Auxerre to Besançon (French people never praise?)

The best time of my cycling trip in Europe is to stay with the local people at night,hearing their interesting stories,getting better understanding of the local culture and lifestyle.

1.Warm British man

  Timothy lives in a small town but he decorated his house like a museum.

He was born in England,just been in France no more than 3years  , England is too crowded for him so he picked this quiet place. He also cycled across America and Europe, it was so enjoyable talking with him , he gave me an Eurovelo map and helped me planned a lot .

Fantastic dinner 

He said it is Chinese tea. Lol, I don’t know what it is.

He was also the first English Speaker I met since I entered France, felt great to talk freely and laugh freely 😃It was so thoughtful of him to  wrap sandwiches and cakes as my lunch on the road, I was thinking when we think of  England 🇬🇧, the first word pop out would be “gentleman”, like you will Think of “romantic”when speaking of France , and gentleman is not a way how you look or how you act, but how you think about others and get along with them. Just like what he did for me, baked the nice cake before I arrive,knowing that I might get hungry after a long day riding.Reminding me of cold at night, may need more clothes and close the window in the bedroom,telling me i could sleep as long as I want, he can help me close the shutters to let me sleep well.Checking my bike and helping me fixing the biking computer even I didn’t ask, preparing my lunch and directing me the clear route. I got so touched by every single small thing he did for me.Thank you, Timothy!
2.French 🇫🇷 biking family 

    When the couple sent a message telling me that they had traveled to South America, I didn’t realize that they did the six months riding with their 3 kids.They are 13 , 10 and 6.

   Although the kids do not speak English, but the six months of riding in South America have them learned fluent Spanish. I asked made you guys decide to bike with the kids ? They said we did not feel they are too young to do that, they should be independent enough at this age, they learnt a lot and grew a lot on the road, it is much more than what they learnt in the classroom, and we are planning to ride together in North America next year.

  Although they do not speak English, they are curious about the world, so they let their mom to be the translator asking me what it is like in China? How do Chinese kids learn Chinese characters? Do Chinese love cycling? Do people eat dog? 😰😢

  Later on , they took out their notebook , have me write a few Chinese words for them , they want to see what does Chinese characters look like , then I taught them how to introduce themselves and say hello in Chinese.The youngest girl ZengLi (I made this Chinese name for her according to her French name ) coped my notes and wrote my name down! Chinese characters are hard to write,unlike other foreign languages ​​,they all consist of 26 letters, but Chinese characters are totally different and has a lot of strokes . It was amazing for them to copy my name down at the very first time!
 The next day early in the morning I heard they were practicing “Hello!” “Dog” “Thank you” “Bread.” “I’m Zeng Li.” I am really surprised that they could still remember overnight and practice it on their own interests. The smart couple did not deliberately teach them how to learn, but they created the most natural environment to arouse their thirst for knowledge,letting them go out to see the world, the exotic people, the daily different views and environment,providing them the most authentic and lively class,so that they are not only in the continuous absorption but also has been exploring, and the process of learning is spontaneous,enjoyable ,their will not stop learning but keep seeking! This is how traveling change people,once you started you will just keep exploring the world.
3. French education

   I was surprised by the infection of these children, so asked Girardeau how to say French “You are amazing”in French,she thought for a while and said we French people rarely say this word, I said how about “Wonderful “? She said they don’t say that either, I said what would say when you praise someone?Or you just rarely praise?

  She said that’s right, they don’t praise!They never praise the person,but only the things they are doing. For example, they never say that you are awesome! you are pretty! But they may say the picture you painted is very good, you work very hard,or i like the color of your dress,it matches your shoes.she said she doesn’t know if it is not a good thing, they Never praise the children, only appreciate the work they are doing . 
This is great 👍!This is exactly what I learnt in the Montessori class when I was teaching in America,we never criticize or praise any child because the founder of Montessori education Maria believes that the child’s learning should be spontaneous and initiative, praise,grades,like other external rewards, have little lasting effect on a child’s efforts or achievements. The Montessori approach nurtures the motivation that comes from within, kindling the child’s natural desire to learn.

A self-motivated learner also learns to be self-sufficient, without needing reinforcement from outside. 
The role of teacher is just leading and observe , the students will pay more attention to the process of self-satisfaction, they will have more of their own thinking and judgment, so that’s why I liked living in America, most American live very simple ,they don’t care about too much what others think about them, they are living in their own life bu not always comparing, it’s not they don’t have pressure, but their pressure is from the people around, not from the surroundings,not from someone else who is richer or more famous ,but only from the desire of they themselves want to make things better .There is not a standard way of what life should be like, everyone’s life is different,following your heart is the best way!

4. The scenery from Auxerre to Besançon 


Would I be caught that I’m wearing thea fake Tour de France yellow shirt in France ?😰 🤣


 0. 温暖的英国🇬🇧男人

他是地道的英国人,来法国不到3年的时间,因为觉得英国人太多太吵所以搬来这个宁静的地方, 其实听口音就能完全的感觉到,浓浓的英伦腔让我回归到了听唐顿庄园时的感觉。他曾经一个人花了1年时间骑行了整个美国🇺🇸以及欧洲,所以我们不仅找到了很多共鸣,他也给我提供了非常多的欧洲路线的帮助并且赠送给了我宝贵的环欧地图!

 0. 这是进入法国🇫🇷以后遇到的第一个English Speaker,能够畅快淋漓的交谈,开心大笑的感觉真好! 而第二天也终于可以睡到自然醒。他很贴心的帮我包好三明治和蛋糕作为在路上的午餐,我在想当我们联想到英国🇬🇧的时候,第一个词蹦出来的总是”绅士”,就像联想起法国你会想到”浪漫”一样,而绅士真的不仅是体现一个人的仪态,而是为别人着想和与别人相处时给人舒适的感觉,就像我刚到达时他提前为我烘培好的蛋糕,知道我在一天骑行后也许早已饥饿,又在我洗完澡后为我做好晚餐,提供来自中国的茶叶,并提醒我晚上冷,可能需要多加衣服并且关闭卧室的窗户,告诉我第二天不用着急起床,他可以帮我关闭卧室的百叶窗让我睡到什么时候都可以,在我询问他是否附近有车店后,他又主动帮我检查是否单车有需要维修他可以帮的上的地方。从进门到离开,一直被他的小细节给关爱到,我想和人相处最好的境界莫过于做一个绅士如他一般的人。感谢你,Timothy!


    当这对夫妇发信息告诉我 他们骑行过南美时,我还没有意识到他们居然是带着家里三个孩子一起完成的这次六个月的骑行。他们分别是13岁,10岁,6岁。



  后来他们又专门拿出自己的学习小本,让我写几个中文,他们想看看中文是什么样子,后来我便教了他们如何介绍自己和打招呼。年纪最小的曾丽(我按照法语音译给她取的英文名字)不一会儿竟然模拟我的笔记把我的名字写了下来,而且写的相当工整! 对于中文字的书写,我一直觉得很难学,不像外文横竖都是26个字母,可是中文却是完全陌生的,而且笔画也很多。但是对于第一次接触的他们能够完全工整的照搬下来真的很了不起!

  第二天一大早便听到几个孩子一直在练习着说”你好!””狗””谢谢””面包”.”我叫曾丽”.我真的很惊讶隔了一晚上他们居然还能够记住,而且是完全自己充满兴致的来练习! 我想这就是环境给人的改变,这对聪明的夫妇没有刻意教过孩子怎么学,可是他们却给她们创造了最天然的环境,让他们自己走出去见识这个世界,这些路上陌生的风景,不同语言的人,每天都是崭新的环境,给了他们最真实生动的课堂,让他们不仅在不断的吸取,也一直在探索,而且这个过程是主动的,享受的,这种好奇和求知欲不仅不会停止,而是会更多的寻求!这就是旅行给每个人的改变,一旦开始,你便不由自主的踏上寻求这个世界的脚步。


   我被这些孩子们感染到也惊讶到,于是问Girardeau用法语怎么说”You are amazing”(你真棒)她想了一会说我们法国人很少说这个词,我说那wonderful 呢?她说他们也不常说,我说那你们想赞美别人的时候会怎么说呢?还是你们很少会赞美?

  她说没错,我们几乎不会去赞美人!我们从来不会去赞美某个人本身怎么样,而只会赞美她所做的事情,比如我们从来不会说你真棒!你好漂亮!你很了不起之类的话,我们只会说 你画的这幅画的线条很好,很用心;或者你今天搭配的颜色很到位. 她说她也不知道这是不是一件好的事情,他们从来没有赞美过孩子,只肯定过他们所做的工作,就是成年人之间也不会就某人的表面去赞美。


   今天正好收到一个以前的学生家长给我发来信息想和我聊一聊中美教育, 先说一说之前我在美国一所蒙式公立学校教书的经历。一开始我都没有办法习惯自己的”冷漠”,当他们给我展示自己完成的”工作”,我总是忍不住想夸点什么,然而却只能让自己止住点点头给个微笑,当然也有学生的”工作”需要指引的时候,你并不是在所有的情况下都是微笑闭口不扬,当他们完成的很棒的时候,你可能会说”你完成了!”,当他们需要指正的时候,你可能会说”我喜欢前面这几个字体工整的感觉,但是后面这几行你是否需要再检查一下”,当A和B发生矛盾的时候,你可能会在询问情况后说“你们觉得怎样解决才是最好的方式呢?””A,你觉得你怎样做会让B开心呢?””B,如果你是A,你希望怎样被对待呢?”.




3. 十字架✝️



我们晓得万事都互相效力,叫爱 神的人得益处,就是按祂旨意被召的人。

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