Sedona-The most amazing town ever 

29 miles from Flagstaff to Sedona, all the way downhill there,reminded me of the road trip I did in Tibet, 30 miles downhills, as narrow as this ,as picturesque as this, it’s dangerous to drive fast on this road , but the scenery naturally makes you feel like slowing down, feeling the view. Sedona is such an incredible town that surrounded by red-rock buttes,steep canyon walls and pine forests, the most beautiful town I’ve been so far, you will never get enough of here, more than 20 hiking trails would always give you a new blast!

 The first trail we did was Cathedral Rock Trial,Cathedral Rock is carved from the Permian Schnebly Hill formation, a redbed sandstone formed from coastal sand dunes near the shoreline of the ancient Pedregosa Sea. Ripple marks are prominent along the lower Cathedral Rock trail, and a black basalt dike may be seen in the first saddle.

Sedona by itself is marvelous, but this hike is the icing on the cake,it is” only 3/4mile(each way),but you are climbing all the way up (then you have to come down the same deep path)The trail is part dirt path and about 1/4 of it is steep climb over the rocks ! The view from the top is really breathtaking,we went out to the right side so we ended up on a ledge with a massive drop below it, it was beyond amazing !

 The first reaction when I got there was not taking pictures but standing there with my arms opened, having each part of my body feel the majestic view.

  No matter how impossible it is, the plants could always find a tiny space to grow on the rocks, the trees could grow into beautiful flowers even no water at all, its not just the majestic scenery worth admiring, but also those unyielding life.


We did the Devil’s Bridge Trail after, it was easy,spectacular scenery,well established and a must see .The bridge itself is much larger than it looks from above once you are on it,just watching people making different poses on it was fun!

 After a large plate of pizza for lunch we decided to hit one more mountain before it’s dark, so we did Bell Rock,the redness is from oxidation caused by the elements of the iron in the rock, the wind eroded the rock into the very distinctive shape,the best moment of the day was lying on the top waiting for the sunset overlooking the other mountains , you could never conquer the nature, but each experience could let you feel a new yourself.

Thanks my friend Scott for spending the wonderful time with me, good luck on your 50 miles mountain racing tomorrow!

在接近Flagstaff 时遇到Scott,这个三年前就辞职开始全美进行各种户外竞技竞赛的家伙,这周六即将进行80公里山路马拉松,他说他从来没有参加过一场真正的42公里马拉松,而都是50公里,80公里这种长距离的山路跑,这种竞赛的难度不仅在于长距离,路况几乎都是起伏的山路,越到最后越是上坡路,所以他每天都在训练中,有的时候一天也会跑40多公里以上。除此之外,他也会挑战各种攀岩,越野单车,骑马竞技,总之只要是户外运动都在他的选择范围之类,参加完一个比赛,就看下一个挑战是什么。我们这一路有着聊不完的话题,他做着我一直想做的事情,而我也做着他一直想做的事情。

 从Flagstaff 到Sedona,全是盘山公路下坡路,让我感觉和川藏线的72拐几乎如出一辙,一样的道路狭窄,速度过快便是摔下悬崖,一样的风景如画,让你只想慢下来感受。

Sedona 只是一个小镇,但是却有20多条不同的登山路线,小镇被山环绕,美的不像样!这是我迄今为止最爱的一个地方,可能很多人都没有听过它,但是一旦来到这里你便会不可自拔的爱上,如果你有机会来到亚利桑那州,记得一定一定要来Sedona,一次真的不够,它的每一座不同的山峰都会给你不同的震撼!

  我们攀登的第一座是Cathedral Rock Trial,如果不体验这个就相当于没有来Sedona,因为它真的可以让你美到哭。它没有所谓的登山路线或者小道,整座山都是天然岩石铸成,与其说徒步不如说攀岩,路线都是沿着石壁手脚并用开发出来的,这是最陡峭的一条路线,当到达顶峰看到万千山峦展现在你面前时,那一瞬间真的就是震惊到捂住嘴,第一反应不是拿出手机照相,而是张开双臂,让身体的每一个细胞允吸它的美。


   这些激励让我们又风风火火的继续另一条登山路线,叫做Devil Bridge,这条路线也是很棒的单车越野路线,它的重点其实就在于这条天然形成的桥,等我们到达时已经有人在排队等待拍照,即使坐在那里看着这些人摆出不同的pose 也是一道美丽的风景。

   2点干完一整盘Pizza 作为午餐后,我们决定趁天黑之前再登另一座山,因为至少有20多座山以上,所以真的很难选择哪一座,我总是不擅长做决定,于是把这艰难的选择交给他,最后我们选择了Bell Mountain,因为它的形状像Bell 而得名。最美好的事便是躺在山顶上晒太阳等待日落,看着远处的群山,你永远没有办法去征服浩瀚的大自然,然而每一次的经历都能让你看到新的自己。


  1. Dear CICI,

    I am 87 now and I am enjoying your adventures, in spirit if not in body.

    In faith travel on.

    Carolyn Wertz from California

    Sent from my iPad



    • Dear Carolyn,
      Its a great pleasure for me to have such a follower like you who has been encouraging me! Thank you! I will keep wheeling! Fly to Europe soon!


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