Italy 🇮🇹-Giro de Italy 

From Brig to Domodossola , the border is actually only 30 kilometers away. But it is also the last Swiss snow-capped mountains, more than 30 kilometers steep uphill, before the start even a lot of people advised me to take the train or car, because this road may take a day to climb over,But it is also a perfect way to think of arriving in Switzerland and climbing to the end. The slope is indeed big , but it was not that bad,just took four hours to reach the top of the hill, looking at the snow around,feeling like that was the best way to leave, after the Swiss Pass was the way downhill, to Domodossola, Italy.

Italian Food &My Italian mom 

That was my first night in Italy, but thanks to the lovely Italian mother from Warm Showers let me feel the culture of Italy, we all know that Italy is well known for its pasta 🍝 so she homemade pasta for me, yummy 😋!The most surprising thing about Italy is that the most popular appetizer is ham wrapped with honeymelon or cheese, they will cut the pork into thin slices, you could choose raw ham or cooked ham .This kind of thin ham slices will be found in every Italian restaurant as appetizer.After dinner, she took me a walk around the city and offered me the best ice cream! 🍦 Italian ice cream is famous in the world ,in addition to pasta, I think the other two famous food are pizza and ice cream, and she said that all the raw materials they used in this ice cream shop are very fresh, including all kinds of flavors of fruit are seasonal fruits.

Amazing Chocolate!

The Italian mom also ran a chocolate shop , it is not a very big workshop, but they made everything out of chocolate ,like the nails and hammers on the wall, the robot toys, bicycles, guns, everything you have seen in the world could be made from chocolate!

After breakfast,she wrapped me the sandwich as lunch, and sent me the Macaron Chocolate, big big thanks to Italian mom let me felt the warmth of Italy 

Without knowing these, I bet you may not be able to bike to Milan successfully.

From Domodossola to Milan, although only 120 km away, if you are smart enough, you may be able to get to Milan after 140 km; if you are not smart enough like me, you may still not be able to get to Milan after hitting 150kms.
You think you could just GPS to Milan? No, you won’t be able to find biking route on GPS even, because there is no bike lane in Italy! Besides, the road in Italy is relatively narrow, you have to share the road with cars 🚗.

You think that you could follow the sign of Milano since they got that sign everywhere? If you follow the sign, you will get on the highway in a few minutes! if you are lucky enough you may find the exit soon,, if you are not lucky enough like me , you may experience the most scary high-speed tunnel in your life and dare not to get on the highway anymore! But if you follow the green sign,it will only take you to highway.I was confused, I didn’t not know which way to go after got on the highway accidentally one time,there was a driver told me to follow road 33 all the way to Milan.

There is a lot of roundabouts in Italy,every roundabout point to four different directions. I had to really pay attention to that, but I still got lost and got on highway again. I thought I could find the exits pretty soon, but what greeting me was the most scariest tunnel! The crazy speed vehicles, the dark light and the narrow road with no small path, i was really lucky that i survived!

Then I met a cyclist,although he did not speak English, only after I said Milano, he understood what I meant and helped me to write down the city name along the way, so I finally made it there.
This is the way how you can get there if you start from Domodossola 

1. follow the 33 road signs 

2. You can also follow these city signs .Bavent stresa arona gallarate busto arsizuo lEgnano milano 

3. Use offline map maps. You can download the city map ahead of time, it also shows the small road ,4. All green signs for highway,avoiding all the green .

I was lucky to be happened to know that Sunday was the final of Tour de Italy! There is no way that i will miss it. So I stayed for 2 days, the first day, the nice Italian guy from Warmshowers took me to the city Como, a nice city by the lake, i also joined the Zumba at the square, feeling so energetic!

The Milan Palace was the seat of the government of Milan, Italy for centuries, and today it is an important cultural center in Milan, used for hosting fairs and exhibitions.

The world’s first “vertical forest” building, is the world’s first green apartment. Respectively, in the high 111.25 meters and about 79.28 meters of the sister building, along the outer wall, layers of a total of 730 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11 million herbs, so the two buildings are also known as “vertical forest” 
Milan Cathedral is Italy’s most famous Catholic Church, also known as “Dumo Cathedral”, the scale of the world’s second. The cathedral is not only a symbol of Milan, but also the center of Milan. The characteristics of the church in its shape – pointed arch, pilaster, flower window lattice. Outside the church a total of more than 6,000 statues, is the world’s largest statue of the Gothic church. Napoleon held a coronation ceremony in Milan Cathedral in 1805. 

Here comes the highlight: Giro de Italy 🇮🇹! 🚴!

This year is also the 100th anniversary of Giro de Italy, so they started in Milano 100 years ago and also held in Milan for the anniversary.

The race last for 3 weeks, I thought that they will keep riding on the same road,but in fact they just choose the different sections of the slope, take the plane or car to reach the different stages,so it will increase the difficulty ,the last day in Milan is the most flat road,but also the key moment to decide who is the champion., they are recording the cycling time every day, like cyclist A may take 5 hours and 30 minutes on the first day, the cyclist B take 5 hours and 28 minutes, but the second Day they will still start at the same time. Only on the final day,they starting time will be based on the previous record.When I got to Milan Street at one o’clock, it was already filled with crowds of people. The cyclists were too fast to be captured in my camera.They were really as speedy as cars, I couldn’t imagine that if I were not there! Big salute to those amazing cyclists!!

At the moment of the championship, the cannon was placed at the Domus Cathedral and the millions of pigeons took off at that moment, and the scene was so spectacular.
Camping in the parking lot 

After started from Milan, I biked 150 kilometers at that day, but in fact the map shows only 120 km, because i got lost a lot of times.
the next day I was going to bike directly to Venice, but since Venice is an island, so there is no way to get there by bike, I had to reach the nearby city first,and then take the the train.

I arrived the city Verona at noon, then tried to search Wifi and make the route to Venice, 4o’clock in the afternoon, i finally decided to bike 110 km to Padova . But it was already four o’clock, 110 kilometers, I expected to bike there before 10.

9 o’clock in the evening ,30 kms to go still.I felt tired and decided to stop, took 2 hours trying to find a place to stay, but no cheap places. Then I decided to camp, walked around the city at 11, couldn’t find any grassland or park to camp, it was dark and I was not sure if the city is safe, plus i was super tired and hungry, then I decided to camp in the parking lot of a supermarket. For me, in a completely strange city,the more obvious the place is, the safer it would be.
I felt so sore when I was sleeping I couldn’t even stretch my body very well.I was so in need of a warm shower and comfy bed, but when you’re cycling on the road, especially with a budget of five dollars a day, you can’t alwaysExpect that, but thanks to my tent for not letting me sleeping on the street.

Six o’clock the next morning, I heard the city cleaner collecting the trash, I knew it was the time for me to get up.when the sun comes out, it’s a new and fresh day again, forget about the pain you suffered yesterday, keep wheeling and new surprise is waiting for you ahead., like flat tire , actually it was not flat tire, it’s just when was pumping my tire, I accidentally broke the valve, and sadly I found out that I didn’t bring the spare for front tube, after took everything apart from my bike I had to resemble them again and walk my bike for half an hour, to the bike shop. 

When it got all fixed, the energies and the mood for exploring came back again! My bike always has the magic power to make me happy!

Water city Venice
In this impetuous world, there is a city, quietly lying on the water, gentle and tenderness, as if to create a Bibo-like dream, isolated all the hustle and bustle, that is the Venice You dreamed for a long time .

Quiet, soft, mysterious, a city surrounded by crowded people in the city of Italy, this water island is like a city in the secluded a paradise, wooden boat, ship, ocean, everything All with a mysterious and romantic

Venice is made up of 118 islands, the only way to reach Venice is by train, from the nearest city Mestre by train to Venice only need 1.25 euro, and about 5 minutes to reach

After arriving in Venice there are two ways to pass, one is walking, one is by boat or water taxi, a variety of boats can take you through the whole of Venice, and the water taxi can be called at anytime,walk around the most of Venice could only take a day even.

Plazaa San Marco, also known as the Venetian Center Square, has been the center of public activity for Venice’s political, religious and traditional festivals. The square is built for the celebration of the saints and the collection of trophies, surrounded by exquisite buildings of the Renaissance, including the Duke House, St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Campanile.

The Basilica di San Marco is the place of peace of the guardian of Venice. It was once the largest church in medieval Europe. Marco is the faithful disciple of Jesus, and St. Mark is the author of the Gospel of Mark, the celebrity of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”, where Jesus had the last dinner and the place was at St. Mark’s home.

The Grand Canal of Venice is the main waterway in Venice, Italy, along the natural waterway from the San Marco Basilica to the Santa Chiara Church, which divides the city into two parts. The Grand Canal was down S-type, along the coast more than 100 ancient buildings are 12 to 18 century Venetian aristocracy and wealthy mansion, take a boat ride water bus can visit the Grand Canal and the two sides of the building.

The Rialto bridge is a bridge built in the middle of the Grand Canal, dating back to the 13th century, at the time was the only bridge on the Grand Canal, and a wooden bridge that was overwhelmed at a celebration. , Then converted into the current stone bridge. There are many shops selling souvenirs on the bridge, and Shakespeare’s famous “The Merchant of Venice” is based on these shops. Standing in the middle of the bridge is the best place to shoot the Grand Canal, and the bridge itself is also very good photographic background.

Venetian attractions in addition to the classic St. Mark’s Square, is a variety of bridges, churches and all kinds of shops. It has been completely transformed into a full commercial tourist attractions, a variety of shops and restaurants, where the characteristics of glass products and masks, every year in February a grand Carnival will be held here , everyone will be dressed fancy and with all kinds of masks 🎭 , I am looking forward to have the opportunity to come back 

June 2 is the Italian National Day, even surrounded by people you could still find the peaceful of the city ,just sitting on the steps Look at the past ships, feeding around the group of pigeons, enjoying the quiet moment 

Italian food ranked the top three followed by ice cream 🍦, pizza 🍕 and 🍝 pasta.Pizza is very brittle and crispy,a lot of Cheese in it. Don’t miss any chance to try the different flavors of ice cream , believe me, you will get addicted to it.
Cycling road 

In addition to the northern part of the hilly road,the central area of ​​the road is quite flat, riding more than 130 km a day is no problem, but there is not much biking path here, the road is relatively narrow, you have to share the road with cars, be careful! 

Do you love your country? Listen what Italian says .

When I get along with people from different countries, I often ask them what country do they like in Europe, or which country do they suggest me to go most. They usually tell me the other countries they like, but among the five Italians I asked, all the answers is Italy 🇮🇹!Spend more time here! 

The first Italian mom asked me how long will I stay in Italy, I said about a week, she was surprised and said, no, that’s not enough, stay at least month here!

When I was in a small city Bollate i asked a host which is his favorite country and which place does he like, he said, here! The place where am I living right now, i like my city! I also asked the other Italians if they can choose where will they settle, they all told me its Italy.

Love what you choose, like what you have, thats probably the reason of being happy.

微信公众号 Hi骑女子


从瑞士Brig 到意大利的边境其实只有30多公里的距离。但是这也是要到意大利要翻过的最后一座瑞士雪山,30多公里的陡上坡,在出发之前甚至很多人都劝我选择坐火车或者是汽车,因为这条路可能会要将近爬一天的时间。但是想想到达瑞士也是以爬山来开始我想以爬山来结束也是一个很完美的方式。坡度的确很大,但是没有我想象中的可怕,花了四五个小时的时间才到达山顶,看着雪山🏔️在身边近距离的环绕,才感觉这才是最好的方式离开,从Swiss Pass 之后便是一路的下坡,到达意大利Domodossola.




从Domodossola 到米兰,尽管只显示120公里的距离,如果你足够聪明,可能在骑140公里后你能成功找到米兰;如果你不够聪明像我一样,可能骑150公里你也不一定到达米兰。




后来我遇到了一个赛车手,虽然他一句英语也不会说,但仅仅在我说了Milano 之后,他便领会了我的意思并且帮我把沿路的城市名写下来,这样便能根据城市名一路到达了。

骑车去米兰正确的打开方式:1.跟随33号路牌 2.沿途经过的城市,可以跟随这些城市标志Bavent stresa aronA gallarate busto arsiZuo lEgnano milano 米兰的城市都很小,跨越一个城市有时可能只需要半小时的时间 3.用离线地图 这个可以在有wifi 的情况下提前下载好整个城市的地图,在无网的情况下使用,并且可以避开高速导小路!(这也是我在第三次迷路后才发现的) 4.所有蓝色标志为高速标志,避开所有的蓝色方向。

Anyway 尽管把自己弄丢了几次最终还是成功的到达。当天是周五晚上,和我居然意外的发现周天就是环意大赛的总决赛!本来只打算在米兰呆一天,但是为了总决赛怎么样都得要留下来!



第二天他带我去这个叫做Como 的城市,正好赶上当地的自行车赛🚲,当时我已经激动到不行,我说到了第二天环意的现场我估计会哭出来,抵挡不住这些让荷尔蒙亢奋的场面!
















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