Love From Strangers 

Houston-Navasota 85 miles 

Navasota is not quite a big city, the biggest concern to stop by a small city or town is to find a place to stay at night. I arrived at 6pm, looked an hour but still no luck on finding a safe camping place, there were lots of churches tho, none of them open on Monday. I tried to camp at someone’s yard, but wasn’t be able to see anyone outside of the house.

  I started to pray and believe I won’t be ending up sleeping on the street,when I passed by the church for the third time, I found there was someone inside, I walked in and found out there was a bunch of people who just finished meeting there, I stayed and waited trying to find someone who is in charge , 20minutes later two ladies were about to lock the door, they asked me if I need anything, I asked them if it’s okay for me to tent in the church , they said they are not the church person,they just rent the place to have meeting there but they will try to call the pastor, however nobody answered, they decided to ask the person at the another church then, I followed them to another church, when they were talking to the person in the office, a lady who was wearing the scouts uniform sitting in the hall asked if she could help, after i told her that i just need a place to tent ,she said if you are not a bad guy and believe I’m not as well, then you can follow me and tent in my yard.  

 She is Allyson, a mon of 5 kids, she and her husband David are climbing lover, when I got her home, David coincidently made Chinese food and dumplings for supper! He said he would not make Chinese food if he knew a real Chinese is coming to visit! Lol but his cooking is really good! 

 After supper they showed me Jetboil -an amazing cup could boil water in 90 seconds!! They taught me how to use it and gave it to me!! Moreover, they opened a huge box which has all kinds of dried but high nutrients food for climbing like chicken breast and rice,they told me that I could have as much as I want, they said they know how important it is to have good meal as a climber , and they know I need those energies to keep pedaling.​

The next morning, David woke up at 6:30, made coffee and the real Texan breakfast for me! His son Austin drove to his mom’s working place to get the helmet I left in her car even he late for work for an hour.
Even just been on the road for 18 days, but my life has already changed by the person who helped me along the way, it is the one who kept praying and looking for places for me to stay along the way even we just met once, it is the one who caught a glimpse of me standing on the crossroads then made a U turn just asking me if I need help, it is the one who allowed to tent in his yard and gave me 30 dollars asking me buy myself a good dinner, it is the one who simply gave me a prayer or smile …..
I have been told so many times that I have to be careful of bad people, bad people 

But I have been through love, through love,

Every small good thing you did is like a seed 

You sowed there 

But you never know when it grows into a big tree 

Thanks for all of the trees who provides me the shade! 


从Houston-Navasota 136 公里

Navasota 是德州一个比较小的城市,在小城市或小镇过夜最需要考虑的问题就是住宿,不仅没有任何host,也没有营地。下午6点就已经到达,然而转到7点多仍然没有选好地方,虽然有很多的教会,但是礼拜一几乎没有人在,随便找个地方露营不仅不安全,也没有可以冲凉的地方,我在街道上来回转了半个多小时,试图找到一个看起来和善的人家可以在院子里露营,然而每家的门都是紧闭的,除了过往的车辆,几乎没有看到任何人在外面,面相带来第一安全感,所以打消了直接敲门的念头。



仅仅只是在旅途18天的时间,可是却🈶️太多给我带来改变的人,仅仅见过一面却一直牵挂我帮我联系朋友和住址的Onetha, 在十字路口看到茫然迷路的我即使开走后仍然调头回来询问我需要帮助的司机,马路中间遇见我爆胎二话不说帮我修理好的骑行队,不仅让我在他家院子露营给我打包干粮还硬塞给我30美元对我说”今晚让自己吃顿好的”的陌生人,还有在教会遇到的每一个一直在为我祷告的人⋯⋯

None of us gets through this life alone.







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