One day across Alabama 

I was trying to find the sign of “Welcome to Alabama ” but no any luck on that, maybe it’s only show on highways,so as to I got confused by where I were, FL or AL, I even thought about catching a passerby asking them where I at, lol.

 The landscape is different when I was crossing Alabama, first it was the hills covered with white sand like snow mountains, then the tall buildings ,felt like being in a big city, then the villa areas along the beach, you could just see the people wearing bikinis with bare feet walking on the street, sunbathing, fishing, surfing are their entertainments.
But I realized I took the wrong way after riding along the beach for 40 kilometers, then I had to take 20 kilometers back , finally got on the Ferry by 6 and found the campground at Dauphin Island, it is cold here, feeling like the showers warmed my body but my face is still freezing.

A lot of people camp here for their vacation, the first time I got neighbors without worrying about the bears showing up around my tent 😄
Tired but feeling happiness still , I do not have a lust for a big house or a fancy car, I do not feel like settling down because of people I’ve seen living in a leisure and nice lifestyle, I’m just like an eagle, I’m in an outburst of delight of flapping my wings and flying up into the expansive sky .


一直想找”welcome to Alabama “的标志,结果愣是没有看到,大概是只在高速上才有了,以至于骑了很久都在困惑到底是身在FL 还是AL ,就差抓个路人问你知道这是哪吗?

不过当我沿着海边别墅骑行40多公里终于到路的尽头的时候才意识到自己其实是走错路了,结果又多骑了20多公里原路返回🔙,终于在6点多时登上Ferry ,到达Dauphin 岛,下了岛便赶紧在最近的营地扎好帐篷⛺️,今晚是最冷的一天,7度加上海风,有种洗完澡身体暖和但脸却冻僵的感觉。 营地特别多人露营,大多是开着房车烤着篝火来这里度假⛱️,第一次有这么多邻居,不用再担心熊🐻出没了


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