Why am I still cycling even suffered a lot?

From Belgrade to Timisoara, this is probably the most boring road I’ve ever rode.

The whole 150 kms flat road , not even a small hill;

Got exposured under 35 degrees sun is , no shade;

There is nothing on the way, only you and the fields;

But you still have to ride in this way for 8 hours, how would you think?
This road reminds me of the life before this trip , it was like this, everything seems flat and smooth, no ups and downs and no sadness and joy, but I just didn’t feel satisfied, sometimes I had to fill my heart with endless food. But after filled up, I got more confused about the meaning of life, did not know what were I pursuing, didn’t know what did I want to do, what can be done.

Have you ever had such a moment?
Perhaps the most terrible thing is not falling and crying in the adversity,but feeling anxiety confusion when you got everything. The biggest problem is not having a problem, but don’t know where is the problem!

you feel nothing is missing, but your heart is still disturbed and not satisfied, you do not know how to do . some people may anesthesia themselves with alcohol 🍺 

some people may just let it be;

some people may struggle between the reality and dream;

Some may get anger easily by small things.
Were you or are you one of them?
Maybe at the end of this article you can find the answer with me.

Serbia 🇷🇸 


This is a Chinese visa-free country, can stay with China passport for less than 30 days or just with Schengen visa .


The official language is Serbian, English is very popular, speak English accounts for about 40%. In addition, there are some people who speak German and Russian

Serbia’s food culture is deeply influenced by countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Hungary. The traditional flavors of Serbia are mainly made of bacon, dried kipper, sweet chili sauce, cheese bun, rose and other specialties made with plums.

Dinar is the legal currency. 1 euro euquals 121 dinars, you can easily find a lot of foreign exchange offices. The level of consumption is lower than most of other European countries.Many Europeans come here for shopping.

The road from Serbia to Romania is very flat, and after a few small towns mostly are field areas, because there is no mountain, so the temperature is particularly high, more than 35 degrees at noon, but There was no shade place to rest, so keep riding can get some wind .One of the most surprising part of the day was to eat lunch around a canteen and found the surrounding wild apples, peach and red plum trees.

This seemingly smooth section of the road made me finally figured out why am I so obsessed with riding, despite not having money,not eating well and always having trouble finding the place to sleep , but I feel much more happier than before, if you ask when is the happiest time of my life , I will tell you that is RIGHT NOW!
At first I thought cycling around the world is to see more sceneries,after a few months of riding I found the people I encountered along the way is the most beautiful scenery, but

now I finally find out that the reason which makes me happy is not just about the Scenery or anyone else,but the process of experience which makes me confident!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

You are not lack of anything, but the only thing you lack of that makes you not satisfied is hardship and experience.
When you get out of your comfort zone and start trying the things you never tried,challenge the things you thought was impossible, you will fall in love with love again because you are no longer just living for living ,but living for discovering amazing side of yourself .
When you are facing the hardworking and breaking through yourself,you have no reason to complain;
When you are facing the overcame difficulties and challenges ,you have no reason not to persist;
When you are facing the surprises and moving that life created for you,you have no reason not to love!
You do not have to ride, but promise me to do a thing you dared not to do, to complete a small breakthrough, to achieve an unfulfilled wish! We only live only once, why shall you wait?

🇷🇴 Romania

Romanian is particularly friendly, when I arrived in the city Timisoara ,a lot of people greeted and smiled at me, and even stopped to ask about my riding experience. Although it was 9 o’clock in the evening and I didn’t find a place to stay at night, but I didn’t feel afraid and worried.When I was going to buy a bread in a bakery, they only accept cash and I didn’t exchange money, but the nice couple just asked me what did I want and gave to me for free.I This piece of bread warmed my heart ❤️ !

A lot of people is curious and asked “why don’t you find a partner?”

Are you afraid by yourself? Do you feel lonely?

Yes,I am afraid sometimes,but even the best companion can not replace God’s accompanying 

No one knows you better than Him,

No one cares about you more than Him,

No one LOVE you more than Him.

When you feel boring,he takes you to explore and discover; when you are in a tough environment, he gives you confidence and courage; when you are confused, he gives you direction and guidance.

God had prepared for those who loved him, that the eyes were not seen, and the ears were not heard, and the hearts of men did not think of it (2 Corinthians 2: 9). 

We can’t control the world, but be humble with God, and you can get wisdom from God! As the child, the only thing we need to do is to Glory Him, our Father God!!
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从Belgrade 到Timisoara,这大概是我骑过最无聊的一段路,




























罗马尼亚人特别的友好,刚到达城市Timisoara 便有很多人向我打招呼,甚至停下来问我的骑行经历。尽管晚上9点多才到达(罗马尼亚和欧洲其他国家有1个小时时差的差别,因此按欧洲时间应该是8点多),但是第一次觉得尽管天色已晚却不觉得黑暗,在饥肠辘辘的准备在一家面包店买面包时,他们却只收现金而我还没来的及兑换货币,但是老板大方的问我想吃哪个直接送给了我!这一片面包温暖了我的心❤️,也让我真真的爱上了这座城市。









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