? My child?”

What am I rushing for!!!! I’m not racing!! I’m not training!!! This is your trip, you should slow down and enjoy,if you just want the speed, why are you cycling but not taking the bus or train 🚂?
I stopped, I had some food from Lidl, enjoyed my slow dinner, checked the email with free wifi,read some posts on FB,had a nice talk with my friend ⋯
It was my first time to call it a day at 6 pm,

Instead of torturing myself until 9,

I had such a wonderful time to just sit and relax,

Instead of eagerly looking for place to stay in the dark,

I took my time and found a nice camping spot with sunset,

Instead of getting to the big city but being homeless and hopeless,

I enjoyed so much at this small place with everything here.
That’s how wonderful to listen to God, follow God and walk with God,

Not using your wisdom but his will.

He is my super teacher, guided me so many ways , uncovered so many things! I Love You, my Lord!!!

My nice time in Vienna 

It was my first time to listen to the concert, it really impressed me how they tell the films with just music 🎶 ! Only music could understand everyone, only music has no border!

This street musician attracted me a lot, I couldn’t even move my steps for an hour, I never thought that music could have such a magic power on me​

At that moment I felt like that i thought about a lot of things from long time ago 

Or completely forgot everything 

These streets musicians stroke my soul ❤️ 

At that moment, the sound from his cello was my whole world 
My wonderful time in Prague 

They said that you are not supposed to smile next to the soldier,so i successfully controlled myself 

I feel so thankful for the Couchsurfing host Matyas, the first guy who carried my bike with full loaded luggages all the way to 5th floor;

The guy who taught me gun shooting and I got my first chance to touch the real gun;( I never told you that I had a military dream, or still having)

The guy who took me to climb onto someone’s roof overlooking the whole Prague 

The guy who showed me the local life of Prague,and of course beer culture

The guy who took the nice shot for me

We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason!


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