I have been updating very slow ,especially for my first English blog,ever since entered into Europe,fresh people, new stories, languages and cultures are embracing me every day. It also took me a long time to post and translate. I never know how to write briefly,i am willing to spend more time to slowly record the scenery along the way and the mood at that time.
From France to Switzerland,will be a lot of different choices , if you choose Eurovelo 6 , it will go around the mountain, pretty very flat in overall, but also take longer time to cross the border .The Alps crossed Switzerland, France and Italy, but the peaks are more in Switzerland, so riding over the Alps is one of the reason for me to choose this route.

Crossing border road

From Besanson -Vallorbe 

It was raining in Besançon, and it was the only time I had been riding all day in the rain. My shoes got all wet, the temperature drops dramatically on the mountain, it was freaking cold like 3 degrees only , when I was going downhills, I couldn’t feel my legs and fingers, totally unconscious!

When I arrived at Vallorbe, the host I contacted before went out for the night, I changed my wet clothes, put on as much clothes as I can and then started to contact someone else when I felt alive. 

A Couchsurfing host accepted my request, he is also from Silver Spring, Maryland! What a small world! His house is 17 kms from the border, includes 5 kms steep uphill , but it worths.

Fireplace, good meal, nice people and enjoyable talking made my day. Even felt tired after a long day climbing with rain, but the people warmed my heart.

He has a underground small “bar ” which collects a variety of wines,so he also made a wine list for us to choose, there was a wine called Mandarin, haha, the wine 🍷 named after my language, so I chosed that since it was not that strong, I’m easily to get drunk 😵.

Slept by the fireplace at the night, the most comfy place to sleep!

The next day I headed to Lausanne, its a big city and well known for the Ouchy port by the Rhine River .

If you love the tranquility, you can sit by the port and listen to the violin 🎻; if you love the crowd, you can join the party on the ship 🚢.

I really enjoyed sitting by the river , watching the ships come and go, just not thinking about anything but enjoying the moment. I forgot how long did I sit, but when I looked up at the sky again , I was so amazed by the stunning sky!Before eight o’clock, the sky was clearly blue with pure clouds, but it just turned into the wine color with the sun,like a glass of wine poured into the sky, but evenly not a mess.

I set up my tripod and tried to take some pictures, a group of young people came at that time, offered to take pictures for me. After knowing that I’m cycling around the world alone, they felt super excited and offered a drink for me, I had a really nice talk with them, I said you guys are the first person I talked with today,I didn’t expect it could be the highlight of my day. One guy from Germany said to me ” promise to me, talk to more , okay?”

Yes, yes, why not? 

There are so many interesting people I never know, there are so many interesting stories you never discovered, Cici, you are not riding alone, you are living in the world, a reality world, so many amazing new people are surrounding you every day, how could you let the chance be slipped and close yourself in your small world?

Step out, Talk more, Get involved in this amazing world 🌎.

I met three three French guys who are cycling across Switzerland 🇨🇭,had a nice riding with them, they also told me a great website about the cycling route in Switzerland ,

Veloland.ch .

You can find all of the cycling routes and also the services you need here

 The beautiful scenery along the way I stayed with a nice couple at night, they biked to South America with their 2 kids.The wife Jennifer didn’t bike at all, but after she met him,she decided to give up everything and go with him, but on the very first day of their riding, she broke her arms! They didn’t give up and just rested for a half month then started their trip and finished the rest of South America together!
In Europe , you will see a lot of children riding with their parents ,even only four or five years old kids, some family will plan a big trip when the kids get bigger, like the age of six or seven years old, they do not worry the kids may be encounter dangerous situation, the natural outdoor environment is the best growth opportunities for them.So most of the Europeans will be more focused on children’s practical skills and their personal survival consciousness.

Swiss environmental awareness
Every country in Europe is doing a good job of recycling, they classified the trashes at least into three different types , one is recyclable, like the cartons , the second is not recyclable ,like the plastics , and the third is the fruits and vegetables, like orange peels vegetable leaves, this kind could be used for the soil. Years ago,Switzerland classify the bottles by color like the red ,white ,green, now they just merged that into one. The purpose of classifying is reducing as less trash as they can.
The trash bags used to charge a lot , so they get used to just use the goods package instead.

Remember you have a home here!

The next morning when I left, the couple told me that if someday I come back, remember there is a home for you ,its really touching even we just knew each other for one night, but I got the family. When I was staying with another Swiss family the other night,they told me the same thing , if you come back one day ,remember there is a home for you! Thanks Swiss people!

From Saxon to Zermatt. 

This is a surprising discovery,sometimes I do not want to make too many plans, because my plan is always changing ,so when I am stopping at cities, I will search the fun places nearby. If Im interested, I will just change my plan.Like when I was in Vesp, I was going to ride 20 km to reach another place called Brig, because its close to the Italy border. So there was a nice town called Zermatt which is 30 kms from Vesp and its well known for the Marathon Mountain, the last mountain being Conquered by European.

Almost 30 kilometers uphill all the way to reach the town, got big welcomed by the Couchsurfing host Tommy after arrived there after 8. Everything in Swiss is super expensive especially in Zermatt, so he cooked a lot for me, I stayed there for 2 days, did some mountain biking and hiking, whenever I back home, there was always hot pasta 🍝 waiting for me, he even checked my bike and fixed some parts. He speaks 5 languages but still learning new languages online, a big inspiration to me and a big thanks to him! 

Zermatt is completely a tourist resort, surrounded by the famous Matterhorn, more than 10,000 people ski here in winter time, still a lot of people climbing here in Summer 

The next day I started my mountain biking ,all the way to the highest point of the elevation of more than 4000 meters, the peaks was very very close to me, i met a American guy who is also from Silver Spring, he was hiking alone, so we hiked together to the peak, actually the last part was hard to bike as well, the higher you are, the worse trail is. It felt like we were climbing Mount Everest, When you are more than 5000 meters, you go beyond yourself, but when you are more than 8000 meters, you see the whole world. We met three French guys on the top, I took a video with them to celebrate the moment. It felt really great when all the snows are surrounding you !

The road of Switzerland

I like to ride in Switzerland because there are a lot of ways to choose from, you never have to worry that you will get lost or need to go back, or only one option, because when you went wrong or didn’t not like the route that GPS made for you,You can make a lot of other options, like getting to a city, there may be a dozen ways you can go through the fields or roads, but also through different hiking trails, and many places are along the Rhine Lake, accompanied by Distant Swiss snow-capped mountains, so the scenery is also very beautiful

Swiss public facilities

Compared to France, Switzerland have more fountains for fetching water ⛲️ , the public toilets are easily to be found everywhere.

The Swiss tunnel 

There are not only bike lanes around the tunnel , but also a path inside and emergency aisle as well as a lot of SOS stations and emergency exits.The safety protections they are doing is really touching!

Swiss prices and currencies

Switzerland is the only country that uses Swiss francs instead of the euro, so there will be currency exchange at the border, but the exchange rate is almost equal to the euro. Swiss prices are as mentioned before, expect for the north Europe,its almost the highest in other European countries, so many people will choose to live in Italy, work in Switzerland, driving 1 hour back and forth but greatly Reduced cost of living. For the budget of 3 euros a day, of course, i planned in advance, so carried a few bags of bread and fruits from France , so I did not spend any in Swiss except for a SIM card 

My favorite place in Swiss: Lausanne, Zermatt.

My cost in Swiss:10 Euro for the SIM card (only use in Swiss)

My highlight in Swiss: Climbing the Alps! Dont be afraid of climbing in Swiss , the more strenuous of the uphill, the more enjoyable you will get on downhill, that is the natural reward! 

Cycling route in Swiss 




从Besançon 出发,到Vallorbe,这是离瑞士最近的一条边界。其实欧洲有很多的路线参考图,比如Eurovelo ,上面会有很多条穿越不同国家的骑行路线,我本来有打算沿着Eurovelo 6从法国一直穿越到黑海,这条路线会是沿着河流一直经过10个国家,也是欧洲最著名的一条骑行路线,而且路况很平坦。但是有很多我想去的地方不在这条路线上,所以最终我还是舍弃了任何攻略路线,想去哪里就骑到那里,这样更有意思却充满了更多的未知和挑战。
 æ¯”如这条要跨越到瑞士的路,便是一路长山坡,如果选择Eurovelo 6的路线,会是绕过山脉非常平坦,但是也在法国绕了很大一圈。阿尔卑斯山脉横跨瑞士,法国和意大利,但是山峰在瑞士更多,所以骑行翻过阿尔卑斯山也是我选择这条路线的原因之一。

从Besançon 出发便一直是下雨,这也是我唯一一次一整天都是在雨中骑行,尽管穿好了雨衣但是鞋子里全是雨水,在一直爬山的过程中感受不到太冷,但是中途停下来的时候真的就是全身发抖,哆嗦着啃了几片面包搜索了下天气,发现已经是3度!我不敢多做停留,再次出发时手脚已经是冻僵的状态,我不断的把手放在腿肚里去温暖,好让手不要完全的失去知觉,最后尽管是上坡但还是调高档位,这样加大阻力踩起来会更费劲但是却能更快的产生热量,直到四肢不再僵硬并开始出汗为止。


在经过这样漫长冷到爆的一天后,晚上却受到了最温暖的招待。Kieran 是一名钢琴师,在美国长大,9岁后来到瑞士,在得知我经历了一天的雨骑后,他提前架好壁炉的火🔥,围着壁炉感觉像过圣诞一样温暖
Kieran 居然也是来自马里兰Silver Spring,说不定在美国时我们还是邻居,世界真小,有一种在瑞士小山村遇到老乡的感觉。



原本没有打算在洛桑停留太久,只是因为在巴黎买的手机卡流量已经用完所以得在这里重新买一张。瑞士是一个高度发达资本主义国家,被称为最富有的国家之一,然而这里的物价也以几倍的价格高于其他国家,比如一张在全欧洲通行的手机套餐,法国卖20欧,这里却要39瑞郎。最后我还是用10瑞郎买了一张只能在瑞士通行的卡。 对,瑞士是唯一一个不使用欧元用瑞士法郎的国家,其实汇率也都差不多,如果你用欧元买东西,有一些商店也会收,但是会找回瑞士法郎给你。


乌希码头真的很美,如果你喜爱热闹,你可以和一大群穿着华丽的人一起在游轮🚢举办Party ;如果你喜爱宁静,你可以静静地坐在码头边听着小提琴🎻合奏。




当天晚上住在一对瑞士夫妇的家里,他们带着两个孩子完成了骑行亚洲。他们也是在旅途中相遇,当时妻子Jennifer 在遇到丈夫之前完全都没有骑过车,但是在遇到他之后就毅然返顾的踏上路程,爱的力量是伟大的,然后他们一起花了剩下半年的时间完成了接下来整个亚洲的骑行。其实在欧洲你会看到这里小孩骑车真的是一件很普遍的事情,包括在路上你也会看到,即使是只有四五岁的孩子,也会戴着头盔跟着父母一起在路上骑车,而在孩子稍微大一点,大概到六七岁之后,很多热衷骑行的父母便会带着孩子去更远的地方,比如穿越其他的国家,如南美,亚洲或者非洲,他们完全没有担心孩子可能会在这过程当中无法承受或者遇到危险之类的情况,他们反而觉得这种最天然的户外的野生环境才是给孩子最绝佳的成长机会。所以大部分欧洲国家的教育会更加着重于孩子的实践以及他们的这种个人求生意识。






从Saxon到 Zermatt 。其实这是一个非常惊喜的发现,因为有的时候我不愿意去做太多的计划,因为我知道我的计划总是随时在变,所以每到一个城市我会停留下来,然后去搜索当地有什么好玩的地方,如果感兴趣,那我可能会随时改变计划,而因此停留,比如途径Vesp 的时候,我的计划本来是再骑行20公里到达另外一个叫做Brig 的地方,那第二天便可到达意大利,但是当我在Vesp 的时候发现离这个城市30公里处的地方就有瑞士雪山叫做马特洪峰,是欧洲最后一座被征服的山峰,和中国玉龙雪山并称为雌雄双峰。如果要去到那里大概是30公里一千多米海拔上升的上坡,但是因为来到瑞士,我几乎没有太多的去领略这边的高山,所以当时就决定不管怎样要赶到那里。30公里的上坡一路到达小镇之后,能够感受到雪山离我越来越近。其实令我感动的不仅是山峰还有这个叫做Tommy 的沙发客主人,当天我是和他约定好大概六点多钟能到,但是我没有想到会是一路的上坡,所以比我的时间要晚了几个小时,实际到达时间是八点多钟,但是他却一直在小镇的车站附近等我,等了我将近两个小时,我当时真的觉得很过意不去,我说你不要等我了,我就直接找一个地方露营就可以了,但是他还是坚持等我并做好了热腾腾的晚餐,他说其实他更多的是有一种敬畏,因为他虽然自己也骑行很多地方,但是他从来没有想过会一路30公里的上坡骑到这里,所以不管多晚他都会等到我。Zermatt 就完全是一个旅游度假胜地,因为被著名的马特洪峰包围,虽然它是一个很小的镇,但是却非常的美,到了夏天,会有很多的人在这里爬山,到了冬天会有成批上万的游客在这里进行滑雪,因为瑞士是滑雪胜地,马特洪峰更有非常多很多的滑雪道。



第二天Tommy 借给了我他的山地车,于是我开始了在瑞士雪山的山地骑行,这种感觉真的非常的棒,一路骑行到最高点的海拔有4000多米,当我骑行在Stafel的时候,就觉得雪山山顶离我非常非常的近了,就在这里的时候遇到了一个来自美国籍的菲律宾人,当时他正在徒步,我当时在犹豫到底要不要再继续登顶,因为那时的感觉就是山顶已经和我很近,感觉再上去也不会有太多的景色了,但是最终还是决定上去看一看。其实这里所谓的登顶并不是真正的山顶,因为真正的山顶还要从另外一条其他的登山道上去,到达这里后和我们中途所停留的时候感觉完全不一样。我想很多时候我们都是停留在了我们以为不可思议的地方,以为这就是我们所看到的世界,但是这样的差别就像是登珠穆朗玛峰等8000多米和5000多米的距离是一样的。当你在5000多米的时候,你超越了自己,但是在8000多米的时候,你看到了整个世界。所以真的是在顶上之后才有了一种非常大的震撼。这一路经历雪山真正的和雪地上的接触到之后才有那种真的值得的感觉。当时遇到了三个法国人并且很开心的和他们录下了一段舞蹈视频。

真的非常感谢Tommy 给我这样的一个地方住,并且他真的很细心,他知道这里的物价特别的贵,所以在他早上上班之前会做好早餐,然后中午回家做好中餐,在下班之后又做好晚餐,白天登山的时候他也帮我把我的单车全部清洗并且维修了一遍,帮我检查了所有的零件,其实之前我有担心我的单车能不能够带我骑行到更远的地方,毕竟这辆车已经很古老了。但是真的很感谢他帮我的检查维修,让我可以很放心的再一次踏上旅程。在这样的一个物价贵如油的地方不仅给我提供免费的吃住,更是贴心的帮我打理好这一切,温暖到想哭。



相较于法国来说瑞士会有的喷泉⛲️做饮用水,同时公共厕所也随处可见,法国的公共厕所很少,据说是为了文明所以没有建太多,哈哈搞不懂的文明!在法国和意大利厕所的标志是Toilettes ,在瑞士的标志是WC,记得初中刚学英文时说的最多的就是去WC,后来在美国只看到Restroom的标志,还以为初中课本是过时了😄!



瑞士是唯一一个使用瑞士法郎而不是欧元的国家,所以在边境会有兑换货币的地方,但是汇率几乎和欧元持平。瑞士的物价就像之前所说的,除了比丹麦挪威瑞典的物价低以外,几乎是欧洲其他国家中最高的,所以有很多人会选择住在意大利,工作在瑞士,开车1个小时来回却大大降低了生活成本。对于每天预算不到5欧的我来说,当然是提前做好了规划,在即将跨越瑞士边境时就在法国超市购买了几袋面包和水果,因此在瑞士除了一张手机卡我没有花费1分钱!✌️当然也感谢一路的Couchsurfer 提供免费的住宿和早晚餐,这些陌生的朋友才是最珍贵的收获!

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  1. Hi Cici. I’m happy to read some news from you. As usual, your photos are really beautiful. It makes me feel like I would like to try some mountain biking in Swiss Alps.

    Adrien from Besançon

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