Welcome to Dream Cycling with Cici

March,2017,I started my cycling trip alone from Florida,US. At that time, I didn’t know how far would I go, how far CAN I go, I was just thinking, the world is there anyway, just go and check before it’s too late.
Even people Kept warning me that it’s totally dangerous for a woman cycling alone and I was afraid, I remember how nervous I was when I was camping by the church the very first night, every subtle sounds even the bugs crawling could freak me out. That was a sleepless night.
But the next morning people from the church greeted me, invited me for snacks and coffee, we prayed and sang songs together, that was a great encouragement for me keeping this trip, and that was not just once, I, later on, had hundreds of great experiences like that, my heart was melting down time to time by the strangers I met.
I finished my cycling from Florida to Los Angeles, and then cycled 18 countries around Europe, the question coming: should I continue to Africa ?
I know and I was warned millions times: Africa is totally DIFFERENT and DIFFICULT. But has any woman ever done it before? The answer is YES. So can I cycle around Africa alone as well? The answer is Why Not ?
I started in Morocco, crossed Sahara for a week with 45 degrees and headwinds most times, I just biked from sunrise to sunset, because the heat was torturing once you stop. Everything got extremely hot there, your clothes, skin, fruits and water. How craving I was for just a sip of cold water ! There was a day, a truck driver pulled over, he didn’t say anything but handed me COLD and fresh peach and water ! It made me tears down.
From Morocco to South Africa, 10 months, 19 Africa countries, the best thing is not the landscape, but the people I met, the hospitality I experienced,the prejudice I broke.
I had most times camping in the village, dancing and singing with locals ;I had many times crossing the primitive jungles , given a hand by the children;I had been greeting and encouraging everyday when cycling on the road.
The world is only real when you see it yourself. I have done 30000 kms on pedalling and 5 marathons during this trip
I’m heading to Israel from Mozambique and then South America, Antarctic. This is the dream I never even dreamed before, but who knows how much you can do, once you get started, everything becomes POSSIBLE.


  1. hi lovely lady.
    I’m very happy for you. I have cycled in China last year and next month I’m setting off around the world on by bicycle also. i am 65 soon.
    I’m inspired by your words and actions.


  2. Hello Cici, just a heads up. If you plan to travel to South America next year (2019) there will be a solar eclipse in Chile and it’s an awesome experience. I am going with my bike from Mexico to Chile to see it. Cheers!


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