Hello Louisiana!

Across one state in a day, feeling like getting too fast 🤔
The reason why I have the picture with welcome sign is I accidentally got on the highway again 😂 I tried to get off the highway but my phone was almost dead and I had no idea where should I go so I just stayed on the highway all the time.( It wasn’t a very good idea but the only way I won’t get lost)

I was going to New Orléans, when I crossed Louisiana at 4, there was still 40 miles left, I told myself just make it happen! I can do it! But after that I felt a bad stomachache, I wasn’t be able to ride even, I had to get off the highway and find a place to rest, but I didn’t know why I got on another highway again, my stomach was too painful to ride, I drifted a little while by the wind from the cars pass by, then I started to pray, then I found out that there was a church right next to the highway, even there was wire fence blocked, I decided to trespass because I didn’t know how long do I have to drift on the highway. ( sorry it’s not a good idea don’t copy me, but the stomachache made me hard to think at that time)

I found the church but still felt like finding a place to charge my phone, I didn’t even know where I at, so I kept riding for a little while, then I saw a middle aged man was washing his car in his front yard, I asked him if I could tent in his yard, he felt surprised but said yes immediately, and provided me Showers and chargers. Thanks so much Rick!
It was my first time to tent alone in a stranger’s yard, but I knew it was God’s leading when I saw the Bible in his bathroom. HE knows my need!

Tough but a blessing day, I feel satisfied enough when I back to my tiny sleeping bag safety everyday!

My arms got burned after explosuring in the sun all day, it looks like roasted pig leg 😂 I will take it as a gift from Missi, I might receive a lot of ” unforgettable ” gift all the way! 

Thanks world! Yes! A new and amazing day ! 


Hello Louisiana!









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