My rats companions in bed 

Started from Del Rio today, I’m glad that i made the decision to stay there last night because I just realized that was the last big city before I cross New Mexico!

It was a quite enjoyable riding along the barren area ,kinda flat and very scenic! 

I passed by the Seminole Canyon, which is my favorite landform !

Pecos River 

Eagle Nest Creek 

I arrived Langtry at 14:00, still felt riding more but it’s 60 miles till the next town so I just stayed here.

It’s a quite small town but they have a very nice visitor center, the lady at the front desk provided me a lot of infos and I finally got the paper map of Texas!! 

I’m surprised that there is a church in such a small town, it doesn’t look different from other old buildings in a far distance, but the cross on the hills is just a tree in the desert, bringing hope for the barren place.
The visor center only open from 8:00-5:00, that means the only place has water,electricity, network and restroom will be closed after 5.

The sky was still clear after 5, but the town was so quiet,no people no cars, just the soaring wind .

But I was not camping out there, a very nice couple left a trailer for cyclists,I’m so grateful for the shelter they provided,it was getting harder the further west I rode into the vast and desolate land of west Texas and to come upon the comfy little trailer in the historic ghost town was just what I needed to end the day,still no water no electricity no network no restroom here, but no problem.The wind was shouting out there, seems the tornadoes is coming tomorrow, I’m so blessed to have such a safe place to stay at 
I went to bed when it got dark,  a rustling noise woke me up, I surprisingly found that two big rats was standing on my pillow staring at me!! I got scared and shouted them out of the bed, it seems like the bed was their base! It took me half an hour to calm myself down, when I finally backed to sleep I heard a huge noise again! They were not only from the bed but also above my  head! It was so dark that I wasn’t be able to see anything and I was so tired , so I didn’t get up but just kept beating the bed trying to scare them away. That was how I spent the whole night.

The next morning I went to the visitor center washing up, a lot of cars parking out there, they made the empty town so filled up with people. When i got closer i found out there are a group of Chinese visitors! Haha, Chinese people can crowd everywhere! 

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