Welcome to Dream Cycling with Cici

On May 10th,2016, I did one month cycling from Chengdu to Tibet in China, I only bought the bike one month before I started the trip, I didn’t bike at all .

Everyone kept telling me that it was impossible, because that was the most challenging route in China,

more than 13 mountains climbing with altitude above 5000 meters ,

the debris, altitude sickness, hailstorm, dirt road, and snowstorms made it super strenuous,

but the marvelous scenery, the sacred place ,the devout people and the thirst for challenging made it must to go for avid Cyclist.

So I went and I did!

It was unbelievable for a novice,

but nothing is harder than not trying, don’t believe what other people says,

try what you want, do what you can, you will make your own way.

March 9th-May 1st,2017, I did my solo cycling Across America trip!

3145 miles from Florida to Las Vegas!

Yes, you would say, why alone? Why not finding a partner? But how hard could it be?

When you are in the real situations, you could learn everything!

9 times flat tire made me become a fixing master

Packing the bike into the box have me learnt how reassemble and disassemble every part of the bike

Lost in the strange forest have me learnt how to read the road sign and use the paper map

5 dollars a day budget makes me happily adapted to eat everything, sleep everywhere

Wild camping in different places have me make nice friends all over the country

Those experiences are pushing me forward, not holding me back!

I’m getting stronger and braver day by day,

I do not have fear and worry, everything I’ve been through is a gift, they are making me tough! I love this feeling!

Where am I?
I’m cycling around Africa.
Where will I be in the future?
On the road!

Be a rock lady!
Hit the road !
Keep adventuring!






  1. hi lovely lady.
    I’m very happy for you. I have cycled in China last year and next month I’m setting off around the world on by bicycle also. i am 65 soon.
    I’m inspired by your words and actions.


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