The world is far beyond your imagination 

When I was in Albuquerque, a guy at the bicycle shop gave me a book he wrote about the city of Gallup, it has all different kinds of mountain trails, I didn’t pay too much attention for that because I was just going to stay at Gallup for one night, I changed my mind until the Couchsurfing host Harrison showed me another guide book again, and it was so nice of him lent his big “Tank “to me so I could have my exploration here, haha, I call it “Tank “because it’s soooo big! 

Everyone was watching me when I was riding it in the city, someone was like “good for you, girl!”, haha, come on,I’m not really driving a tank! 

Red Rock Park, the most amazing place I’ve been so far! There are two trails, Church Rock Trail and Pyramid Trail. I biked both but  got blocked by the cliffs so I had to go hiking instead, the book says there is biking trail there but I just couldn’t find it.

Are you ready for the amazing adventure ? Let’s Go!!!

I felt like crying when I got to the Summit, it’s more than amazing!

Gallup is not a very well known city and not too much people even know the existence of Red Rock, actually there is a lot of other more cool places, one day is not enough for the full exploring, so I stayed one more day! Yeah!

Richardson Trading Post, all kinds of Indian collections

Gallup Flea Market 

Haha, Kneel down Bread, kind of a pitty that I didn’t bring cash.

Here you go, the First Mesa Trail or High Desert Trail, only 2 miles away from the Flea Market. I could finally start my real mountain hiking here! 

After lived 2 years in Maryland and traveled most of the east American cities, I thought that was pretty much the America looks like, feels like,  but this trip makes me realize that the world is much more incredible than your imagination, you will never know how good it is when you are dwelling in your small world, all you hear, you feel is not true, only the experience is REAL!! 

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