Embracing each new day 

Nearly 18 miles downhills from Williams to Ash Fork, the weather was extremely nice and the wind died down a lot, after fighting with the wind for several days, I really felt like I deserved it!

  Up and down hills after passed Ash Fork, but I could finally ride on Route 66 again, since most of the road is not existed anymore ,so I feel very blessed to have the chance experiencing the mother road .When I got to Seligman, the historical sign of Route 66 could be found everywhere. It was pretty charming.

   Since I stayed too long at Seligman, so it was completely dark when I got to Grand Canyon Cavern. It has nothing to do with Grand Canyon,the reason why I chose here to stay is just because its almost 70 miles from Williams so I could reach my daily distance.The wind got harder in the afternoon, the uphill climbing sweated me a lot, so my clothes was like from wet to dry, dry to wet . After did a long climbing in the dark, the sparkle light from the far distance was like the oasis in the desert, yes, I finally made it!

    It was nearly 30 degrees at night, the harsh wind made me feel freezing to death, I pitched my tent on a open land, it took me 30 minutes to set it up in the dark with the strong wind .When I finally got into my tent , I felt like the wind was going to blow it away, since I’m pretty heavy so I didn’t worry too much about that, but it made me feel extremely cold! Like I was fighting against with the wind in my tent. It was the first time I slept with my jacket and coat on. 

 Never felt so expected for the sunrise coming,I know its gonna be a new awesome day when sun comes out next morning .
从Williams 到Ash Fork ,几乎是18公里的下坡,天气非常的棒,今天风也很给力,虽然仍然是逆风但是却明显减弱了很多,在经历一周多和风的强烈对抗后,感觉这样的天气就是完全自己挣来的。

 在Ash Fork 后便是起伏路,但是终于可以沿着66号公路骑行,因为66公路很多路段都已经不存在,所以能够再次踏上这条美国的母亲路还是很值得庆幸。沿途几乎和高速平行,真正到达第一个小镇Seligman 后才感觉满满的66号公路的怀旧气息 。

因为在小镇停留了太长时间,等到达Grand Canyon Cavern 时已经完全天黑,这个地方其实和大峡谷没有什么关系,只是一个天然的溶洞景观而已,只所以选择晚上在这里停留是因为正好可以凑够一天100多公里路程。下午的风更加猛烈的刮,接近傍晚气温开始骤降,但是爬坡又出了一身汗,所以基本出于衣服湿了干,干了湿的状态。因为亚利桑那州没有调整夏令时,所以太阳在7点就已经下山,当摸黑骑到8点翻过几个山坡终于看到远处的光时,有一种在沙漠中找到水源的幸福感。



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