To the great life 

” I’m not going to lose even if I die ” The words from Terry Fox, a fresh-faced young athlete who’d lost a leg to cancer decided to run across Canada to raise money for research in the fight against the disease. In the course of 143 days , he ran 3,339 miles and transformed the way that we take at our country, our lives and our very bodies.

Without Mike, I wouldn’t have known him, and many inspiring heroes like him.
I arrived at New Orléans around 6 that night, I tried to contact some Warm Showers host before I arrive, but only 3 out of 10 replied back , and they were not be able to host that night, New Orléans is a nice city well known for its delicious food and fantastic music , but I’ve also been told not to hangout at night, it’s not quite safe. It was getting dark and I wasn’t be able to find a place to stay as well, even the hotels nearby was fully booked, some of the guys on the street whistled at me and yelled ” babe “, which made me more worried, at that time, one of the couchsurfer replied me and would be able to host me, it was 30 miles away from his house, I wasn’t be able to ride there so he provided me a lot of infos about accommodation, I was going to leave the next day, but I changed my mind after reading his story.

He is a published freelance photographer , but his life changed when he was hit by a car on Christmas Eve 2009. After years of complicated surgeries and physical rehabilitation (learning to walk again, twice), He finally getting back into the swing of normal life.Nobody knows how hard it was and how long did it take. But he started to host people from all over the world after then, get inspired from their stories, inspiring them with his story. 

When he showed me the amazing video of flower blooming, I thought it was taken by video, then he opened a tiny room with only a pot of flower and a camera in it, the camera took 3pics of flowers per second, he changes the battery every couple of hours, the video I saw was chosen from millions of pics starting from a bud to the whole blooming process!!!!
He also showed me the books he collected, like Terry Fox run across Canada with a artificial leg,like a man walk across America. It is more than just impressive, like Mike himself, he is facing the life strongly and showing the amazing attitude towards his career and his life. 

You never know how much power you have, how many more you can do until you try your best 
Maybe now instead of being afraid and saying “well ,look how hard Terry tried and he’s still got it “, people will say “Look at the effort he put in, and he died of cancer, We’re really going to have to try hard in order to beat it, try harder than we ever have before!
来新奥尔良之前已经被不同的人劝说过这是一个不安全的城市,尽量不要久留,的确,这是仅次于底特律犯罪率第二高的城市,是美国主要输入黑人奴隶的城市,但是也以美食和音乐闻名。当晚到达后,便有游客告诉我不要晚上在外面逗留,但是连续联系了10多个host都没有消息,附近的Inn 也都订满,在这样的地方在外面露营肯定是行不通的,好在联系的其中一个Couchsurfer终于回复消息,可是他住的地方离我还有30多公里,当晚肯定没有办法骑到那里,他帮我提供了很多住宿的信息,本来因为安全因素决定第二天就离开,可是在读完他的故事后,我决定一定要见他一面。
他给我推荐的这本传记,一个叫Terry Fox 的人失去了一条路,用假肢跑完加拿大为患癌症的人筹集资金,而他每天至少跑42公里,相当于每天一个马拉松🏃!!!他连续跑了143天,最终为癌症基金会筹集了24百万美元,当他到终点的那一刻,所有的加拿大人都在街头迎接为他欢呼,癌症基金会也以他命名。








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