When bad things happen to you ⋯

I had a bad experience the first day entering into Bosnia.
After crossed the border for 50kms, I felt pretty dizzy so I just slept on the shoulder road for 2 hours, or fainted for 2 hours , I felt I was almost unconscious, after woke up I still felt pretty weak so I just sat there, it was somewhere on the mountain, a guy drove from the opposite direction pulled over and stopped in front of me, he asked me if I need any help , i said I’m heading to Mostar and thought maybe I need the ride to get there , he put my bike in his car and said hop on. I felt a little bit weird since he was not on the way to Mostar but to Croatia, so I took the picture of his car, but I thought maybe he is just a super nice guy trying to help me. 

After I got on the car, he started to touch me and tried to kiss me , I pushed him away and said No! He said if you want to go to Mostar then you have to have sex with me, I felt so gross and asked him to pull over, he didn’t but kept trying to touch my body and grab my boo,after I yelled at him for a few times he tried to drive into the woods!! I knew I would be totally in danger if we off the road, so I opened the door and jumped out of the car 🚗! He didn’t stop but tried to pull me into the woods again! I beat him with the wheels, fortunately he heard the cars passed by so he stopped , I ran to the main road and tried to ask for help, but no cars stopped (maybe they thought i was just trying to hitchhiking), at that time he threw my bike out of the car and drove away.
It never happen before and I thought it would never happen to me , yeah, 
maybe I’m so naive,

the world is not just good people, 

Bosnia is not a safe country 

I want to leave here 

All the negative thoughts just surrounded me, when I was sleeping at night, that guy’s face just showed up, he is like a nightmare that I couldn’t even close my eyes!I didn’t feel like staying at this country anymore, the next day I decided to bike out of this country as soon as I can! 

When I was cycling on the road,strange things happened,a lot of drivers waved and smiled at me, some even yelled “go , cyclist!” This is very unusual in Europe since most people has been seen a lot of cyclists everyday, I thought maybe not so many cyclists in Bosnia so they felt excited. But they made me feel so good especially some drivers slowed down and cheered for me.

I felt bad about myself,

that disgusting guy not just STOLE MY JOY,


How could I let this happen?


He is literally nothing,he can’t stand for this world,he can’t stand for this country! Why am I scared of this world because of him?

You can’t abstain from eating because a fly ever flied into your food, you can’t never touch the flower because you ever get stabbed by the thorns, YOU CANT LOSE THE COURAGE OF LOVING BECAUSE YOU EVER GET HURT! And you can’t let yourself be ruined because of a shit! 
Be brave ,be trust, when bad things happen, when bad people shows up, let them go! Let the moment go! Don’t just lock yourself up,you will get more depressed and would never get rid of the bad feelings, look up, look around, let the world warm your heart again!
I went to Mostar anyway, the beautiful scenery on the old bridge totally attracted me, I love the street, I love the homemade stuff they made , I love how smiley the people are when they saw me the cyclist. I hopped and danced through the alley , but I was not alone, the waiter, the drinking coffee guy ,the passerby interacted with me when they saw me dancing! 💃 oh, how lovely the people is! They didn’t think me as a weirdo, but be lighten up by my mood. You can easily pass on happiness !
I stayed with a Couchsurfing host at night, she is a journalist so I told her about the story and let her told the police to warn people to be careful of this guy, but I’m writing this post to WARN YOU NOT TO BE SCARED,NOT LOSE THE CONFIDENCE TO THE WORLD BECAUSE OF BAD THINGS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU ! NOT LET THE BAD PEOPLE RUIN YOUR LIFE!
Please believe, the amazing side of this world is more worth your time and mood!


  1. Reading this story made me first getting angry about this fucking bad guy. Then I read what you wrote and I really think you are an incredibly positive, brave and great person. You’re right. Go on your trip and don’t let a negative experience ruin it. There are so much beautiful things to see.

    I hope you are feeling well now. I send you positive energy from France.


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