How could I forget you?

Every a few days I will experience the situation of being homeless, no place to sleep nor camp,
You feel being isolated even in the big city,

So many people around you but you feel like you are from a different world.

You get worried and scared when the dark comes,

Where should I stay?

Where could I go?

Why am I here?

You ask yourself but no answers 

You cry but doesn’t help 

You miss friends but don’t know who should you talk with 

You get exhausted and sleepy but still have to bike, bike, bike in the dark until you could finally find a ” shelter ” or maybe not. 

When the hunger and tiredness get all over on you,

You couldn’t think at all.

You even forgot you have the Faith.

Where is the God? Why is he not helping? I’m so tired, I want a place to sleep, but no one cares , no, no one! 

You couldn’t even shout out, you are too tired to utter a word, you just like a walking zombie, no mind, no soul.

A sound cames,

” You forgot I’m here always!”

” No, you are not! I can’t feel you!”

“You are tired, but you shall not lose your courage , you know who should you ask for when you are in need ”

“I tried to, but where the hell you are ”

I started to cry,I have no power to pray at this moment, I don’t know how could you help me.

“I know you are tired, just relax and close your eyes, listen to me ”

My beloved child, there is more that will happen than you wish,the eyes that you have not seen, the ears that have not heard! So you have to keep looking forward to it!

I will give you anointing, and youshall pronounce my words, andsee my words , and bring forth the power.You declare that you can do it by god!”

You will not go into disappointment, but you will have more hope. Therewill be changes, but don’t be afraid.

I am with you, and I have given you all the strength you need, and you shall enter a time of great beauty.

I pull you with my right hand, let us go together, and you must follow me closely. You are not following me, but walking sideby side  with me and talking together “

Tears bursts out of my eyes again, but not sadness but great joyful, like I got a new life. Everything becomes different, hopeless turns into hope, fear turns into fearless, homeless turns into an enjoyable heaven!!! 

By faith, not by sight. Do not lookat your  difficulties; look at Jesus’s face; his grace can turn your situation around.

As I am cycling on the road,I have been asked this question very often,

Why are you doing this? 

Yes, why am I doing this?

For fun? Living 5 dollars a day, sleeping on the street is not that fun.

For dream? What is the dream? What could you achieve after this? 

For seeing the world? If you don’t know what you want, no matter how much you have seen, you are still empty inside.

My friend ever told me a story about one of his cycling friend , he has cycled more than 5 years, biked through a lot of countries, experienced many cool things,but after he backed home, he started drug and drink, he didn’t know what he could do;most of his friends has lost in touch with him, besides, he could barely engage in the normal social life; he doesn’t have any money,he even has to borrow money for buying wine and drugs; he got used to the freedom and couldn’t even find a job; so many people admired his world cycling tour, the amazing pics, cool experiences, but he only felt like he himself a loser! 

It’s hard to start but it’s even harder to stop, after cycling around the world for 1 year, 3 years or even more, you would realize that’s already your life, it takes much longer time to go back.
We are just human beings, we all have some hard moments that you just can’t let it go. Sometimes it not depends on the environment, but by your heart. With a fragile heart, you would get so affected by the environment, even just a trival could easily make you angry and worry; with a spiritual heart, no matter how bad things happen, you would still be grateful and joyful, you know nothing need to be afraid with God on your side! He is the mighty king , he knows your every single need! 

  • When the sun shines on the leaves, if you take a magnifying glass, adjust the focus, the heat from the sun will ignite the grass, which is what you have to understand God’s love. Put your magnifying glass in your life and focus on God’s love. When you personalize God’s love, you know that every day God loves you, you will have supernatural burning ability to overcome every challenge in your life

I don’t want to hide my faith or tell people how big my dream is,nothing shall be ashamed,nothing is bigger than God, the reason why am I doing this is all because of Him, He gave me a new life, I’m so blessed to have his love , but I’m not enjoying it by my own, I want to share this to all of you-the most amazing and proud thing in the world- Jesus ‘s Love ❤️!

Thank you, Lord, for taking our hand.

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