When I lost my “home “

Started from Langtry today, still 60 miles till the next town, there is only one grocery store with limited supplies in Langtry so I didn’t stock up too much food.Still up and down hills but bigger gradients, climbing killed a lot of energies so I felt hungry very soon , I only had a bag of chicken for lunch so I told myself to hang in there until lunch, I filled myself up with a lot of water trying to resist hunger, it worked for a while, but got hungry again after 1 hour. I stopped and talked to God, he is the mighty God, he could always find a way out. He gave me an idea that I have left a protein bar in my pannier a few days ago, it really excited me when I took it out from the pannier, it was like that I found a treasure!! Thanks God for being on my side all the time! “We know that we live in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit.”

Even I have been eating the bars every day ,but I always bite more than I can chew, yet this time I ate very slow and chewed thoroughly, every bite was amazing that I got to know what did it real taste like for the first time! It tasted like heaven that my stomach was cheering up! Hooray!

I got enough power to keep pedaling until I met a group of cyclists who is leading by adventure cycling, it was so nice of them showing me the directions I’m heading to ,refilling my water bottle and giving me a few snacks! That made my lunch! I’m so terrible that never make full preparations but God always loves me and helps me!

There was still not enough supplies in Sanderson but good enough for having a full dinner! The tour leader of Adventure Cycling suggested me to stay at Budget Inn, they said the hosts are a very nice couple,I decided to ask even i never stay at hotel, the price was pretty decent but still far beyond my budget, so he let me tent in the yard for free! 

  His mom cooked a very good Indian food for me, it was my first time to try Indian food but it was so good and touched my heart so deeply,she doesn’t speak English very well so she just said food and Indian, but I understood that. Such a lady I never talked with and I wasn’t even be able to pay for the room to but gave me the warmest greetings from far India! Thank you!

  When I was trying to set up my tent I found out that I lost them!!! I LOST MY TENT ⛺️!!!! It fell off from my bike!! It’s just like i lost my home!! I even ran back for a few miles trying to find them but it was just gone! I have no idea what should I do without my only shelter.
 I sat on the porch for an hour until I finally accepted the fact that my tent is gone! I told the host Danny of Budget Inn about that and asked him if I could just sleep in the laundry room with my sleeping bag, he said he will get back to me later because he was busy hosting many other hosts, I waited until 11:00 pm,it was getting chilly and I was dead tired, but I knew God has his plan, he is my savior who will never abandon me, I leaned my head against the wall and started worshiping Him, he is the one who brings me hope no matter what kind of situation I am, I still feel thankful even I’m literally homeless now. At that time a man walked towards me and said ” I paid for your room tonight “, I said ” what?” Because I didn’t even know him and never talked to him, he said the host Danny told them that I lost my tent and they are a group of people who is working for train rail here, I said why are you doing this for me? You don’t even know me. He said because you have no place to stay tonight and you still got a long way to ride tomorrow so i wanna help.I couldn’t believe that he paid the room for a girl he never met , I was almost cried it out, the tough road won’t weak me,the bad situation won’t make me cry, but the LOVE does! Its you,God, making me cry in your love again and again;it’s you,God, making me feel how wonderful the world you created is; its you,God , making me humble and grateful no matter what kind of situation I’ve been through! I was just nothing, but you showed me the greatest side of the world, you are teaching me living with thankfulness forever, because, You Created Love!! 

I love you, Jesus! I love you, people!

今天从Langtry 出发,仍旧是骑行100公里到达下一个镇,进入山区以来,每天都是100公里才能有服务区以及补给了,早上灌满三大瓶水但是身上的干粮却没有太多,Langtry 的小店只有面包和一些罐头,而且还很贵,想了想决定再忍100公里再好好的补给。


感谢神垂听我的祷告,时时刻刻供应我的需求,带着被爱的信心我满心喜乐的骑行了20多公里,直到遇到另一支由Adventure Cycling 组织的骑行队,队长拿出地图给我接下来小镇的指引,又帮我灌满水并给了我两块能量棒,午餐就这样解决了!我总是不会做好充分准备,可是神总是那么爱我,在每一个需要的时刻给我帮助。


到达小镇虽然只有一个加油站可以得到补给,但是却足以让我饱饱的吃一顿晚餐。那个骑行队建议我晚上住在Budget Inn里面,说他们是一对很好的夫妻,虽然自己本来是打算就直接在外面露营了的但还是决定先问问,当得知是60刀一晚后便告诉他们这没有在我的预算范围之内并询问他们是否附近有安全的露营地,旅馆的老伯伯便直接说可以让我露营在他们的旅馆外面并可以用他们的洗手间冲凉洗漱,这对我来说实在是最幸福的安排了。


  当我准备开始支帐篷的时候却发现帐篷不见了!帐篷不见了!它不知什么时候从我的单车溜走了! 因为车上放的衣服太多当它第一次尝试溜走的时候被我捞了回来,可是我却浑然不知什么时候我已经彻底的失去它了! 这是我在路上唯一遮风挡雨的家啊!我失落的往回跑可是我知道我再也找不回她了!

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