Feel sLOVEnia-the only country bears love in its name 

This as small as the city country, gave me more than expected surprise.

After crossed flat road of Italy, its getting hilly in Slovenia.The first night in Slovenia, i stayed in a small village called Temnica with a nice couple ,more than 20 kilometers away from the Italian border .The couple is not experienced cyclists,but they provided everything what cyclists needed .Like the country’s riding maps, attractions, elevations, and also warm bed and dinner.The map of the whole country is like a city, but like they said that Slovenia is a very small country, but it has everything. You can still ski on the highest mountain in June , you can find the most beautiful lake of Europe, which is Lake Bled, you can ride along the coast,you can see the beautiful castle in Ljubljana,you can experience the natural cave and see the no eyes human fish .

What attracted to most is the fresh fruits and vegetables here, almost every family has its own small orchard, it was the first time I saw the lemon tree, fig tree and cherry tree !Eating cherries right from the Cherry tree is my happiest thing, the locals rarely put cherries into fridge ,eating the fresh cherries from the tree is the best way for them.
They asked me if I have any plans in Slovenia , I said your advice is the best plan. So they planned two routes, one is the climbing way to bike through the highest mountain here and then pass the Lake Bled and get to the capital city Ljubljana; the other is riding directly from there to reach the capital, although there are also up and down hills but its much easier.

You can also take the train to Lake Bled if you choose the first route, there are a lot of trains along the way.I did not hesitate to choose the first route,but just bike! I would like to spend some time to feel the country, and I I do not want to miss the mountains and lakes, In fact, I already used to the mountains, the scenery is more important than the difficulty.

The next morning I picked a large bag of cherries, getting ready for the mountains!

Along the way are small villages, quiet rural road, the scenery is very nice,there is a lake that I couldn’t even tell the color,it is not green or blue, probably dark green i think.

All the way up and down hills,but it was not that hard.

When I saw a big hills at 3 in the afternoon, I thought the real climbing was going to start so I stopped in the front yard of a house and was about to fetch some water from there.When I was parking the bike a man came out from the house, he seemed pretty happy to see me and invited me home to have a sit and get some cold drinks. He said he rides sometimes, so when he sees cyclists pass by his house he always wants to talk to them and give them some help.       

That day was happened to his two daughters birthday , he invited me to stay for the night and join the birthday party.I can not think of any reason to refuse such a precious chance,the unexpected people I met on the road is so much more important than the destination.

They are also Christians, I was so surprising that how amazing the God’s arrangement , I was invited by several villagers to stay like this when I was cycling in US , what coincidence is that they are all Christian families! No, they are not coincidence,they are all God’s working ! That day was also the day of Pentecost, this day, the Holy Spirit of Jesus poured into the body of disciples,known as the “Holy Spirit Festival”. On this day the devout Israelites will return to Jerusalem from all over the world, and the disciples of Jesus will follow the orders of the Lord together, and then the Holy Spirit will be filled with everyone in the way, so that they have the power to have a dialect And give the gospel to the world. On this day, many churches will think about the meaning of the Holy Spirit and celebrate the resurrection of the Lord. So Acts 2: 1 says, “Pentecost is, and the disciples are in one place.

Has been counted the arrival of Pentecost, but because of no networks for days, I totally forgot the exactly date,i forgot it, but the Lord Jesus has been thinking about me! In the evening, I went to the church nearby and joined the Slovenian worship,although I didn’t understand the words,the Holy Spirit still filled my heart. I experienced Him a lot when I was in America, since i rode through the no service road most of the times, while in Europe, surrounded by new people new things new cities everyday, amid the rush and crush of the daily grind,it is easy to lose sight of God and his blessings I forgot to slow myself down long enough to talk with God,but he never forget me, he brought me back to his side again .

This small village has only 70 people,everyone gets so familiar with each other. The girls birthday party, they just invited some friends together to have barbecue and chatting, bring some homemade herbal tea and fresh garden Raspberry when they go home,bring me the memories of the old days,we close to each other in a traditional way.

At night the little daughter saved her own big bed to me, the eldest daughter hand painted a picture of the horse as a gift, the second daughter gave me her favorite chocolate ,the grandmother gave me a brand new raincoat when its raining in the morning, we always leave the impression of the country because of the people, this family’s care is like the name of sLOVEnia,, full of LOVE 

The next day in the morning i started the rain riding, 74 kms climbing, not too steep, still took a lot of energy, the top of the hill is full of thick fog, in fact, when I was going downhills I still can not believe I have Arrived at the top of the hill, because they said this steep road is pretty hard , so despite all the way downhill I still feel some steep uphill is waiting for me ahead.

Downhill 5 km, where is uphill?

Downhill 10 km, seriously ,no uphill anymore?

Downhill 20 km, my God, this is Lake Bled !

Until I reached the Bled Lake I finally believed that I has just turned over the steep hillside! Haha!

Yes, it’s every bit as lovely in real life. With its emerald-green lake, picture-postcard church on an islet, a medieval castle clinging to a rocky cliff and some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke as backdrops, Bled is Slovenia’s most popular resort, drawing everyone from honeymooners lured by the over-the-top romantic setting to backpackers, who come for the hiking, biking, watersports and canyoning possibilities.

Not surprisingly, Bled can be overpriced and swarming with tourists in midsummer. But as is the case with many popular destinations around the world, people come in droves – and will continue to do so – because the place is so special.
What you can not miss in Bled is their cream cake! Thanks to the couple’s recommendation that I got to know it,its called Kremsnita, you can see the big picture of the cake in many restaurants.Bled is the only place has the homemade recipe,there is no way elsewhere comparable!

In the first restaurant when I took a small note with the name of the cake asked them if they have this, they said with a smile, of course, ah, I asked How much , they said 5 euros,I felt too expensive (in fact the price is indeed too expensive), so I ask them for any discount, the manager said with a smile ,”no discount, but you can go to another shop,they only cost 3 euros.And their kremsnita tastes better than us”Haha, he is so kind.
Because I did not remember what the name of the another store, so stopped at the second place,here sells 3.9 Europe, I did not hesitate to get one . A total of three layers: the top is the frost and meringue, the middle is sweet and not greasy cream, and frost just right, the bottom is the cake, and egg white mixed very slippery tender, which is definitely The most refined cream cake I ate! Now think of it I can still drool!yummmy!

From Bled to the capital Ljubljana is 58 km, but it is almost slow downhill , be careful not to follow the blue sign to the highway,you can go straight along the town almost all the way to Ljubljana.
The capital is also very small, so the attractions are very close, the most most famous is Ljubljana Castle. You can see the whole city through the castle . You can spend 10 euros to take the lift or just walk. In fact, it takes less than 10 minutes to walk.You can also spend 8 euros to see the castle inside,such as the flow of wells, medieval prison, tower museum.

There is a small coffee bar at the bottom ,its more like a museum, they guy has a collection of various monuments of Slovenia for more than 50 years. He will introduce you to the history of this country. 

Dragon Bridge is a symbol of the capital, just below the castle.There is a lot of love locks 🔐 on this bridge


The local speaks Slovenian.Most of the Slovenian people can speak good English, the kids started to learn English from 1st grade.Because they know that this is a country with only two million people, so master an international language is very important, So there is almost no problem communicating in English here.
Cycling road

THEY HAVE BIKE LANES THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE CITY! Especially in Ljubljana , the bikes lane separated with sidewalk by red color, its like the red carpet. Most people ride a bike here ! The drivers show a lot of respectful to bikers 🚵!The is the only city that not like a city, enjoyable riding road and nice traffic.

In the city they have free Wifi, and each store has Wifi, so do not worry about no phone card no network problems. Slovenians are very friendly, although in the capital but the people here are particularly live in leisure life, people are chatting and drinking coffee everywhere, completely not feel the crowded and busy.

In addition to Bled’s cream cake, there is no traditional characteristic food,this is a multicultural country, so eating habits are also affected by neighboring countries.

Most people love to drink beer, they also produce a lot of beer with fruit juice, such as lemon beer, grapefruit beer, alcohol concentration is only 2%, tastes like drinks . Here the winery is also very famous, there are a lot of wine are exported to China and other Asian countries.

Slovenian schools are free! From elementary school to doctor And plus scholarships! So most people will get the master’s degree at least,bachelor’s degree is very common, so if you want to find a good job better at least have master’s degree, plus the professors recommendation letter. After graduation a lot of people will choose to work in the capital, although the population, but the competitive pressure is not that much,economics is a hot major .The locals has a keen on sports, every year in September the marathon will be held here,the Riverman who swam across the Yangtze River is born here.

Cycling route Infos 


more than 35 bike information points, very very bike friendly country!!Highly recommend!

In Slovenia, beautiful things are right next to each other and you can experience them in a single day.Four major European natural geographical units meet here:the Alps,the Dinaric Mountains,the Pannonian Plain and the Mediterranean 


1.Brda–An exciting range of excellent wines from Brda 

2.Vipava Valley 

3.Soca Valley 

Best mountain biking trail, you can climb over the highest road in Slovenia,which leads to the Mangart saddle (2,040m)



The perfect starting point for all kinds of cycling tours 

5. Koroska 

Over 1000 kms of marked or mapped cycling tours of all types and difficulties, endless mountain and forest trails.


Bohinj is in the heart of the Julian Alps. The lake Bohinj is like a jewl in a crown of mountains 

IF you only have one day to travel , come to Slovenia, you can see everything here!

公众微信号 Hi骑女子

唯一一座有Love 的国家-斯洛文尼亚🇸🇮


离开平坦的意大利,跨越边境便开始翻山,在斯洛文尼亚的第一晚,住在一个叫Temnica 的小村庄,离意大利边境20多公里的距离。夫妻俩并不是经历很多的骑行者,却又提供着骑行者所需要的一切。比如这个国家的所有骑行地图,景点,海拔,还有温暖的床和晚餐。整个国家的地图摊开和一座城市一样大,他们说斯洛文尼亚是一座很小的国家,但是却什么都有。在6月依然能够进行滑雪的高海拔山峰,拥有欧洲最美湖泊之称的Bled 湖,可以俯瞰整座国家的古堡,天然的洞穴还有没有眼睛的人鱼。


他们问我有没有计划想去的地方,我说你们的建议就是最好的计划。于是他们规划了两条路线,一条是比较艰难的需要翻过这里最高的山峰⛰️然后可以经过Bled 湖,最后到达首都Ljubljana;另一条是直接从这里出发到达首都,虽然也有上下坡,但是相对来说难度系数小很多。当然如果选择第一条翻山的路线也可以坐火车到达,沿途都有火车经过。我毫不犹豫的选择了第一条路线,第一是我想多花些时间感受这个国家,如果直接到达首都,可能两天时间就能到达奥地利,第二是我并不想错过山峰和湖泊,翻山其实早已习惯,沿途的风景最为重要。






晚上小女儿把她自己的大床让给我,大女儿手绘了一幅骏马图给我作为礼物,二女儿赠送给我她最爱的巧克力让我在路上补充能量,早上出门时一直在下雨,孩子的外婆送给我一件全新的雨衣,这一家人的关怀就像斯洛文尼亚的名字一样,sLOVEnia ,只有爱LOVE 充满的国家。



下坡20公里了,天啊,我已经到了Bled 湖了! 

直到到达Bled 湖之后我才终于敢相信刚刚已经翻过最陡峭的山坡了!哈哈,幸好没有坐火车,不然该嘲笑自己这么轻松的路都没有坚持下来了。


Bled 最最不能错过的是他们的奶油蛋糕!多亏那对夫妇的推荐说我一定一定要品尝,并专门把他的斯洛文尼亚名字写给我,叫做Kremsnita,你能在很多餐厅的门口看到大大的蛋糕图片,这个是只有在Bled 才有的特色,才是纯手工自制的秘方,别的地方都没有办法媲美!



从Bled到首都Ljubljana 有58公里的距离,却几乎是缓下坡加平路,注意不要沿着绿色的路牌上高速,可以沿着城镇几乎一路直行到Ljubljana.
说是首都其实整座城市也很小,所以景点也非常的近,最值得一去的是这里的城堡🏯,Ljubljana Castle.登上城堡可以看到整座城市。可以选择花10欧坐缆车🚠上去,也可以步行。其实10分钟不到就能走到,个人觉得步行完全没问题。在上去后可以花7.5欧登上城堡顶,也能看到城堡里的景观,如自流井,中世纪监狱,塔楼博物馆等。





在Ljubljana 首都骑行路线贯穿整座城市!在车道旁会有专门的人行道和自行车道,大部分人出门都是骑单车!而在首都以外的小城市也有乡村道路骑行,整体来说在这里骑行非常的顺利!

除了Bled 产的奶油蛋糕,当地没有传统的特色饮食,这是一个多文化的国家,因此饮食习惯也受邻国的影响。


斯洛文尼亚的学校都是免费的!从小学到博士!而且还有奖学金!所以大部分人都会读到硕士,学士学位非常的普遍,因此想要找到一门好工作至少有硕士学位,另外再加上导师的推荐信。毕业后很多的人会选择在首都就业,人口虽多但竞争压力不算太大,经济学专业在这里算是热门专业。当地人也很热衷体育,每年9月会举行马拉松比赛,当年游过长江的Riverman 就是来自这里。


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