The first overnighted at a shelter.

Getting a new tent becomes the first emergency thing after I lost my tent,I stayed at Alpine the whole afternoon yesterday, the only place I might get a tent before I cross New Mexico,it is quite a small town but it has some sporting stores because of the university there. At first I went to a hardware store, the lightest tent I could find was 7.2lbs, I hesitated for a long time but still bought it, when I put it on my bike I felt like way too heavy to have such a long trip with me, I could carry 7lbs food or water because they will be consumed eventually, but tent will not, its too much to carry such a weight all the time, so I returned it andwent to sportcode ,the smallest tent I could find was for 4 persons. I know this town might be my last chance to get a tent, so I tried to find a tent on Facebook yard sale or reach Couchsurfing hosts to see if they have any tents on sale, but still no luck. Facing the situation of no place to stay for the next couple of days,I left for Marfa, where I already contacted a Warm Shower host there, he left his garage for me to stay with a cot inside.

 The next day I hit 75 miles from Marfa to Van Horn, I pedaled 50 miles in the morning without stopping because of the road work, and finally found a spot to have lunch after road work ends 

The toughest moment of the day is always restarting pedaling after break, your body feels sore, the sun burns you, the fatigue comes to you, and I always got killer headwinds in the afternoon, so it took me almost the same time as the morning 50miles for the afternoon 25 miles because of fighting against the wind. When I finally got there, had dinner , I sadly found out that I got flat tire again! Come on, 7 times in a month, who else?

I was dog tired but still had to fix my baby! After 6 times fixing experiences, I felt like I’m a master already . But it was kinda weird this time, there wasn’t any leak on my tube, i could pump a lot of air in and the tube was getting bigger and bigger but psi bar on my pump still showed nothing, I tried another tube which I already patched before, after I put the tube back to my bike I found out that the schraeder valve inside had come loose letting air out while I pump, so I had to take it off again and then try my last new tube, I found myself a little bit sad when I was sitting on the floor unkempt dealing with a pile of dirty tubes while people passing by watching me, but well, this is the life I chose, it always happens, I just hope the tube could hang in there before I get a spare.

It was almost 7:30 after I set my bike up, I was just hoping that i could find a bench for me to stay at tonight. The first time I tried to stay at a devastated house but a tiny puppy ran away from resting when she saw me ,I felt bad about occupying her shelter so I gave up staying there, I’m already a homeless person how can i make a puppy homeless like me ?

The second time I passed by a motel, a couple was mowing, I told them about my situation that I don’t have money to get a room and I lost my tent so wondering if I could sleep with my sleeping bag in their laundry room. They said no directly.Being refused by someone like this made me feel upset,I used to be a lofty person that would rather undertaking everything by myself than asking help from anyone,my dream has changed me, but I should be happy about that because dream is my new badge of specialness and I’m proud of that.

It got dark but I still couldn’t help taking pictures of beautiful sunset even  i didn’t find a place to stay ,cherish the moment we have is important. I prayed for just having a bench from rain and wind to stay for the night,I never lose my hope because I’m walking on His path. The third time I walked into the biggest and newest hotel in town because I thought the bench in their garden would be a nice spot for me, so I asked the people at front desk if I could sleep on their bench in the garden tonight and I will leave early the next morning so nobody would see me , she said she has to ask,after made a phone call she said there is a Christian Shelter just two blocks away! It was so exciting for a Christian!!it was like going home for me! 

It was my first time to stay at shelter but I don’t feel like being homeless, because my Lord is my shelter, Jesus is my home!

Even the simple word on the towel made me touched to cry ” Don’t be afraid,God love you!”, I know that’s the words from God,for the children who loves him! The one is blessed who believes him, you shall never in want in Jesus love!

Isaiah 58:11 The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

The LORD said, “my beloved children, the darkness cannot overcome the light, and the light is better than the darkness.”! Victory in the light!

The LORD said, “you must remember my grace in you, I am watching you, and I will connect you with more confident people to make you more light 

The LORD said, there is great victory in you, and your prayer will be heard. Angels are working, many things to be accomplished. You have to declare for yourself ,every day more and more bright, the miracles are happening today!

There are 24 hours in a day, but how many of us spending your time worrying but not enjoying ?When facing new challenges, some people say that it is good, I have a new goal! Some people say, well, there’s a lot of pressure! When facing a accident ,some people say, thanks for the tough experience making me strong!Some people say,  why bad things always happen to me me? When facing a chance to travel, some people say great, it’s gonna be a beautiful trip;Some people say, what if the plane crashed? What if I get robbed? What if my ID card get lost?

See, there is always someone who can lead the joy ,but also someone are leaded by worrying,fearless.It is not that you are more miserable than others, it’s because of laziness!You Are lazy to change, so you always let negative thoughts control you! The hard-working people are always trying to change the mode of thinking, just like there are some people living in slums or disabled but still feel happy and thankful every day ,but the one who has everything still not felling satisfied and happy .

From now on, tell yourself , I am a happiness person! Live in the gratitude and contentment that you have, and hand the things you can’t control to God ! I pray for you in the name of Jesus!


自丢失帐篷之后,寻找一个新的帐篷便成为头等紧急大事,昨天在Alpine 逗留了一个下午,这个在跨进新墨西哥之前唯一一个可能有卖帐篷的地方,虽然也是一个小镇但是因为🈶️一所大学所以会有比较多的商店。整个小镇卖帐篷的地方有两家店,第一个五金店唯一最轻的一个帐篷是双人的,虽然犹豫了很久最终还是付了款,然而把它架在车上的时候还是觉得太重了,有7斤多,一般好一点的帐篷都是3斤左右,这4斤的差别实在很大,我可以多背4斤水或者是食物因为他们最终都会消耗掉,但是帐篷会陪伴我永久的旅程,多一点重量都会很不方便,所以想了想还是退了款。在别人的指引下去到第二家店,然后最小的帐篷却是4人的,更大更重了。我知道离开这个小镇就可能离开最后的希望,所以我也在脸书甚至是沙发客上想尽一切办法问有没有人出售旧帐篷甚至吊床也行,但是都没有结果,最终我还是离开前往另一个叫Marfa 的小镇了,有一个叫Robert 的host 提供了他的车库给我住宿,车库有床也有卫生间,他去年骑行了四川,今年打算等尼泊尔开通后从西藏骑行至尼泊尔,感谢他提供这一晚的方便,这是通过一个骑行网提前联系好的住宿,但是接下来的两天,我却得面临着无地可住的处境,其实我早已做好了最坏的打算,所以并不觉得害怕。

  第二天从Marfa-Van Horn,120公里的路程,因为中间有一个路段一直在修路,所以道路窄到没有可以停靠的地方,我也便没有休息,连续骑了80公里一直等到施工路段结束才在这样一个小水泥地上解决午餐。


 终于抗风摇到终点并在Wendy’s 解决晚餐之后,悲剧的发现后胎又爆了!这已经是第7次了!一个月内爆7次!还有谁?!精疲力尽只想休息一番的我却还是只能瘫在地上为我的坐骑服务,可是这次奇怪的是我却没有检查出内胎上的洞,打完了气一圈圈听了好久仍然没有发现内胎的异常,我只好拿出另一个备用胎换上,这个备用胎也是之前爆掉并打好补丁的,当我费尽周折把它装进外胎装进车里并打气的时候,却发现它在不断的漏气,这个之前补好的胎却因为长时间的磨损已经不能用了。我只好又重新把一切卸下来再次检查之前的那个内胎,结果发现能够不断的打进气但是打气筒的显示仪却仍然显示气压为零,这个找不到问题的过程让我开始觉得有些泄气了,来来往往的人就这样看着蓬头垢面的我坐在废轮胎堆里,我自己都觉得有些辛酸,心疼自己几秒钟后还是得重振旗鼓为自己加油打气,后来发现是阀门出了问题,最后只能拿出唯一的一个新内胎换上,祈祷能够撑到下一个车店之前不要爆胎。





   仅仅是毛巾上的一句话也能让我感动到泪流不止”Don’t be afraid,God love you “(不要害怕,上帝爱你!)我知道这是神给我的话,也是给所有爱他的子女的话,信他的人是多么有福!因为光是他的爱便可以让你得着世间一切的满足!

   以塞亚58:11 耶和华也必时常引导你,在干旱之地,使你心满意足,骨头强壮。你必象浇灌的园子,又象水流不绝的泉源。








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